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Joke of the Day - Eric Holder, Presidential Timber


This cartoon from Ramirez back in February of 2012 says all you need to know about Eric Holder and most Democrats. They cannot tell when they’re lying.

And now, the aforementioned Holder seems to think he’s qualified for the highest office in the land . . .

From Breitbart:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder has said he is eager to become more involved in resisting President Donald Trump and is also considering a presidential run in 2020.

Read the rest.

What an Effin’ Joke!

World’s Best Gun Salesman Does it Again!

Kalashnikov USAThe Obamination and Chief Criminal Eric Holder’s DOJ have done it again! They banned Kalashnikov imports to the USA, so what does the K-team do? Set up to manufacture, distribute and sell their products legally within the borders of the USofA.

I don’t have the latest press release, but from information I received in a Face Feces Book post, Kalashnikov USA will be setting up shop right here under the nose of this arrogant gun-grabbing administration. So much for banning the importation of legal firearms; let the manufacturing begin!

The “Dirtied Chronicle” Continues

As more documentation continues to lint the corrupt Obamination and, principally, Eric Holder and the DOJ to more Fast and Furious victims, it seems too late to FIRE HOLDER as called for in the following RIFLE HORDE anagram animation (click to alternate between messages).

However, according to a recent discovery, the FAT FRAUD IS (still) UPON US at this late date. Click on this animated anagram message to alternate:

With Holder resigning and no resolution at this time of the most racially corrupt Attorney general stepping down, we must at least deal with the DIRTIED CHRONICLE by invoking the next step in the process of bringing justice to this disturbing FAST AND FURIOUS debacle. Click on the animated anagram for the next step:

Ed Note: I know posting has been a bit scrimpy lately, but it comes honestly enough. We are in the middle of post season Major League Baseball playoffs (which we love) among other fall sporting events, we have been closing out the last details of our evacuation from Kalifornistan and, finally, I just finished with yet another procedure to deal with my troubled waterworks yesterday. We should know in two weeks if there is any follow-up to that.

Holder Found In Contempt of Congress

contempt.jpgWe had C-SPAN video streaming the proceedings against Eric Holder today. In hearing some of the Democrats arguments during the debate, it is clear to me that they are out of touch with reality. We all know that it’s all about politics in Congress, but this time there are dead folks because of criminal action on the part of government.

Image - Issa’s closing arguments in which he presented a picture of Brian Terry

After the contempt vote, they had another debate and vote to authorize the Oversight Committee to refer the case to a Federal Court in order to secure the documents which DOJ refused to tender to the committee. That was also overwhelmingly approved.

Now, we will wait to see what happens next. A lot of folks think nothing, but some think the courts may overrule the Obamination’s executive privilege since there were crimes committed. Don’t hold your breath.

Issa Predicts Bipartisan Holder Contempt Vote

issa.jpgCongressman Darrell Issa predicted in an interview with Fox News today that Eric Holder will be found in contempt of Congress by not strictly along party lines, but a mixture of GOP and Democratic votes.

The NRA announced after the oversight committee recommended the contempt citation be voted on the house floor, that they would be scoring the votes of Congress as pro or anti gun. Pro-gun Democrats (Heath Schuler are you listening?) should be interested in keeping their scores with the NRA positive.

Image: Congressman Issa

Via The Hill:

“I believe they will, both Republicans and Democrats will vote that,” Issa said on Fox News Sunday. “There are a number of Democrats, 31, who wrote to the administration asking them to be forthcoming. Many of them will stay with us now that the administration has not been.”

So much for the Republicans having a “witch hunt.” If they were hunting witches, shouldn’t they be hunting Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Nancy Pelosi and their ilk?

Come to think of it, Napolitano is probably complicit in the F&F debacle from an ICE standpoint, from what I’ve read. Let’s go after her, too!

The Contemptable Eric Holder

holderHolder has been found in contempt of congress by the House Oversight Committee. We’re glad that this happened, especially now that the President has put himself into the medias focus by invoking executive privilege over the Fast and Furious documents. We hope this leads to widespread scrutiny of Holder’s and the Obamination’s actions and to the defeat of the incumbent in November.

In December of 2008, even before the Obamination’s inauguration, Executive Vice President of the NRA, Wayne La Pierre, predicted how Holder would execute the office of attorney general. La Pierre warned how Holder would use his position for attacks on the Second Amendment:

As former Assistant Attorney General, Holder was a key architect and vocal advocate for the Clinton era’s sweeping gun ban agenda. He supported national handgun licensing, mandatory trigger locks, and ending gun shows as we know them.

Just recently, Holder opposed the District of Columbia’s Heller decision that declared the Second Amendment an individual right. Holder also called for reviving the Clinton gun bans and, as Attorney General, would fight in court to prevent the landmark Heller decision from being made applicable to state and local governments.

Worst of all, if Holder is confirmed as the nation’s top law-enforcement officer, he would control BATFE and wield enormous power to harass gun owners and sue America’s arms makers out of existence.

La Pierre didn’t go as far as saying that Holder would break the law, but it appears that is exactly what happened.

Find Holder in Contempt of Congress

Congress should be fed up with Eric Holder’s obstinate testimony and the DOJ withholding requested documents. No doubt those documents would expose Holder’s RIFLE HORDE - the so-called gunwalkers intentionally furnishing rifles to Mexican drug cartels. The documents should show Holder to be a liar and possibly implicate the Obamination himself (Mr. “under the radar”).

Today, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee scheduled a debate and vote on whether to send a contempt citation to the full House for vote:

On Wednesday, June 20, 2012, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will convene to consider a report holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for his failure to produce documents specified in the Committee’s October 12, 2011, subpoena.

Click on the anagram below to see our recommendation for the Attorney General.

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