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Dumping Norton Antivirus

norton.pngOur subscription for Norton (Symantec) Antivirus Protection will expire in 30 days or so. Today, I saw a charge on our credit card initiated by Norton for automatic renewal of our antivirus protection package.

We have been Norton customers forever, but due to their recent rejection of the NRA, we previously decided to seek internet cyber-protection elsewhere. Besides, the renewal rate was twice what we paid for it the last time we renewed.

I got on their website with my sign-in credentials and requested a refund of the credit card charge. Of course, it wasn’t going to be that simple. They required me to engage in a “chat” with one of their operatives to process the request.

Follows an excerpt of the chat:

Rahul: May I ask why you would like a refund of your Norton product?
Minstrel: I no longer wish to do business with Norton.
Rahul: Could you please tell me the issue. So that I can solve that. We do not want to lose customers like you.
Minstrel: Norton cut its ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA) of which I am a member. I will not do business with anyone who is against my right to self defense.
Rahul: I am sorry for the hassle caused to you. We are still in discussion with NRA team, so if you want to continue, you can still continue with Norton. I can definitely refund your order; however, if you like I can also offer you a 50% refund of the automatic renewal price, and you can continue to use your Norton Product for the next year. Is this something you might be interested in?
Minstrel: No I want to immediately discontinue my subscription.

The bottom line is that they will still charge my credit card for the automatic renewal but will issue a refund for the charge in 7-10 days. Good riddance to bad garbage.

We still have some other issues to resolve with companies that have shown their anti-2A bias. Again, I won’t hesitate to let them know why they are losing our business. I hope y’all are doing the same.

Who, other than Norton, provides good internet security for our Windows 7 and 10 machines? Any suggestions will be helpful.

Another Knee-Jerk Reaction Aimed at Disarming Us


Image - the notorious BUMP STOCK!

Feinstein and her 38 co-sponsors of S.1916 Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act, know that this proposed regulation would do nothing to prevent criminal acts. Their long-term goal is not to enact this silly legislation, but rather to get their foot in the door for additional regulation and who knows what.

By her own admission, Feinstein knows that no law would have prevented the Las Vegas tragedy. Her sinister long term goal is to just have us law-abiding folks “turn them in.”

Arizona Citizens Defense League has made it real easy for us to contact our congress critters, no matter in which jurisdiction you may live.

A pre-written letter has been prepared for you to send to your Senators and your Congressman in our Legislative Action Center. You may send it as is or edit it as you see fit. It only takes a few mouse-clicks to make a big difference. Don’t wait, contact them right away! You know those who want to disarm you are not hesitating. This letter can be sent by anyone from any state. Please share this with your family and friends.

The link is here. Just do it. It took me less than thirty seconds to send out to both senators and my representative in congress. Congress will be looking at the volume of support. You can rely on the fact that the other side is bombarding them with their anti-gun nonsense.

Security For Gun-Hating Politicians

Slingshots for Gun Haters

I found this graphic on the FecesBook® thing. It says it as it should be.

Not much to report on here. Been just kickin’ back and enjoying the warm weather. Enjoy your Independence Day Weekend. We may post something for that. Meanwhile, please accept this place holder to show we’re still here and functional.



You report - we deride.

Wrong on so many levels, this graphic posted on CNN underscores just how stupid and incompetent the media morons can be. It’s downright laughable that they posted this graphic (clickable - found on The Smallest Minority).

  • Point nine millimeter?
  • .223 millimeter?
  • .22 millimeter?

It goes deeper than the reportage of the media. Today, Laura Sanchez (Dumbocrat, Kalifornistan) coined the latest ultra-scary weapon ubiquitously available in the public domain: “Multi-automatic round weapons.” I can’t get my brain around that - is it more than one? Is it round? Are automatic rounds actually weapons?

Unbelievable. The media and hoplophobic politicians sheer ignorance on the topic of guns and ammo should be an asset in our favor. Even the Obamination seems to be mostly ignorant on the subject (and most other subjects as well).

UPDATE: From The Patriot Post . . .


Media Logical Diagram in Cartoon Form

When it comes to news involving firearms, this is typical of the logic that will be used by most mainstream media outlets:


Hat Tip: The Patriot Post.

Cold Weather vs. Murder Rate

I found this interesting comparison chart of Chicago and Houston on FecesBook®:


I thought I would share it here. The bottom line made me laugh out loud.

Full Retard


Found this demotivational poster on Fecesbook™. Posted without comment other than to note that the two Kalifornistan Kongressional Kunts (KKK) are front and center in the image going as FULL RETARDS!

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