Understanding the role of non-profit organizations in our society

The contribution in funding a charitable organization or a non-profit organization means that you are actually changing the society positively because of the help in promoting this good deeds within your society.

dr ganesh ramalingamA lot of people look at the charity as simply providing help to the poor, however, non-profit organizations and groups always provide a lot of other services which are completely important to the less fortunate and those who are underserved in our society like the abandoned, the minorities, the disabled, and even the neglected animals.

A non-profit organization in the definition is an act of which is organized voluntarily in order to promote educational, religious, public service, professional and charitable missions. Usually, their funding comes from different donors from the society both public and private sectors, they are also entitled to a particular tax exemption.

Donors are usually the ones who are allowed to deduct their donations from their taxes by declaring it as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Even though there are organizations which can be businesses which generates their own income, but they do no distribute this to their own circle as a form of profit, instead, they are using this to meet the organization’s different expenses in order to fund their charitable works.

Non-profit organizations also provide services which are met by the public sector, however, these are not being addressed properly due to the lack of funding and for other reasons which is why these non-profit organizations have to find another way in filling the gap in order for them to meet their important goals in the society. If you want to help also, check out dr ganesh ramalingam.