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Classics Seen Today

Classic 1 Classic 2

These are only two of several (maybe a dozen) classics headed eastbound along both Interstate 10 and US 60 as we made our way westbound. I didn’t read about any event with classic cars happening in our neck of the woods, but all these guys were definitely heading in that general direction.

I didn’t take the time to identify either of these classics, but they certainly awaken the nostalgia just seeing them. Thank you to The Better Half for taking the (clickable) images.

We will be on the road until Monday at which time we will pause for Thanksgiving week at a family venue in North Central Kalifornistan. Good thing the whacko CalPoliticos haven’t revoked Castle Doctrine yet.

Idle RV - Waiting for the September Road Trip

Idle RV

It is just over a couple of weeks until we will be taking what has to come to be our annual road trip to visit our Kalifornistan Kin. This trip will include a somewhat grand tour of scenic places in Arizona, Utah and Nevada before venturing into the Peoples Republic of K’Stan. The actual trip log will appear on the other blog when we get underway.

We take these trips to see sisters, brothers, in-laws, nieces, nephews, cousins, grandkids and great grandkid (1). It is worth it to us to obey the very stupid K’Stan restrictions on the second amendment in order to be with the ones we love.

The only silver lining is that they have not yet stripped out the “Castle Doctrine” out there, so we can still have campground defense. That is, until one of their unconstitutional ass-hat gun grabbers short circuits that. Fortunately, we will be in places where our CCW is honored ninety percent of the trip.

Crossing Unpleasant Political Boundaries

State LineIn Arizona, our Second Amendment Rights are preserved second to none in the nation according to a USA Carry assessment. Then, when we travel to K-Stan, at the point where we cross the border at the Colorado River on I-10, most of our 2A rights go right down the toilet.

Clickable Image: Leaving Free America

We stop at the last rest stop in Arizona, walk the dogs and then lock up the hardware, ammo separate from lead chuckers, of course, due the the insanity in the ‘Stan’s incomprehensible regulations. When we set up camp, however, Castle Doctrine is in effect and out comes the hardware while we’re in camp. For the time being, that is - give these assholes in Sacramento a little more time and they will squelch Castle Doctrine as well.

Anyhow, we’re campin’ and packin’ in the ‘Stan and compliant with the current code.



The Better Half took this photo of the Colorado River just as we were passing over the bridge between Blythe, CA and Ehrenberg, AZ last week on our way home from Palm Desert. There are a couple of interesting things about this (clickable) image; first, when TBH takes pictures from the new motorhome. the vantage point is above the fence along the bridge which allows an unobstructed view of the river and, second, the blurry image to the right of the Arizona State Line signage that delineates the transition from Kalifornistan to Free America (namely Arizona and most places beyond).

Were we to have been carrying our defensive weapons a nano-second before TBH took this shot, we would have been in violation of the unconstitutional K-Stan “may-issue to residents only” provision for concealed carry. In Arizona, after the transit of the State Line, magically, we are Constitutionally empowered to carry such weapons with few restrictions. In this case, the next stop at the Ehrenberg Rest Area sees us getting out our defensive weapons and attaching them to our waistlines before moving on. Ironically, when we are in Arizona, whether or not we carry, we are far more safe than in “gun-free” California.

The silver lining to camping in K-Stan is that they still have a shaky, but on-the-books version of Castle Doctrine. That is, when we are camped in the motorhome, or anywhere within our camping space, we can carry, including in places where we walk the dogs or do laundry or whatever. That helps a little, but God forbid that we need to defend ourselves in their inverted, iconoclastic justice system out there.

Arizona Still Top-Ranked for Gun Rights

Arizona FlagOnce again, Guns and Ammo magazine has ranked Arizona as the top gun rights state in America. This is the third consecutive survey in which Arizona was top-ranked.

States were ranked on a 1 to 10 scale where 10 is best in five categories:

  • Right to carry (concealed, openly, w&w/o permits, etc.)
  • Modern Sporting Rifles (MSAs)
  • NFA device restrictions (suppressors, CLEO mandates)
  • Castle Doctrine
  • Miscellaneous

Arizona scored a perfect 10 in four out of five categories and a 9 in the NFA category for a nation-leading 49 points. G&A used a different set of criteria this year and also did interviews with gun owners at the NRA convention to establish states’ ranking. They broke down Arizona’s scoring as follows:

1. Arizona
Right-to-Carry: 10
MSRs: 10
Class 3/NFA: 9
Castle Doctrine: 10
Miscellaneous: 10

It was a tight race for the top spot but it came down to the intangibles. The Grand Canyon State takes the top spot again this year and for good reason. It has the most well-established competitive shooting scene in the nation and a culture that embraces shooters and the shooting sports. Arizona is the home of Gunsite, the nation’s oldest and best known private shooting school, the 1650 acre Ben Avery shooting facilty, as well as numerous firearm manufacturers including Ruger. Concealed and open carry are legal without a permit and the state also issues permits to residents who travel outside the state. CCW permits from all other states are recognized. Arizona does not restrict legally-possessed NFA items, magazines or MSRs.

Read more: Best States for Gun Owners 2014.

Hat Tip to Dave Workman for alerting us to the G&A 2014 results.

We’re Number One

Arizona FlagGuns and Ammo magazine published an article last March in which they declared Arizona the number one gun-friendly state in the nation. The Guns and Ammo article scored the states (and also Washington, D.C.) based on a list of five specific criteria intended to determine the overall gun-friendliness.

Arizona scored a perfect 10 points for all of the following criteria except for CCW/Open Carry, where the score was 9. I don’t really understand this since Arizona is a Constitutional Carry state. Maybe it has something to do with restrictions on carrying on school property, college campuses and government buildings. The article was silent about their reasoning.

Here are the criteria from Guns and Ammo

States were measured on gun rights/friendliness to gun owners by the following criteria:

  • CCW/Open Carry: Only states that don’t require a permit for concealed or open carry scored a perfect 10 in this category. Everybody else was judged accordingly.
  • MSRs: States with no restrictions on the kind, type or number of modern sporting rifles (ARs, AKs, etc.) that can be owned or purchased scored a 10 in this category.
  • Class 3/NFA: The majority of states allow their citizens to own Class 3/NFA-type firearms (machine guns, suppressors, short-barreled rifles, etc.), provided they follow the federal licensing standard, but not every state is yea or nay.
  • Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground: States’ scores were determined based on how strong your the law is regarding self-defense in and out of the home, and whether in the right you’re immune from civil prosecution.
  • Miscellaneous: How pro-gun the state culture is has a lot to do with scoring in this category. Scores are based on the percentage of gun owners in the state, if there are any restrictions on gun or ammunition purchases or magazine capacity, pending pro- or anti-gun legislation, CCW reciprocity, and any restrictions on guns that not covered in the other categories.

No surprise, Washington D.C. scored a ZERO with New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and California near the bottom. Using the same criteria, I would not be surprised if California also becomes a zero after the horseshit legislation currently before the California senate and assembly passes and will (of course) be signed by Brown.

Hat tip to The Welshman for tipping me off about the G&A article.

Screen Progress/California Stuff

progress.jpgWe traveled westbound to the California house today to visit family and friends and to attend to business in the (formerly) Golden State. Instantaneous loss of most of our Second Amendment rights occurs when we cross the Colorado River into Blythe. At least, we (sort of) have castle doctrine while we’re at the house.

Image - progress on the screen enclosure

As we left home this morning, our screen contractor was making even more progress than this photo from yesterday. By the time we get back, most of the job should be complete with the exception of the panel facing the RV drive closest to the camera. That will only be completed after the new spa gets delivered and placed on the patio.

We just got here and we’re already homesick. We will be heading back at the earliest possible opportunity.

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