Dumping Norton Antivirus

norton.pngOur subscription for Norton (Symantec) Antivirus Protection will expire in 30 days or so. Today, I saw a charge on our credit card initiated by Norton for automatic renewal of our antivirus protection package.

We have been Norton customers forever, but due to their recent rejection of the NRA, we previously decided to seek internet cyber-protection elsewhere. Besides, the renewal rate was twice what we paid for it the last time we renewed.

I got on their website with my sign-in credentials and requested a refund of the credit card charge. Of course, it wasn’t going to be that simple. They required me to engage in a “chat” with one of their operatives to process the request.

Follows an excerpt of the chat:

Rahul: May I ask why you would like a refund of your Norton product?
Minstrel: I no longer wish to do business with Norton.
Rahul: Could you please tell me the issue. So that I can solve that. We do not want to lose customers like you.
Minstrel: Norton cut its ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA) of which I am a member. I will not do business with anyone who is against my right to self defense.
Rahul: I am sorry for the hassle caused to you. We are still in discussion with NRA team, so if you want to continue, you can still continue with Norton. I can definitely refund your order; however, if you like I can also offer you a 50% refund of the automatic renewal price, and you can continue to use your Norton Product for the next year. Is this something you might be interested in?
Minstrel: No I want to immediately discontinue my subscription.

The bottom line is that they will still charge my credit card for the automatic renewal but will issue a refund for the charge in 7-10 days. Good riddance to bad garbage.

We still have some other issues to resolve with companies that have shown their anti-2A bias. Again, I won’t hesitate to let them know why they are losing our business. I hope y’all are doing the same.

Who, other than Norton, provides good internet security for our Windows 7 and 10 machines? Any suggestions will be helpful.

Vanity Quest Progress

dismissed.jpgSince January of this year, I have been actively applying for a new Ham Radio callsign. I explained in a previous post that I wanted to change my callsign (1) to reflect my actual geographic location, and (2) to get an old-timer 1×2 callsign since I am now officially an old-timer myself. When I was a kid, the old timers had the classic 1×2 callsigns like W6AM, Don Wallace (SK) who was a celebrity among hams. I would like to have a nice W7 callsign like that.

The table at the right is an excerpt from a larger table that shows my applications and the results thereof. This is from the on-line AE7Q amateur Radio Database which links to the FCC’s Universal Licensing System.

As you can see, I actually applied for other than W7 prefixes, mainly because I liked the combination of letters in some of them. The most recent application is at the top of the table. Applications were made and all have been dismissed without prejudice in accordance with the FCC practice of randomly drawing an application for a particular available callsign.

I have a complete list of all the 1×2 7th area callsigns available for the rest of 2018 and will keep trying to win the lottery for one of them. Since the FCC in cahoots with the ARRL have watered down the Amateur Extra license exams and eliminated the 20 words per minute Morse code requirement, the competition is fierce for these very desirable callsigns. Regardless, I may get lucky yet as we go down the list of callsigns.

What’s for Sunday Dinner on the Road?

Tenderloin Steak and Salad

I have to admit that we’ve not exactly been watching our diet during this extended trip to K-stan and beyond. The Better Half’s sister’s hospitality and pantry had us eating three meals a day and not particularly paying attention to cholesterol, sodium and calories. At home, we only eat twice a day, brunch and late lunch, generally at ten and two o’clock.

Now that we’re on the return leg of our spring excursion, TBH and I have been returning to our normal feeding habits. Today’s Sunday dinner, the case in point, was a small grilled beef tenderloin steak and a helping of salad, both items qualifying for a lower calorie/sodium/cholesterol count and was perfectly delicious.

Tomorrow, we will be heading on the next leg. TBH already has the menu planned for the remainder of the vacation with an emphasis on healthy meals.

Clickable image.

Classic Red Four Door Chevy

Classic 57 4 door

On thee last leg of our trip yesterday, we spotted this nice classic 1957 Chevy four-door Bel Air on US 395 in Gardnerville, NV. As we were in traffic, the photo op came upon The Better Half rather quickly, as we converged with the southbound traffic. Initially, she did not think she was quick enough to capture this (clickable) image, but when downloading her camera, we could see that it came out OK - not great because of the crud on the RV windscreen, but viewable.

We saw other interesting things on the road transitioning into Northern Nevada. More on that later.

Back in Free America

California/Nevada State Line

After nearly a month in the PRK*, we’re finally back in the Free American state of Nevada. We won’t miss the crazy traffic, rude people and air pollution a bit. We purposely planned the route to get us out of there on the first day of travel.

Once we’re out of that bastion of liberalism, we open up the safe in the RV’s closet and re-arm ourselves. The unconstitutionality doesn’t end at the border, however, because we believe that Nevada and most other states with a permitting process to “allow” carrying a weapon are infringing the RKBA. Nevada, unlike Arizona and ten other states, does not have Constitutional Carry. We are “fortunate” inasmuch as Nevada “recognizes” our Arizona Permit.

With the exception of PRK, we avoid going to places that do not offer reciprocity with Arizona or Utah, the two states where we have valid permits. The ONLY reason we ever go to PRK is to be with family and friends that we cannot persuade to leave that damned/doomed place.

*People’s Republik of Kalifornistan

Neighborhood Project Concerns

Project Dirt

Late last year, the outfit who built our house bought the six acre parcel that lies to our west and northwest. We knew that they intended to subdivide into parcels and build houses, but we had no idea that they were going to do some major grading and landfill at the top of the wash that runs along the west side of our lot.

I looked on the County Assessors website and saw a map of the project where they had divided the parcel into ten lots surrounding a to-be-built cul de sac. The big problem with building an access road is that there is a deep gully at the top of the wash that would need to be filled in. If you click on the map link above, you will see our lot’s proximity (outlined in turquoise) to the project.

All week, the big machines have been clearing, filling, watering, compacting and repeat at the top of the wash. We’re OK with getting new neighbors, but the main concern that The Better Half and I have is what will happen when we get our first monsoon microburst, which is a regular summertime occurrence. We hope that the new fill doesn’t run down our west creek when the storms will, inevitably, hit our town.

We will probably contact our former contractor with the concerns and see what reassurance they have. More on this as time and the project move along.

What’s for St. Paddy’s Dinner?

Irish Dinner

Irish Dinner, That’s what. Late last evening, The Better Half started a flat cut of corned beef in the crockpot. Damn if that didn’t smell good all night.

This morning, she added potatoes and carrots to the pot and later in the morning, she added the cabbage. This afternoon, she served it all up along with an Irish Cocktail which we used to toast our sumptuous Irish dinner. The cocktail was from a recipe she found on-line somewhere and was a mix of Irish Whiskey, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Creme de Menthe liqueur.

As we mentioned on the other blog, we wish you all a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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