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Jury Duty


Having served as a juror on many, many occasions during the time of my employment, I truly thought that I would never again be called for that odious “service” given that we are remote from the big cities and not much happens here to warrant a jury trial locally. I guess all the stars aligned and my name popped out of the local selection lottery. (Why couldn’t I be a Powerball winner or something?) I am not one of those people who enjoy jury duty.

In the Los Angeles County area where we lived, one’s name would regularly come of the selection process every couple of years. I’ve served on so many trials, I could not begin to enumerate them. After a while, I got clued in that if you were to postpone jury service to a week where there was a holiday, the odds of selection to a particular jury would be much less. I used that tactic the last few times I was called and it worked pretty well.

Unfortunately, our little town doesn’t offer a postponement or reprieve unless

  • it causes serious financial impact
  • you are physically or mentally unable to serve
  • are above a certain age

I missed being able to use the latter excuse by almost exactly one year. So, unfortunately, I have to drag my ass out of bed at the crack of dawn to report at the ungodly early hour of 0700.

mickey.gifThere is still a chance to get out of this since the instructions say to call and verify the trial is still taking place on the last business day before reporting.

UPDATE: I followed the instructions to call the court to verify this afternoon and, lo and behold, the recording said THE TRIAL HAS BEEN CANCELED! YOU ARE EXCUSED! HAPPY DANCE!!

Joke of the Day - Eric Holder, Presidential Timber


This cartoon from Ramirez back in February of 2012 says all you need to know about Eric Holder and most Democrats. They cannot tell when they’re lying.

And now, the aforementioned Holder seems to think he’s qualified for the highest office in the land . . .

From Breitbart:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder has said he is eager to become more involved in resisting President Donald Trump and is also considering a presidential run in 2020.

Read the rest.

What an Effin’ Joke!

Heatwave Brings out the Bugs

Bark Scorpion

One of the dogs started to go after a bark scorpion on the patio this afternoon. Luckily, we were able to restrain her while I eliminated the little beastie with a size 10W stomp.

After we finished walking the dogs, I set about to spray the perimeter of the patio and all of the entrances to the house and garage with a commercially available insect spray. We generally call our town exterminator roughly when the monsoons start for the spray service, but the heat is here earlier this season and the bugs are out already. Since I killed one scorpion, The Better Half would feel better if I were to lay down some spray, so I did.

You can see by the patio temperature inset in the image that the heat would be a bit abusive for more than light outdoor activity, so I sprayed the minimum of the essential areas and got back inside where the thermostat keeps us at a “cool” 82°.

Rainbow One Overflight

Rainbow One

I took this (clickable) image of an ultralight aircraft as it passed over our area today. I took another shot when it was abeam our house as it flew west to east seemingly tracking US 60 a quarter mile south of here.

When I was looking at the pictures I had taken, I noticed that the pilot was not wearing a helmet, which, in my opinion, might be unwise when flying one of those. The thing doesn’t move very fast, maybe 25-30 KPH or thereabouts, so a crash might not be that serious. The structure around the pilot appears that, were he to be strapped in pretty good, a rollover wouldn’t appear to be that bad.

At any rate, the weather here was absolutely gorgeous today with light winds and a high temperature of 88°. I’m sure the flyer of that ultralight was enjoying the weather and the view.

Chock Lock

Wheel Chock Locked UpOur trailer has been on loan to a friend for the holidays; he needed it to be an additional bedroom for out-of-town family members visiting for the Christmas Holiday. Today, he returned it to its place across the road where I and The Better Half secured it for storage until such time as we sell it or trade it in.

We put the wheel covers on and installed the wheel chock that prevents the trailer from rolling. As a precaution to discourage would-be thieves from removing the chock, we locked it up with a cable padlock.

We had the lock on hand which is surplus from our having purchased firearms in Kalifornistan, where they make you buy the lock whether you need it or not. Just another minor infringement courtesy of the worst state in the Union for infringements of our second amendment and God-given rights for self-protection.

As a matter of fact, we have NEVER used those locks as they were intended. We have found them to be handy for other purposes, however, including the application above. These locks have also been used as a deterrent for propane bottle theft and to secure our flag to the flagpole out in the ‘Stan before we escaped.

Get Smart

Smart Cars

The Better Half took this (clickable) image of a passing car carrier eighteen wheeler on Interstate 5 near Coalinga, CA, last week while we were on our excursion through selected parts of the west. I thought it was weird enough to see this many “Smart” cars in one place. Like little death traps or something on the way to market to catch vermin of some sort.

We have been home for a week and things are getting back to normal. We will have more to discuss as the coming week unfolds.

Spotted in Traffic Yesterday


The Better Half took this (clickable) image of a custom license plate during our extended RV commute yesterday. I wonder if the driver of this car is named Ishmael? Or maybe Ahab? Although very unlikely, the name might even be Queequeg . . .

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