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Miscarriage My Ass

Today’s announcement by the FBI Director that the Hildabeast isn’t going to be charged might be said to have been a miscarriage of justice. Miscarriage, My Ass! It was an outright ABORTION of justice.

Donald Trump, for whom my enthusiasm is muted, noted, correctly, that “The system is rigged.” I should say so with all the positioning going on what with Bill Clinton “co-incidentally” having a private encounter with Loretta Lynch which to most observers was a meeting to ensure today’s abortive sidetracking of what should have been an indictment.

A several four word phrases apply:

  • The system is rigged.
  • The whole thing stinks.
  • They are all liars.
  • Our country is lost.

Feel free to add your own . . .

Liar Liar

pants on fire

The Better Half and I went shopping (like tourists) in Old Downtown. We saw a sign in a gift shop that inspired me to create this timely graphic for one of the most prolific liars in U.S. history. Clickable image.

A Rather Sly Liar

It still is astounding to me that even with both of the Clinton’s well-known policy of perpetual prevarications, that anyone, ANYONE, would consider voting for Hillary, especially after the revelations regarding her unsecured electronic communications server. Regardless of the facts, she still polls better than other potential Democratic candidates. Maybe not long, however, when charges associated with the latest scandals emerge to finally undo her quest to be queen elected. That brings us to the title of this post in that she is a rather sly liar and gets away with it because of allied media liars.

“Rather sly liar” is also an anagram. Click on the phrase below to unscramble . . .

Not all media cover her lies. The Washington Post (usually biased left) said:

you ought to stop — now! — with the unconvincing claim that you did nothing different from your predecessors as secretary of state. . . .
And wiping the server — you did work on Watergate for the House Judiciary Committee, didn’t you? . . .


Why, when she took office as secretary of state, did she decide to route official e-mails through a server in her suburban New York mansion? There is just one plausible explanation: She wanted control.

Clinton was no stranger to the rules of the federal government. . . .

Even if your name is Clinton, you have no right to unilaterally decide what is included and what is not.

So I wish Hillary Clinton would be respectful enough to say, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” I wish she wouldn’t insult our intelligence by claiming she only did what other secretaries of state had done. None of her predecessors, after all, went to the trouble and expense of a private e-mail server. . . .

The BS Meter Overfloweth


The image appeared on FecesBook™ and I felt that I had to share it because it takes liberal insanity to the lowest common denominator of total BULLSHIT!

What a world we are trapped in . . .

Sweet Schadenfreude

Yee in custodyWho could have guessed that ultra left wing gun-grabbing California State Senator Leland Yee was a common Chinatown thug and gang organizer?

By now most everyone who follows the gun-blogging on-line community will know that the San Francisco delegate to the State Senate has been arrested for corruption, gang involvement and, of all things, GUN RUNNING!

Image: Crooked scumbag politician Leland Yee in custody

From a recent article:

A Look at the Evidence: California State Senator Yee Faces 125 Years in Prison

After reading the affidavit to the court provided by Special Agent Emmanual V. Pascua, we were blown away at the proportion of the charges against California State Senator Leland Yee. If it is proven in a court of law that he did what they alleging, then it is highly unlikely the Senator will ever taste freedom in this lifetime again.

On just one of the counts he allegedly was lining up a deal with Filipino Muslim Rebels (M.I.L.F.) to sell automatic firearms to an undercover agent he thought was a New Jersey mobster. The Senator specifically noted that these rebels were previously funded by Gaddafi, were not party to the current truce, and looking to overthrow the Philippine government. In return the “mobster” (undercover agent) would help fund his campaign for California Secretary of State. In this plan, the firearms were to be brought to the United States and then transferred to North Africa. Perhaps, Senator Yee was creating a ruse in order to keep garnering campaign funds, but the information given points to him being complicit in some form of criminal enterprise to illicit campaign donations.


For years as a frustrated citizen of the state, I saw this scumbag’s name in most of the stupid anti-gun legislation. It will be gratifying to see him put away for life, as the linked article speculates.

Wishful Thinking

. . . that this miserable bunch of racist, gun-grabbing scum should have their just deserts.

racist scum

Image found somewhere on Facebook - don’t remember where.

Credit Card Fraud

Visa LogoSome shithead(s) managed to compromise my Visa card today. I received a robotic call from Visa asking me to verify recent credit card activity. The robot told me that my card was used today in Nogales, AZ, which is about 250 miles from home. After I pressed the buttons to indicate that I did not make such purchases, the robot advised me that my card is now BLOCKED! SHIT!

I followed up with a call to the credit union card support center and got the wheels in motion to get a new card. Unfortunately, it will take 8-10 business days for the card to arrive in my PO box. I asked if The Better Half’s card had also been blocked and the answer was no. Whew! We can still buy groceries tomorrow.

Although I have no direct proof, the details of the transactions lead me to believe that illegal aliens compromised my card and made (3) fuel purchases in Nogales, AZ, which is on the Mexican border. They also made a purchase at a sporting goods store, literally within walking distance from the border.

All those fraudulent charges have been removed from our account and a new card is on the way.

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