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Terminus Obamanum


We’ve suffered eight long years to see this day come. Time to encourage our new President to start healing the damage done to America by the Obamination. Time to restore our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC to its former greatness.

The Better Half and I listened and watched the Inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th POTUS this morning and approve of the speech that he gave afterward. We applaud his invocation of God as a key to going forward.

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Post Mortem for the Losing Candidate

Hillary for Prison

She really does deserve the fate prescribed by this sign on US 60 here in town, but she will likely be pardoned by the Obaminaton “for all crimes that may have been committed,” as in Ford pardoning Nixon in 1974. However, accepting a pardon is tantamount to admitting guilt. Her punishment should be to just get the flock out of politics and grow old, forgotten and beaten. The big guy in the hereafter will let the punishment suit her crimes when she crosses over. I guess that’s good enough for me.

As for the next phase, we can look forward to the Obamination to continue to do as much damage to the Republic that can be accomplished in his 71 remaining days in office. He will also suffer the punishment on the other side for his innumerable crimes against humanity and the Republic as will his facilitators and many in his political party.

Thank God that the time is ticking away on this episode of miscreant occupation of high office. May He guide our new President to direct our Nation toward the original vision of the Founding Fathers. Amen.

Expect Massive Fraud in November


Now, I cannot attest to the accuracy of the statements in the image above, but if just one or two are correct, we can expect to be railroaded again come November. I would do some research to back this up, but

  1. I’m too tired
  2. The WiFi is sort of slow tonight
  3. I’m on vacation from retirement.

Besides, the events listed in the image seems like they could be accurate considering the way most politicians and their operatives game the system and then lie about it. Just sayin’.

Image modified from one that The Better Half found on the FecesBook® thing.



Well, the international political bullshit has come home to roost, thanks to the United Kingdom (Great Britain) having voted to secede form the EU. The impact to us was substantial, but not devastating. Our investments are weighted away from high risk and we still appear to be in pretty good shape, considering. As we continue to invest, we will be getting bargains at the now discounted rates.

Some pundits in the UK think that the Obamination may have tweaked the British electorate the wrong way by having gone to London last month (at taxpayer expense, of course) and insisted that they vote to stay in the EU - or else. I guess they don’t like some moron from the new world telling them what to do, so a backlash happened.

Our government isn’t the solution to anything - it’s the problem! And I mean a problem in the bipartisan sense. :evil:

UPDATE: 26 JUN 16 - I found this interesting graphic relating to the effectiveness of the Obamination’s power of persuasion over the British electorate:


Some Miscellaneous Gun Issues and News

You may know that AZ Governor Ducey vetoed a bill that would have poisoned Michael Bloomberg and his minions’ efforts to get a referendum on the ballot such that, when approved, makes private transfers of firearms illegal in our state. With that veto, we are now subject to having to defend against the carpetbagging asshole in our state.

If you are an Arizonan (or even if you’re not), you should consider helping out. We did that today with a small contribution to AzCDL.

From Arizona Citizen’s Defense League:

You know you’re from Arizona when…

  • Nothing is worse than coming in contact with a seatbelt buckle during the summer.
  • You’re aware of what a bolo tie is and you’ve probably even worn one.
  • “It’s a dry heat” is basically the unofficial slogan.
  • You hear the weather forecast is 115 degrees and you don’t even flinch.
  • You see someone open carrying a pistol and your first thought is, “I have one just like that!”
  • You place high value on your fundamental rights, and will do anything in your power to protect your liberties.

Are you proud to call Arizona your home? Pledge $25 today to keep our state’s values and principles intact.

Our rights are at stake. Join us in the fight against Bloomberg. His sights are set on Arizona to pass a law that would criminalize the private transfer of firearms. When we stand together, I have faith we will succeed.

Thank you for your support, please pass this message along to any like-minded friends.

Thank you,
Dave Kopp
AzCDL President

In other news, this from

Obama Greatest Gun Salesman in U.S. History? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Click here to see the entire graphic - the above is just an excerpt.



You report - we deride.

Wrong on so many levels, this graphic posted on CNN underscores just how stupid and incompetent the media morons can be. It’s downright laughable that they posted this graphic (clickable - found on The Smallest Minority).

  • Point nine millimeter?
  • .223 millimeter?
  • .22 millimeter?

It goes deeper than the reportage of the media. Today, Laura Sanchez (Dumbocrat, Kalifornistan) coined the latest ultra-scary weapon ubiquitously available in the public domain: “Multi-automatic round weapons.” I can’t get my brain around that - is it more than one? Is it round? Are automatic rounds actually weapons?

Unbelievable. The media and hoplophobic politicians sheer ignorance on the topic of guns and ammo should be an asset in our favor. Even the Obamination seems to be mostly ignorant on the subject (and most other subjects as well).

UPDATE: From The Patriot Post . . .


The Blame for Kate Steinle’s Murder

A brilliant representation of how the blame should be spread in the recent San Francisco murder is presented here by Ramirez.

Ramirez Cartoon

Katie Pavlich via Townhall:

When illegal alien Francisco Sanchez admitted to killing 32-year-old Kate Steinle last week on a San Francisco pier, he explained that he found the gun he used wrapped up in a t-shirt and that it just “went off.” His explanation of how the gun was in his possession was clouded, saying he found the gun randomly near the pier in the middle of the day while high on drugs.

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