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CF&I Mine Rescue Car

Mine Rescue Car

After finishing our business at a cemetery in Pueblo, CO last week, we drove past this antique Pullman railroad car. The Better Half managed to capture the (clickable) image above.

I did some research on line and found that this car was used in the first half of the 20th century by the Colorado Fuel and Iron Co. as a training venue for mine rescue operations:

CF&I Mine Rescue Car No. 1 is believed to be the only remaining wooden Mine Rescue Car in the United States. Between 1923 and 1941 this converted Pullman railroad car was used as a training vehicle for mine emergency procedures and first-aid triage techniques. After retiring the car it was used as a company office in the steel mill. Exhibits inside the car relate to mine rescue and mine safety.

The railroad car is located in the Steelworks Park currently under construction:

Originally envisioned as an integrated landscaped campus, the Steelworks Park is the first step in accomplishing this vision for the 5.7 acre former 1901 CF&I Administrative Complex. With generous funding from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and The LeVert Hoag Foundation, the park will be located adjacent to Interstate 25 in our north parking lot. It will feature shaded landscaping with seating and a variety of industrial artifacts, including Mine Rescue Car No. 1, a Davenport locomotive used in the Allen Coal Mine, a large ladle used for pouring steel, two coal carts, and a variety of other artifacts.

When my brothers and I were kids, we visited Pueblo several times where our Grandmother and an aunt and uncle lived. On one of those trips, our uncle, who was an employee of CF&I took us on a public tour of the Steel Mill and its facilities.

More about the Steelworks Museum at the link.

Nevada Northern Railroad Museum

Baggage CartsVintage Railway Express TruckMuseum Rail Yard

On our way out of town this morning, we drove by the Nevada Northern Railroad Museum, located in Ely, Nevada. We did not stop and go in, but The Better Half managed to get these shots as we drove by.

Left to right, we have some vintage baggage carts displaying the museum banner, a classic Railway Express Delivery Truck and the north end of the NNRM Rail Yard with vintage equipment. All are clickable images.

As we take this trip, we are on a faster schedule than affords us to spend some time visiting places like this museum, but we are taking notes to be considered for future visits to these areas.

Train Mural

Train Mural in Progress

We saw this on FecesBook® a couple of days ago, so The Better Half and I went down to the Library in Civic Center yesterday and she took this (clickable) image of the artist putting on some finishing touches to the mural. There is a lot of enthusiasm for this mural and a clamoring for more to be commissioned.

The subject is the Town’s landmark railroad engine, AT&SF No. 761 crossing the colorful desert. The link takes you to a post we made about a new paint job on the iconic static display on Railroad Street, just a few hundred yards from the mural, last November.

Lately, TBH and I have been getting more active in attending events around town, like the team steer roping and our likelihood of going to more events in the coming weeks. There is a “Cowgirl Up” art exhibit at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in town currently and we’re probably going to see that this next week.

Classic AT&SF Railroad Engine and Caboose

Restored Engine and Caboose

The Chamber of Commerce and the Town collaborated to paint and restore our classic Old 761 Engine and Caboose in Downtown Wickenburg earlier this year. The Better Half and I were out taking donated goods to a couple of charities near there, so we stopped along the road so she could capture this panoramic image of the old train. This is a quarter mile north of where the current BNSF tracks cross US 60. Clickable image.

New Paint for Old 761

AT&SF Locomotive

Our Town’s old Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Locomotive (No. 761) and Caboose got a face-lift when crews applied new black and red paint this year. The town is preparing for the Annual Gold Rush Days and Senior Pro Rodeo that will take place over the coming weekend. The new paint fits in with those preparations.

While the town will be immersed in up to twenty thousand extra non-full-time-residents this weekend, The Better Half and I will be heading out to Kalifornistan for a visit with the kids and grandson. We regret not being able to attend the antique car show tomorrow afternoon, but it will likely be the same dudes and their classics we saw at the Cops Who Care Rally in December and at the shows in October and February last year. The same goes for the parade on Saturday.

I checked the weather forecast at both ends of our trip; it will be slightly warmer at the Palm Desert end than here in town, but both will have highs in the 80’s and lows in the 50’s. This is a bit warmer than normal for mid-February. We’re packing shorts and T-shirts but with sweatpants and a hoodie in case it gets nippy.

The Kingman Powerhouse on Route 66

I was looking through the archives trying to find some unrelated photos from early May of 2010 when I ran across this short video I took at the Kingman Powerhouse on our way through town. We usually stop there to get a couple of Route 66 souvenirs and I always like to go upstairs to watch the model trains that are almost constantly running. I always get a wave of nostalgia when thinking about this place.

The Better Half and I have made it a priority to visit the powerhouse whenever we pass through Kingman. We have been traveling the west together for many years and are particularly fond of Route 66 from California through Arizona and beyond. We actually stayed in Kingman on our way home from visiting our grandchildren in Northern California last September. A stop at the powerhouse was, of course, necessary.

The trip in 2010 when I recorded the video was at the time that TBH and I had just bought the Arizona property and we took a couple days vacation up through Kingman and on over to Havasu before heading back to the California house. It would not be until January of 2011 that we could occupy and make the Arizona home our permanent domicile.

BNSF Desert Express

BNSF Desert Express

We passed this freight train on our way down to do some shopping in the Northwest Phoenix Metro Area. It had the three locomotives (shown) and a trail of flatcars with piggy-back truck trailers from various carriers. There were also some shipboard containers on a few cars.

The Better Half took this (clickable) image of the train as it passed along the west bank of the Hassayampa River a few hundred feet before crossing the bridge to the east bank. The track continues another mile or so before crossing under the Morristown Overpass on US 60.

We stopped for gas in Surprise (cheaper than in Wickenburg). While we were pumping gas, this train passed across the road from the station as it continued southbound toward Phoenix.

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