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What’s for Dinner (On the Road Again)?

Meatball Sandwiches

When we head out on an excursion, one of the important concepts is what to eat and when. The Better Half will generally prepare something that is quick and easy to just heat up and eat when we get to the terminus of a day trip. Today, that item happened to be her meatball sandwiches which were popped in the microwave and devoured even before setting up camp. A cold beverage helped to wind down from an hours long desert crossing.

If we’re going to stay for several days in a place, then the routine gets modified to a full-on dinner preparation. For example, tomorrow, we will be having Corned Beef and Cabbage with boiled vegetables a day late in recognition of Saint Patrick’s Day. And on Sunday, Grilled T-Bone Steaks with Asparagus Tips in Rice on the side.

It’s a good life on the road under these circumstances. ;)

Breaking in the New Portable Grill

Pit Boss Grill On Site Grillin

When we traded in our Georgetown Motorhome for the new rig, we left the grill that was part of the outdoor kitchen module in the old RV. That left us short of a very important component for camping - an outdoor grill. So, to rectify that shortcoming, we bought a replacement grill, the Pit Boss.

We burned the new grill in at home (per recommended user manual instructions) when it arrived a couple of weeks ago. A few days later, we grilled a two-inch thick T-bone steak on it in order to get a feel for how the Pit Boss would perform. That went well and The Better Half and I enjoyed the steak. The (clickable) image above left is new grill being burned in.

This past weekend in California, we initiated the first road trip usage for the grill. In the (clickable) image above right, you can see the setup in the campground with the attachment to a propane bottle with the grill on a folding table alongside the RV and yours truly in the act of grilling a pork loin inside of the stainless enclosure.

We had a lesson learned while grilling this time in that this two burner grill gets a LOT hotter than our grill at home and requires a lower flame setting in order to keep from scorching the meat. Regardless, the dinner was great.

Satellite RX to Go

Deployed Stowed

You may have read here and on the other blog about our new motorhome. Having graduated form an “entry level” RV to this new one encouraged us to ask for a number of desired add-ons, one of which is satellite TV reception.

Since we are already DirecTV™ customers, we opted for the Winegard™ satellite system which is DTV compatible. In the clickable images above, you can see the rooftop satellite dish deployed and in the stowed position.

I got the satellite antenna system and the DTV receiver activated today. I first had to turn the satellite dish control on and it began auto acquisition of several satellites in the “constellation” of geosynchronous birds. That process took a while with the system retrying several times before locking on. But, when that was complete, it was all downhill. I got on the phone with the DTV folks who walked me through the rest of the setup.

After that process was complete, we now have very satisfying HDTV reception on the three TVs in the motorhome - a 48″ TV in the parlor, a 32″ TV in the bedroom and another 32″ TV behind an access door outside on the passenger side of the rig for outdoor viewing. I verified that all were working as advertised.

Having the satellite system gains us independence from the limited and often flaky cable access in many of the RV parks we have visited, and, in fact, we can now camp in areas with no hookups and still be able to enjoy our TV entertainment.

Last Hitch-Up for the Layton

Last Hitch-Up for the Layton

I hitched up the trailer to the pickup this afternoon in anticipation of taking it to the dealer where we will be trading it in, along with the Georgetown 30X3 gas coach, on a new 36 foot diesel pusher. The dealer is in Mesa, AZ and we will be towing the trailer there in the morning (it’s now Monday Evening 1/23/2017).

Later in the week or possibly early next week we will be taking the Georgetown to the dealer when our new coach is available. We might have had all this behind us by now, but the weather has been such that a) the new coach couldn’t be transported from its location in Colorado and b) we wanted better weather to make the trailer trip to Mesa. Tomorrow should be good weather for both purposes.

Beyond Hope

Beyond HopeIt was six years ago that we posted a photo of the sign in Hope, Arizona, at the town limits declaring “YOUR NOW BEYOND HOPE.” At that time, we pointed out the grammatical error of using “your” instead of “you’re” on the snarky sign.

Clickable Image: Beyond Hope Updated Sign

Well (I assume), the good folks of the Hope township’s only RV park, recently updated the sign with the corrected version and (of course) with a plug for their business. They also have posted American and Arizona State flags on either side of the sign stand.

Hope is only one small town out of several that we pass in the Arizona Outback along US 60 on our way to California and Back. The Better Half took the photo as we were returning from a recent visit.

Don’t Blink

The “Arizona Outback” is a colorful and intriguing part of our state that is mostly situated in La Paz County to the west of Wickenburg. There are several communities along US 60 and SR 72 where the lifestyle is largely agricultural with the a few other jobs in support (stores, cafes, motels, RV parks, etc.).

One of the communities is diminutive, even when compared to the other small towns and settlements out there. That is Gladden, pictured above, where there is a ranch with livestock, a motel and an RV park. When you pass through Gladden along US 60, do not blink, or you will miss it. There is not even a reduced speed limit imposed in Gladden since there aren’t any cross streets to consider.

The Better Half took this clickable image of almost all of the town as we passed through there on Friday. We are in Palm Desert, CA, tonight through Monday, when we will return to Arizona and resume retirement. (That’s a funny concept, taking a vacation from retirement.)

While Charging the Trailer Batteries . . .


I pulled the truck over to the trailer yesterday to put a fresh charge on the trailer batteries using the Honda 3KW generator in the truck bed. At the completion of the run, I noticed that the generator gas tank was getting pretty dry, so it will be time to fill up the tank and change the oil after the next charging run later this year.

An interesting happened while the charging was taking place; a gentleman friend of one of our neighbors stopped when he saw me doing some minor chores along the RV driveway. He got out of his car and asked if the trailer was for sale. I told him that it probably was for sale since we just have it parked on our lot across the road.

I opened up the trailer and showed the man the various features and utilities. He was impressed that I was doing maintenance and remarked that the trailer looked like it has been well-maintained.

I gave the gentleman a figure that seemed appropriate for a sale price considering the age and condition of the rig. He thanked me after taking down my phone number and said that he would be in touch.

Selling the trailer would be a nice windfall. Since we’re intending to trade up to a diesel pusher to replace the RV we currently have, some extra cash to help with the acquisition might be good. Also, if a deal cannot be made for the trailer this time, we will probably trade it in along with our current RV on the new one sometime early next year.

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