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Kids’ Rodeo Event at Wickenburg

Wyatt on Blister

The Arizona High School & Junior High School Rodeo Association’s fall series came to town this weekend. The Better Half and I went to the rodeo grounds this morning to watch some of the youngsters. We were there in time to watch the Junior and Senior Bull Riding events.

In the (clickable) image above, Wyatt, a high schooler, rides “Blister” who was one of the better performing bulls of the day. One of several bullfighter clowns looks on during the eight second ride and then rushes in to distract the bull and help the rider get dismounted. Wyatt had the second best ride of the day among the seniors.

TBH and I have been following the Professional Bull Riders on TV this year and are familiar with the event scoring and particulars. There is a PBR event currently in San Jose with the season finale coming up next week and early November.

We enjoyed getting out and watching the kids and bulls today. Rodeo season, particularly team roping, is in full scale at Wickenburg.

Range Report

Minstrel ShootingPerforatedTBH Shooting

We went back out to the Sportsmen’s Club today to shoot more 9mm ammo downrange. After last week’s fairly dismal showing with the 9mm guns, we took ‘em back to try and improve a bit this time. I also wanted to take the “exotic” 9mm magazines for the Glock 26, to wit: a fifty round drum magazine and a thirty-three round double stack in-line magazine (loaded with thirty rounds).

We both saw improvements to our accuracy with the standard magazines for the Glock and with the S&W 908 that The Better Half was using. We are all over the target and several beyond the outside diameter, but it was an improvement. In the perforated target image above, we did get a lot of rounds close to the center. We weren’t changing targets and keeping score, but the fact that we were doing better was evident.

I put up the two (clickable) images of us shooting the little Glock with the drum magazine, both taken at the moment of recoil. I used the two hand grip on the handle while TBH preferred to hold the bottom of the drum.

TBH shot about fifteen rounds with the drum inserted. I finished up the rest of the rounds in the drum, but I did encounter three (roughly one out of ten) failures of the round to go into the chamber. A sharp tap to the bottom of the drum got each of the three to seat properly and they fired off normally thereafter.

TBH thinks that the pendular moment of the drum well below the center of mass may have compromised my grip on the pistol. When she shot cradling the drum with her weak side hand, she had no feed problems. I know it’s a small sample of data to come to the conclusion of the drum causing grip problems, but there it is.

Range Report

The Better Half ShootingMinstrel ShootingCleanup

The Better Half and I finally, FINALLY, got back out to the Sportsmen’s Club pistol range and each of us shot off fifty rounds of Russian TulAmmo steel case 9mm 115gr ball ammo. We set up our home brew target stand at seven yards and quickly discovered how out of practice we were.

We only brought two guns today; I brought “Little Boy,” my Glock 26 9mm pistol and TBH brought her unnamed S&W 908S 9mm pistol. Neither of these guns have been shot in a very long time but performed better than either of the shooters.

The Glock dispensed fifty rounds without a hitch. The 908S, however, had one instance of a round not seating in the chamber. TBH shot six or seven rounds from an eight round magazine when one got stuck and she couldn’t pull the trigger back. The slide was closed, but the trigger was not responding. She did the right thing by keeping the gun pointed downrange while clearing the malfunction. All fifty of her rounds eventually fired successfully.

Next week (and we resolved to at least attempt to go weekly, henceforth), we will be practicing some more with our stances, grips, breathing and aiming. Both of us had problems getting any sort of consistent groupings and we caught ourselves compensating for the recoil before it even happened. More practice needed.

Clickable images above, left to right: TBH shooting, me shooting and our cleanup station at home afterwards. Fortunately, neither of us had any trouble remembering how to field strip and clean a semi-auto pistol.

Ammo Storage Solution

Ammo Crates

Our little house doesn’t have that much room to store large quantities of anything, let alone ammunition. After we ordered bulk ammo recently, I commandeered some storage shelf space in the master suite closet near where the gun safe is situated.

A couple of weeks ago, The Better Half showed me the storage boxes online (seen in the center panel of the clickable image above). I liked what I saw, so I ordered a couple of their large boxes hoping to relocate the ammo clutter in the closet to elsewhere.

The boxes arrived today, so we set about the task of putting our reserve ammo into them. When the two boxes were full, I stacked them in an unused corner of the master suite.

The box at the left of the three-panel image is stocked with as much .223 Remington as we could get to fit in there. The box pictured in the right panel has overflow .223 plus a lot of 9mm Luger and some other calibers we have on hand that we use both for target practice and self-defense.



In a little less than an hour, we will be watching Superbowl XLIX. We have mixed feelings about football these days, since the National Football League has become so anti-gun. There is also the issue that the league doesn’t seem to be willing to let the guys play the game. The Pro Bowl, for example, has become nothing more than a pageant with nonsense rules and sideline antics that stray from the spirit of what was once football.

This year, also, is the last year that we will be subscribing to DirecTV’s NFL Sunday, where we can watch any of the games we choose. We still like to follow the Arizona Cardinals, but we can do that on broadcast TV local channels. No more squandering hundreds of dollars to watch the NFL’s televised debacles.

Temporary Loss of Satellite Signal

Snowbound DirecTV Dish

While the snow was still falling on our Wickenburg house, we lost the satellite TV signal. We had been watching some of the College Football Bowl games when the interruption occurred. This is not unusual when we get heavy rain, but in such a light snowfall I wouldn’t expect much disruption.

We gave it some time and concluded after a while that something must be wrong. I got out the extension ladder and ascended to the top of the garage where I was greeted by a snowbound dish antenna with a small glacier on the LNB feedhorn. There did not appear to be any damage.

So, we gave it some more time and everything thawed out sufficiently for the signal to come back on line. We are now watching our games as I type this. Clickable image.

Badly Needed Target Practice

The Better Half and I took advantage of some time away from the two dogs, Scratch ‘n’ Sniff, who were at the vet for the day getting their teeth cleaned. We loaded up our target stand, some targets, some guns, some ammo and headed to the Wickenburg Sportsmen’s Club.

Combined, we shot 50 rounds of .38 special wadcutters through our two S&W 686+ revolvers, shot 33 rounds of nine millimeter through the Glock 26 with the extended (33 round) magazine installed and twenty rounds of .45 ACP through the Glock 30. Although we need more practice, we both started to show improvement even after those few rounds.

Click on the image above to alternate between photos of us at the range.

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