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Rainbow One Overflight

Rainbow One

I took this (clickable) image of an ultralight aircraft as it passed over our area today. I took another shot when it was abeam our house as it flew west to east seemingly tracking US 60 a quarter mile south of here.

When I was looking at the pictures I had taken, I noticed that the pilot was not wearing a helmet, which, in my opinion, might be unwise when flying one of those. The thing doesn’t move very fast, maybe 25-30 KPH or thereabouts, so a crash might not be that serious. The structure around the pilot appears that, were he to be strapped in pretty good, a rollover wouldn’t appear to be that bad.

At any rate, the weather here was absolutely gorgeous today with light winds and a high temperature of 88°. I’m sure the flyer of that ultralight was enjoying the weather and the view.

Chock Lock

Wheel Chock Locked UpOur trailer has been on loan to a friend for the holidays; he needed it to be an additional bedroom for out-of-town family members visiting for the Christmas Holiday. Today, he returned it to its place across the road where I and The Better Half secured it for storage until such time as we sell it or trade it in.

We put the wheel covers on and installed the wheel chock that prevents the trailer from rolling. As a precaution to discourage would-be thieves from removing the chock, we locked it up with a cable padlock.

We had the lock on hand which is surplus from our having purchased firearms in Kalifornistan, where they make you buy the lock whether you need it or not. Just another minor infringement courtesy of the worst state in the Union for infringements of our second amendment and God-given rights for self-protection.

As a matter of fact, we have NEVER used those locks as they were intended. We have found them to be handy for other purposes, however, including the application above. These locks have also been used as a deterrent for propane bottle theft and to secure our flag to the flagpole out in the ‘Stan before we escaped.

Get Smart

Smart Cars

The Better Half took this (clickable) image of a passing car carrier eighteen wheeler on Interstate 5 near Coalinga, CA, last week while we were on our excursion through selected parts of the west. I thought it was weird enough to see this many “Smart” cars in one place. Like little death traps or something on the way to market to catch vermin of some sort.

We have been home for a week and things are getting back to normal. We will have more to discuss as the coming week unfolds.

Spotted in Traffic Yesterday


The Better Half took this (clickable) image of a custom license plate during our extended RV commute yesterday. I wonder if the driver of this car is named Ishmael? Or maybe Ahab? Although very unlikely, the name might even be Queequeg . . .

Eurotards Visit Grand Canyon


We visited Grand Canyon National Park today on our way northbound. The park was crowded as you might expect on a Saturday, but The Better Half and I observed that a large number of the park’s visitors were Europeans speaking various dialects of “Hairball.” You know, the guttural-sounding eastern euro tongues.

We were stopped at one of the view places along the south rim to take some photos and gaze into the scenic majesty of the Canyon when a couple or three retarded park visitors decided to go around or jump over the park rail and hiked out onto a point very close to a several thousand foot drop-off.

There are a number of anecdotal accounts of people falling to their deaths from exactly the sort of idiocy these two (soon to be three) were committing today.

This is not the first time we have reported about foreigners’ indiscretions in our National Parks.

Six Wheeler GMC Truck

Six Wheeler

Somebody went to a great deal of trouble to cobble together this low-riding modified early sixties-something GMC six-wheeled beastie. The Better Half found this image on FecesBook™ over the weekend. I thought it to be weird enough to post it here although we can not see ourselves having much to do with something like this other than to share the weirdness. Clickable image.

Tactical Robot Use by Police

andros-mark-5.jpgThe racist sniper that took out those five white cops and wounded several others met his Waterloo at the robotic hands of a Northrop Grumman Remotec Androx Mark V A-1 unit. The Dallas P.D. deployed the unit loaded with a pound of C-4 explosive and detonated it near the sniper after negotiations failed to get him to surrender. The last resort method was used because of a police perception that they could not rush and subdue him without taking more casualties. The sniper remained very antagonistic to police negotiation efforts throughout the standoff.

In the situation in Dallas, I believe that the tactical use of robotics and explosives was warranted, much as the tactic of using a police sniper to end the standoff would have been warranted as well. The objective, in both cases, is to neutralize the threat. There are arguments on both sides of the issue, but I believe that we will begin to see more of these tactics in the future.

David Codrea penned a pretty good article addressing the issue at Oathkeepers.

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