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An Interesting Bullpup Shotgun

In January, when SHOT SHOW opens, a lot of new and interesting weaponry and accessories make their debut. I was reading the weekly email from American Rifleman Insider today and this beautiful and exotic shotgun jumped off the screen. I was immediately intrigued and had the urge to add one to our selection of security arms.

From American Rifleman:

Last week IWI US announced its first bullpup shotgun, the Tavor TS12, but we didn’t have to wait long to check out this interesting new gun. During Industry Day at the Range at the 2018 SHOT Show, American Rifleman’s Brian Sheetz had a chance to check out this first for the manufacturer who has brought us the popular Tavor rifle and subsequent variations. For more, visit IWI.US.

There is a descriptive video at the American Rifleman link above. Depending on the shotgun shell size, one can load up to seventeen rounds into the three magazine tubes and the chamber. The weapon is friendly to both right and left-handed shooters.

Alas, the MSRP is a bit high for those of us on a limited income, but it was sure fun to fantasize about having one of these in the arsenal.

AZCDL and H.R. 38 (National Reciprocity)

acdllogo.jpgOver the weekend, The Arizona Citizen’s Defense League issued the following regarding H.R. 38, the House’s Bill, The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017:

A major pro-rights federal firearms bill filed this session is H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. It was introduced on January 3 by Republican Representative Richard Hudson of North Carolina. H.R. 38 has 205 co-sponsors, including Arizona Representatives Trent Franks (R-AZ-8), Paul Gosar (R-AZ-4), Martha McSally (R-AZ-2), Andy Biggs (R-AZ-5) and David Schweikert (R-AZ-6). It has been assigned to the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations.

As written, if H.R. 38 becomes law it would require any state that allows people to carry concealed firearms to recognize permits issued by other states or allow a person to carry without a permit if they are “entitled to carry a concealed firearm in the State in which the person resides…” (i.e., Constitutional Carry). Where you would be able to carry when visiting other states is still subject to their laws.

If H.R. 38 becomes law it appears that, as a resident of Arizona, you would be able to carry in any state that allows concealed carry, with or without a CCW permit, since Arizona issues permits and is also a Constitutional Carry state.

H.R. 38 contains provisions that place the burden of proof on each state to show that a person discreetly carrying a firearm did not comply with their laws. It also provides for the award of attorney’s fees and damages to victorious plaintiffs. However, the proposed federal law does not prevent you from being arrested in states that refuse to recognize your right to carry. It only means that, if you can get your case to federal court, the law is more apt to be on your side.

A final caveat about H.R. 38, or any similar bill, is that once national reciprocity is covered by federal law, future congresses could potentially amend it with virtually insurmountable permit issuance requirements in order for a state to qualify for reciprocity under federal law.

As written, and without modifications, AzCDL supports H.R. 38.

In case you haven’t signed the White House Petition urging President Trump to follow through with his promise to push this legislation, you may do so at the following link:


What Will You Do When They Come For You?

This came in an email from Dave Kopp, president of the Arizona Citizen’s Defense League. I do not know if it is available on line, so I’m reposting it here. There is some very instructive information in this article that Dave sent this weekend.

acdllogo.jpgRecently, our good friend Jeff Knox of the Firearms Coalition penned an opinion piece on the Nice “assault truck” terror attack. His piece drew several satirical parallels to the tendency of the anti-rights zealots to immediately politicize every horrendous attack with calls to advance their citizen disarmament agenda, no matter how tenuous the connection to the reality of the event. We sent his article to our Alerts list of about fifteen thousand subscribers, to largely positive feedback. However, there were a few negative responses. “How could you be so insensitive?” some asked. “In times like these, we should remain silent, and respect the grief of the victims’ families,” others added. Still others mentioned that we should not attempt to politicize a tragedy, no matter what our opponents do. After all, we’re the good guys, right?

Is it to these folks that I address this missive. Allow me to digress for a moment …

As a NRA certified firearms instructor of some years, one of the things we try to convey to our students is “situational awareness”. If you’ve ever taken firearms training, odds are fair you may have come across something known as the “Tueller Drill”. In a nutshell, anyone interested in being able to defend themselves must learn how to determine how close is “too close”. During the development of the “Tueller drill”, it was determined that a bad guy armed with a knife or other contact weapon could cover a distance of 7 yards (21 feet) from a standing start in about 1.5 seconds, or about the same time that a trained individual could draw his holstered firearm and put two rounds on target. In short, a bad guy with a knife standing 21 feet or less away is “too close”.

What does that have to do with Nice and the politics of tragedy, you may ask? A fair question. The answer is that, much like in the “Tueller drill” scenario above, our opponents are already “too close”. The time to be “sensitive”, to be “silent and respectful”, to not “politicize tragedy”, has passed. The opposition will give us no such consideration. The fight is on, ladies and gentlemen. The battle has well and truly begun. In case you hadn’t noticed, these people have already made proposals ranging from removing your right to bear arms because you’re on a secret government list to front page editorials in the NY Times calling for banning entire classes of guns altogether. Much like the bad guy with the knife in hand, these people mean to do you harm. If you think they’re not serious, they you are NOT paying attention. Lack of situational awareness can and will get you in deep trouble.

Now that the bad guy is “too close”, you have to make a decision, and you have to make it quickly. You can fight, or you can let him win. Those are your only options. If he was going to negotiate with you, he wouldn’t be holding a knife. Same thing with the anti-rights zealots. If they wanted to “compromise”, they wouldn’t be talking about “gun bans” and “Australian style” gun control. People who want to talk do not hold a knife to your throat in order to get you to to do so. That isn’t “negotiation”, it’s “extortion”.

So the real question is, why do those of us on the pro-rights side keep responding to these terror attacks with the same old “quiet, respectful silence”, the same old “we won’t politicize this tragedy”, the same old “we won’t point out the idiocy of the other’s side’s arguments, because we’re the good guys” answers. It’s been said that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time. I submit that we need to start doing things differently if we want to see different results.

No more silence. When another one of these attacks happens, and it will, because the bad guys aren’t going away, we need to make the point loudly, clearly, and immediately, that gun control kills people. We need to boldly state, right away, that make believe “gun free zones” are just hunting grounds for terrorists and other criminals. And maybe most importantly, we need to show the opposition’s proposals for what they really are. At best, stupid, useless, feel-good but do-nothing idiocy. At worst, anti-constitutional, freedom stealing, rights restricting garbage that should get them impeached and removed from office.

Remember folks, the bad guy is in front of you, knife in hand. You must decide. Stand and fight, or hesitate and lose everything. There is no third option.

Dave Kopp, AzCDL President

The DC “Good Reason” CCW Requirement - Gone!


Yesterday, The United States District Court for the District of Columbia handed down the memorandum opinion in the case of Matthew Grace and Pink Pistols vs. The District of Columbia and Cathy Lanier in her capacity as chief of the DC metro police department. The plaintiffs sought to challenge the “good reason” requirement for obtaining a concealed weapons permit.

Judge Richard J. Leon, in the memorandum opinion and in an order consistent with the judgement, issued a preliminary injunction eliminating the “good reason” requirement stating that it is likely an infringement on the Second Amendment. The (clickable) image above is from the 46 page document issued by the court.

I read parts of the memorandum in which the judge belittled arguments from the defendants and called out false statements made by Bradys and Everytown in their amicus curiae. The judge even resorted to use the term “poppycock” in response to a defense allegation that the “good reason” requirement did no harm to Second Amendment rights. I uploaded the whole Memorandum Opinion (.pdf) for your reading pleasure if you are so inclined.

I am hoping that the Second Amendment Foundation will take this opportunity to go after those holdout states which restrict CCW to “may issue” which, in my opinion, equally infringes the Second Amendment as does the DC “good reason” requirement. There are still a few states that have some pretty stupid restrictions.

Take the hint, Calguns, and get something going for Californians in those areas where no permits are issued because of some local sheriff or PD chief gets to decide who gets permits. While you’re at it, how about giving out-of-staters permit reciprocity or allowing us to apply for a California permit.

Arizona Concealed Carry Statistics

Since our AZ permits will expire in 2016, I went to the Arizona Department of Safety Concealed Weapons information page to review the current renewal procedure. At the top of that page there is a link to the statistics for active permits. We have shown the graphic below in previous posts in July 2014 and February 2014 and we note the numbers of permits have increased each time.

Arizona Concealed Carry Statistics

race.jpgThere is one interesting factor in the statistics above with regard to what constitutes a “white” permit holder. The initial application and the renewal form both have the ORIGIN/RACE checkbox depicted to the left.

For some unknown reason, the white option includes both white and hispanic applicants in a single demographic. To get an estimated breakdown between white and hispanic permit holders, one would have to know the ratio of whites to hispanics nationwide (Arizona issues nationwide) and extrapolate from the numbers in the graphic. I will leave that exercise to the reader.

This is the last post for the year 2015. Wishing all a very Happy 2016 and beyond!

Not All CCW Laws Are The Same

ccw-laws.pngDr. John R. Lott, Jr. of the Crime Prevention Research Center has another published paper regarding the concealed carry laws in the country. The paper touches on the inconsistencies of laws from state-to-state and how other researchers tend to ignore the differences when coming to their (incorrect) conclusions on the matter.

Dr. Lott asks us to get as many downloads of his paper as we can so as to attract the attention of those with differing opinions to the fact that our side of the community has a great deal of support for gun rights. The paper can be downloaded at this link.


Unfortunately, many who have examined the impact of so-called “shall-issue” or “right-to-carry” laws assume that the adoption of such laws causes a large, immediate increase in the number of permits. But that is often not the case, for states differ widely as to how easily permits can be obtained. This problem is particularly problematic for studies that have looked at the period after 2000. In fact, the share of the adult population with permits increased less during the 1999-2010 period in the states that adopted right-to-carry laws than the states that they are being compared against.

Carry Gun Cleaning Friday

The Better Half and I haven’t been to the range for a while, but since we carry our concealed guns every day, they need a little dusting off from time to time. We remove the “fur” as TBH puts it. We’re in a pretty dusty environment here and the carry guns in their holsters can and do accumulate quite a bit of crud.

The image at the above right is a two-panel slideshow which captures TBH’s Lady Smith after the cleaning in one frame and of me putting the barrel back in the slide for my Glock 30 in the other frame. Both images courtesy of The Better Half. You can see the full-sized images for the Lady Smith here and for the reassembly of the Glock 30 here.

After removing the fuzz from the guns, we apply either a little light CLP or oil to the moving parts. About every second cleaning, I will field-strip the semi-auto pistol and clean/lube the inside. We hope that we will never have to use our guns for self defense, but we want them to be ready just in case.

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