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Fill ‘er Up

Fuel Stop

As we departed this morning from last night’s campground, we stopped at a nearby fuel station to fill the tank. When we were done, we took on 56 gallons of diesel which cost a nice round $200. The price of diesel back home is seventy cents less than we paid today. Welcome to Taxifornia.

At that price, the cost per mile of travel was $0.38 as compared to an average of $0.26 we got during our eclipse excursion in August and September. We got 9.5 miles per gallon on this last tank of fuel.

Since I don’t seem to be able to talk family and friends to move out of the maxtax state, I will just have to put up with the extra expense to see them from time to time. In the long run, it is worth it to us to be with our folks.

Get Smart

Smart Cars

The Better Half took this (clickable) image of a passing car carrier eighteen wheeler on Interstate 5 near Coalinga, CA, last week while we were on our excursion through selected parts of the west. I thought it was weird enough to see this many “Smart” cars in one place. Like little death traps or something on the way to market to catch vermin of some sort.

We have been home for a week and things are getting back to normal. We will have more to discuss as the coming week unfolds.

Expect Massive Fraud in November


Now, I cannot attest to the accuracy of the statements in the image above, but if just one or two are correct, we can expect to be railroaded again come November. I would do some research to back this up, but

  1. I’m too tired
  2. The WiFi is sort of slow tonight
  3. I’m on vacation from retirement.

Besides, the events listed in the image seems like they could be accurate considering the way most politicians and their operatives game the system and then lie about it. Just sayin’.

Image modified from one that The Better Half found on the FecesBook® thing.

Eurotards Visit Grand Canyon


We visited Grand Canyon National Park today on our way northbound. The park was crowded as you might expect on a Saturday, but The Better Half and I observed that a large number of the park’s visitors were Europeans speaking various dialects of “Hairball.” You know, the guttural-sounding eastern euro tongues.

We were stopped at one of the view places along the south rim to take some photos and gaze into the scenic majesty of the Canyon when a couple or three retarded park visitors decided to go around or jump over the park rail and hiked out onto a point very close to a several thousand foot drop-off.

There are a number of anecdotal accounts of people falling to their deaths from exactly the sort of idiocy these two (soon to be three) were committing today.

This is not the first time we have reported about foreigners’ indiscretions in our National Parks.

Kalifornistan’s Gunmageddon

acdllogo.jpgThe Arizona Citizens Defense League sent the following communique via email yesterday:

Just when you thought California couldn’t get any worse …

Here in Arizona we’ve got it pretty good, especially when we compare ourselves to California. Many of us fled the oppressive laws of the “Golden State”, and many of us still have family and friends that live under those laws. Now those laws have leapt into a whole new realm of insanity.

The California legislature recently passed, and their Governor signed, a raft of anti-rights bills collectively known as “Gunmageddon”. These include a tightening of the state’s already draconian “assault weapons ban”, a complete ban on so-called “high capacity magazines” that totally eliminates any lawful civilian ownership, and registration of, along with background checks for, ammunition purchases.

Additionally, California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, who will be running for Governor soon, is pushing Proposition 63, a ballot initiative that would also ban so-called “high capacity magazines”, and require registration and background checks for ammunition purchases. This is a very well-funded effort by the usual suspects. You can find a good summary of the issue at Ballotpedia.

The pro-rights groups in California have come together to try and fight the money and power of anti-rights elite, and are attempting to gather enough signatures to put the “Gunmageddon” bills on the ballot for a voter referendum. If they can get enough pro-rights voters in California to sign their petitions, they can put the laws on hold until the 2018 election, and put the question to the voters. See “Veto Gunmageddon” for details on how to get involved.

Additionally, if these same pro-rights voters will go to the polls when Prop. 63 comes up for a vote, it shouldn’t be hard to put that issue to bed either.

So, if you’re from California, if you have friends or family there, or even if you know anyone who does, please make sure they have this information, are aware of the issue, and are ready to get involved and take the necessary steps to preserve their rights.

Because, unlike some other places, what happens in California does NOT stay in California!

I have shared this information with our kin in K-Stan. We have a few of them who are sure to get on board with the Veto Gunmageddon forces.

Miscarriage My Ass

Today’s announcement by the FBI Director that the Hildabeast isn’t going to be charged might be said to have been a miscarriage of justice. Miscarriage, My Ass! It was an outright ABORTION of justice.

Donald Trump, for whom my enthusiasm is muted, noted, correctly, that “The system is rigged.” I should say so with all the positioning going on what with Bill Clinton “co-incidentally” having a private encounter with Loretta Lynch which to most observers was a meeting to ensure today’s abortive sidetracking of what should have been an indictment.

A several four word phrases apply:

  • The system is rigged.
  • The whole thing stinks.
  • They are all liars.
  • Our country is lost.

Feel free to add your own . . .

Security For Gun-Hating Politicians

Slingshots for Gun Haters

I found this graphic on the FecesBook® thing. It says it as it should be.

Not much to report on here. Been just kickin’ back and enjoying the warm weather. Enjoy your Independence Day Weekend. We may post something for that. Meanwhile, please accept this place holder to show we’re still here and functional.

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