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What’s for Sunday Dinner on the Road?

Tenderloin Steak and Salad

I have to admit that we’ve not exactly been watching our diet during this extended trip to K-stan and beyond. The Better Half’s sister’s hospitality and pantry had us eating three meals a day and not particularly paying attention to cholesterol, sodium and calories. At home, we only eat twice a day, brunch and late lunch, generally at ten and two o’clock.

Now that we’re on the return leg of our spring excursion, TBH and I have been returning to our normal feeding habits. Today’s Sunday dinner, the case in point, was a small grilled beef tenderloin steak and a helping of salad, both items qualifying for a lower calorie/sodium/cholesterol count and was perfectly delicious.

Tomorrow, we will be heading on the next leg. TBH already has the menu planned for the remainder of the vacation with an emphasis on healthy meals.

Clickable image.

Classic Red Four Door Chevy

Classic 57 4 door

On thee last leg of our trip yesterday, we spotted this nice classic 1957 Chevy four-door Bel Air on US 395 in Gardnerville, NV. As we were in traffic, the photo op came upon The Better Half rather quickly, as we converged with the southbound traffic. Initially, she did not think she was quick enough to capture this (clickable) image, but when downloading her camera, we could see that it came out OK - not great because of the crud on the RV windscreen, but viewable.

We saw other interesting things on the road transitioning into Northern Nevada. More on that later.

Back in Free America

California/Nevada State Line

After nearly a month in the PRK*, we’re finally back in the Free American state of Nevada. We won’t miss the crazy traffic, rude people and air pollution a bit. We purposely planned the route to get us out of there on the first day of travel.

Once we’re out of that bastion of liberalism, we open up the safe in the RV’s closet and re-arm ourselves. The unconstitutionality doesn’t end at the border, however, because we believe that Nevada and most other states with a permitting process to “allow” carrying a weapon are infringing the RKBA. Nevada, unlike Arizona and ten other states, does not have Constitutional Carry. We are “fortunate” inasmuch as Nevada “recognizes” our Arizona Permit.

With the exception of PRK, we avoid going to places that do not offer reciprocity with Arizona or Utah, the two states where we have valid permits. The ONLY reason we ever go to PRK is to be with family and friends that we cannot persuade to leave that damned/doomed place.

*People’s Republik of Kalifornistan

Today was ‘Run the Generator Day’

Clickable ImageWe try and maintain a schedule to run the little Honda EU3000is generator from time to time in order to keep it ready for use. However, due to a couple of extended excursions in the big RV, we let the regularity lapse a bit. It was long overdue, but today, we got it running again. It was a bit hard to start, but the generator finally started after several tries.

We originally bought this generator to power up our travel trailer. Now, however, we have the Class A diesel pusher which features an integral Cummins Onan 6KW diesel generator.

These days, the Honda only gets used for several things as needed, including running garden tools in areas where there is no commercial electricity. This includes the west rock and cactus garden for bush whacking and cactus clean up and once in a while down the road when native vegetation grows into the roadway.

It ran for thirty or forty minutes today using one of the big RV’s A/C units as a load. Next time we run it, an oil change will be due for the Honda.

Fill ‘er Up

Fuel Stop

As we departed this morning from last night’s campground, we stopped at a nearby fuel station to fill the tank. When we were done, we took on 56 gallons of diesel which cost a nice round $200. The price of diesel back home is seventy cents less than we paid today. Welcome to Taxifornia.

At that price, the cost per mile of travel was $0.38 as compared to an average of $0.26 we got during our eclipse excursion in August and September. We got 9.5 miles per gallon on this last tank of fuel.

Since I don’t seem to be able to talk family and friends to move out of the maxtax state, I will just have to put up with the extra expense to see them from time to time. In the long run, it is worth it to us to be with our folks.

Tulare, CA B-17 on Display


The Better Half snapped this (clickable) image of a B-17 parked at Tulare Airport, just alongside CA SR 99. There are a number of aircraft on display with this WWII bomber and a Vietnam era F-4 Phantom parked close to the road. The B-17 is placarded with AMVETS signage by the fence in front.

We departed the Los Angeles area this morning and made our way up through “The Grapevine” mountain pass which is Interstate 5 from the north San Fernando Valley to Grapevine, CA. When we came through here last April, we had gusty winds up to 30 knots through the pass, but this time not so much winds and just a lot of traffic.

One more travel day tomorrow then we will be taking a break for the week and the Thanksgiving Holiday. If I don’t post between now and then, please have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.

Sky Divers over Blythe, CA

Sky Divers

Today started out a bit overcast as we crossed from Arizona to California. Just after the border, The Better Half pointed out what appeared to me to be a Shorts Sky Van twin-engine airplane apparently on a final approach to Blythe airport. Just after that, she took this (clickable) image of five sky divers with chutes deployed a couple of hundred feet from touchdown. She saw four others in the distance (no photo) shortly after that.

Evidently, there is sky diving activity in the area. The Shorts airplanes are popular for sky diving.

Many years ago, I agreed to go sky diving with my sister for her fortieth birthday. Fortunately, she came to her senses and called it off before we both were going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

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