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Rain in Monument Valley


The Better Half took the (clickable) image above of a squall in the distance as seen from our campground. We had a few raindrops fall here, but not enough to make the ground wet.

There is rain in the forecast along our planned route for the next couple of days as we conclude this trip. Both TBH and I welcome a bit of rain to wash off some of the road crud and dirt from the big RV.

We plan to get the RV to the dealer to fix some squawks and do some minor tune-up maintenance after this trip. The Freightliner Chassis, drive train and suspension has worked like a charm, but several annoying coach-related issues need to be addressed including drawers that don’t latch and come open during travel, loose wood trim and a broken mounting bracket for one of the window shades. There are others as well.

Signs of Spring

Turkey Vulture

The Better Half took this (clickable) photo of a low-flying turkey buzzard in August of 2015. These birds migrate south for the winter, but lately we have been seeing a few of them circling in the skies over town. Undoubtedly a sign of an early spring.

We also see buds on our plum and lemon trees. The Opuntia Cacti in the area have started showing signs of new paddles and flower buds.

I read somewhere that these early springs can be attributed to El Niño conditions in the oceans. Of course, all the whacko enviro-fascists will blame me, and others like me, for driving my Earth-f*cker RV and polluting their tiny leftist notions of the planet.

Meanwhile, the buzzards are back, gracefully circling overhead, patiently waiting for something to die.

Get Smart

Smart Cars

The Better Half took this (clickable) image of a passing car carrier eighteen wheeler on Interstate 5 near Coalinga, CA, last week while we were on our excursion through selected parts of the west. I thought it was weird enough to see this many “Smart” cars in one place. Like little death traps or something on the way to market to catch vermin of some sort.

We have been home for a week and things are getting back to normal. We will have more to discuss as the coming week unfolds.

Hurricane Hermine

Hurricane Hermine

Here’s to wishing our comrades in arms who reside in and around Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas to be able to keep their powder dry with the onslaught of Category 1 hurricane Hermine. She should revert to a tropical storm overnight, but there will be plenty of wind and wet. Godspeed our brethren over there.

Image screenshot from NWS National Radar Mosaic (no larger size)

Testing the Runoff Creek

Runoff Creek

The runoff creek that The Better Half and I reinforced with rocks this spring got its first real test of the monsoon season last night. This morning, I went out to assess the performance after a pretty serious amount of rainfall late last evening.

The creek worked as expected. The runoff from behind the back wall flows toward the west side of the wall and into the head end of our little creek. It was pretty clear to see where the water had gone while remaining confined to the reinforced creek bed.

We still have some work to do on the rock and cactus garden that the creek runs through, There are some red landscaping rocks that need to be redistributed to cover the bare ground next to the RV drive. We will get to that this fall when the weather cools off a bit.

Throwback Thursday - AZ Homestead Version

AZ Homestead Progress

This two-panel (clickable) image dramatically juxtaposes our first occupation of the new house with the current house and yard configuration. The images are from January 2011 and January 2016, respectively. What a difference five years makes.

The bed sheet curtains have been replaced with interior shutters and exterior sunscreens. The other embellishments over time included a courtyard wall, rock and cactus landscaping, steel security doors, a flagpole and, most recently, retention walls and the RV Drive.

For the time being, we are in a maintenance mode until the next opportunity for more improvements, depending on our whims and/or natural phenomena (monsoons, landslides, etc.) ordain more changes. We think that might be a while, but one never knows for sure.

Fathers Day

Fathers Day Dinner

The Better Half and I had a nice, quiet Fathers Day holiday at home today. The (clickable) image above is of our afternoon dinner plate consisting of beef tenderloin steaks, bacon-wrapped asparagus and crushed petite potatoes with cheese and sour cream topping.

I grilled the steaks and the asparagus bundles outdoors today in spite of the triple digit temperature here in the desert. I was OK with the heat and had plenty of ice cold water at my disposal as I worked over the grill for the twenty minutes or so that it took to get the food properly cooked.

Of course, dinner was OUTSTANDING! Happy Fathers Day!

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