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Rifle Police Cruiser

Rifle Police Vehicle

Last month on our excursion to witness the All American Eclipse, we stopped for provisions at a Walmart in Rifle, CO. During our entire trip, we would, as necessary, stop at Walmart Supercenters because they have groceries, sundries, souvenirs and most everything else we might need while on the road.

On our way out of town, The Better Half took this (clickable) image of a local police cruiser. We liked the picture of a rifle on the side of the unit. Rifle, CO, a town of about 9500 souls, seemed to be a nice little place along I-70 in the arid northwestern part of the state.

I found this little tidbit in Wikipedia about a local Rifle restaurant owner making national news in 2014:

In the summer of 2014, a popular local restaurant, Shooter’s Grill, made national news when it was advertised that the owner encouraged the servers to participate in open carry. Patrons of the restaurant were also welcome to display their firearms when dining.

I really don’t remember the incident from the news I read, but it is an interesting take on the kind of folks living in that part of the state (i.e. away from the big cities).

Tactical Robot Use by Police

andros-mark-5.jpgThe racist sniper that took out those five white cops and wounded several others met his Waterloo at the robotic hands of a Northrop Grumman Remotec Androx Mark V A-1 unit. The Dallas P.D. deployed the unit loaded with a pound of C-4 explosive and detonated it near the sniper after negotiations failed to get him to surrender. The last resort method was used because of a police perception that they could not rush and subdue him without taking more casualties. The sniper remained very antagonistic to police negotiation efforts throughout the standoff.

In the situation in Dallas, I believe that the tactical use of robotics and explosives was warranted, much as the tactic of using a police sniper to end the standoff would have been warranted as well. The objective, in both cases, is to neutralize the threat. There are arguments on both sides of the issue, but I believe that we will begin to see more of these tactics in the future.

David Codrea penned a pretty good article addressing the issue at Oathkeepers.

Miscarriage My Ass

Today’s announcement by the FBI Director that the Hildabeast isn’t going to be charged might be said to have been a miscarriage of justice. Miscarriage, My Ass! It was an outright ABORTION of justice.

Donald Trump, for whom my enthusiasm is muted, noted, correctly, that “The system is rigged.” I should say so with all the positioning going on what with Bill Clinton “co-incidentally” having a private encounter with Loretta Lynch which to most observers was a meeting to ensure today’s abortive sidetracking of what should have been an indictment.

A several four word phrases apply:

  • The system is rigged.
  • The whole thing stinks.
  • They are all liars.
  • Our country is lost.

Feel free to add your own . . .

How About A Little Perspective?


I’m not sure about the source of the information in the (clickable) graphic above, but it sure seems like it makes sense in these bizarre times. Found on FecesBook©.

A Good Use For A Gun Lock

Good Use For A Gun Lock

Having moved the travel trailer away from its close-proximity storage in the RV drive, we were concerned a little about security. In reality, the trailer isn’t that far away from the house, but unlike the RV drive, there are no security spotlights available.

The Town Police Department posted on Fecesbook™ that there had been a rash of stolen batteries and propane tanks taken from RVs parked in several of the RV parks around the area. That news prompted us to get some chain to loop around the tanks, battery boxes and trailer frame to at least discourage any attempts to purloin our stuff.

The hasp on the padlock we intended to use to secure the chain was too large to fit through the links. I checked in the gun safe and found one of several gun locks that would do just fine.

We realize that anybody with a modest set of bolt-cutters could easily defeat our lock and chain. We figure that would be a low probability, however since the trailer is:

  1. >500 feet from the nearest paved road
  2. located only 40 feet from the front of our house
  3. in a semi-rural desert where after dark critters include javelina and coyotes
  4. in a very dark area and
  5. numerous bark-at-any-noise dogs are within earshot including our own

Just in case the items above do not dissuade the burglars from their deeds, the chain and lock are under the tank cover that is physically difficult to remove without causing a minor disturbance. We’re not saying that it would be impossible, just improbable.

Jailtime For Ray Nagin

contemptible rayI wish all gun grabbers would suffer this fate. After good ol’ “Contemptible Ray” illegally confiscated most guns from post Katrina New Orleans, he obviously continued his ways of corruption and graft. His indictment and conviction for ten years is for corruption and money laundering. What do you bet that, somehow, he will get a much reduced sentence?

From Dave Workman writing for Examiner:

Ray Nagin, the former mayor of New Orleans on whose watch the post-Hurricane Katrina gun grab was launched and then stopped by a federal lawsuit filed by the Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association, was sentenced today to ten years in prison on charges of corruption during his administration.

A former member of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Nagin is one of several former mayors involved in that group who have been convicted of serious crimes. He was convicted in February in federal court.

Nagin, who was compelled to apologize for his remarks describing New Orleans as a “chocolate city” after the devastating hurricane, was convicted of bribery, fraud and money laundering, according to the Los Angeles Times. Nagin, a Democrat, received a lighter sentence than had been sought, and the New York Times story suggested that this could set up an appeal.

The gun confiscations began almost immediately after the storm subsided in 2005. Within hours after police officials told reporters that nobody would be allowed to have firearms, SAF and NRA were working on the landmark legal action that would ultimately stop the confiscations. By some estimates, more than 1,100 firearms were taken by police and National Guard units, without warrant, due processor probable cause.


Guns Are Not The Problem

Updating the SMIRKING NUT JOBS gallery . . .

We don’t need to get guns off the streets - we need to get NUT JOBS off the streets.

smirking nut jobs

One more smirking NUT JOB added to the gallery of recent insane mass murderers.

We’re also enjoying watching the media idiots stumbling all over themselves trying to adjust their stories for having got it all wrong initially. Some of it very funny as in AR-15 SHOTGUN having been used. :lol:

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