Beyond Hope

Beyond HopeIt was six years ago that we posted a photo of the sign in Hope, Arizona, at the town limits declaring “YOUR NOW BEYOND HOPE.” At that time, we pointed out the grammatical error of using “your” instead of “you’re” on the snarky sign.

Clickable Image: Beyond Hope Updated Sign

Well (I assume), the good folks of the Hope township’s only RV park, recently updated the sign with the corrected version and (of course) with a plug for their business. They also have posted American and Arizona State flags on either side of the sign stand.

Hope is only one small town out of several that we pass in the Arizona Outback along US 60 on our way to California and Back. The Better Half took the photo as we were returning from a recent visit.

Don’t Blink

The “Arizona Outback” is a colorful and intriguing part of our state that is mostly situated in La Paz County to the west of Wickenburg. There are several communities along US 60 and SR 72 where the lifestyle is largely agricultural with the a few other jobs in support (stores, cafes, motels, RV parks, etc.).

One of the communities is diminutive, even when compared to the other small towns and settlements out there. That is Gladden, pictured above, where there is a ranch with livestock, a motel and an RV park. When you pass through Gladden along US 60, do not blink, or you will miss it. There is not even a reduced speed limit imposed in Gladden since there aren’t any cross streets to consider.

The Better Half took this clickable image of almost all of the town as we passed through there on Friday. We are in Palm Desert, CA, tonight through Monday, when we will return to Arizona and resume retirement. (That’s a funny concept, taking a vacation from retirement.)

Chock Lock

Wheel Chock Locked UpOur trailer has been on loan to a friend for the holidays; he needed it to be an additional bedroom for out-of-town family members visiting for the Christmas Holiday. Today, he returned it to its place across the road where I and The Better Half secured it for storage until such time as we sell it or trade it in.

We put the wheel covers on and installed the wheel chock that prevents the trailer from rolling. As a precaution to discourage would-be thieves from removing the chock, we locked it up with a cable padlock.

We had the lock on hand which is surplus from our having purchased firearms in Kalifornistan, where they make you buy the lock whether you need it or not. Just another minor infringement courtesy of the worst state in the Union for infringements of our second amendment and God-given rights for self-protection.

As a matter of fact, we have NEVER used those locks as they were intended. We have found them to be handy for other purposes, however, including the application above. These locks have also been used as a deterrent for propane bottle theft and to secure our flag to the flagpole out in the ‘Stan before we escaped.

I Am What I AM

I had to repost this that I found at the Ace of Spades (original source unknown):

i-am.jpgI was born white, which now, whether I like it or not, makes me a racist.

I am a fiscal and moral conservative, which by today’s standards, makes me a fascist.

I am heterosexual, which according to gay folks, now makes me a homophobe.

I am non-union, which makes me a traitor to the working class and an ally of big business.

I am a Christian, which now labels me as an infidel.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment, which now makes me a member of the vast gun lobby.

I am retired, which makes me useless.

I think and I reason, therefore I doubt much that the main stream media tells me, which must make me a reactionary.

I am proud of my heritage and our inclusive American culture, which makes me a xenophobe.

I value my safety and that of my family and I appreciate the police and the legal system, which makes me a right-wing extremist.

I believe in hard work, fair play, and fair compensation according to each individual’s merits, which today makes me an anti-socialist.

I (and most of the folks I know), acquired a fair education without student loans (it’s called work) and no debt at graduation, which makes me some kind of an odd underachiever.

I believe in the defense and protection of the homeland for and by all citizens, which now makes me a militant.

Now, a sick old woman is calling me and my friends a basket of deplorables.

Please help me come to terms with the new me…because I‘m just not sure who I am anymore! I would like to thank all my friends for sticking with me through these abrupt, new found changes in my life and my thinking! …..I just can’t imagine or understand what happened to me so quickly!

Funny…it’s all just taken place over the last 7 1/2 years!

As if all this B.S. wasn’t enough to deal with….now I’m not sure which public restroom to use.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I’m told that Churches are soft targets for potential Islamic terrorist attacks this Christmas season. I say that parishioners should carry the necessary countermeasures against such threats should the need arise to fend off those Satanic attacks. God Bless us this Christmas season and through the new year.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Double Picatinny Rail

double clamp

During my daily reading of the RSS feeds, I ran across this from Say Uncle in his Gun Pr0n item: a double picatinny rail suitable for mounting firearms on firearms. This link to The Firearms Blog has the linked article.

I liked the way this picture looked. I have no reason to get something like this, but the whole picture invoked a NEED in me. The drum magazine, the Glock pistol, the rifle and all the other gadgetry appealed to me very much. Unfortunately, Santa can’t afford one of these rigs as shown, let alone two, since The Better Half would want in on the deal too.



Earlier this year, The Better Half and I opted to send a 501(c)(3) contribution to the Second Amendment Foundation as we have done in years past to support gun rights and for the tax write-off. This time, however, 2AF sent the membership card seen above and a Life Membership Certificate signed by Alan Gottlieb himself (2AF founder and vice-president).

I assume that the membership paraphernalia will not affect our tax deduction. Our intent was, and will always be, to support gun rights whenever we can afford it. Having a tax deduction while doing so adds to our satisfaction when supporting organizations that defend our Constitutional rights.

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