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Classics Around Town

A 30’s Classic A 60’s Classic

We enjoy several classic car shows here in Wickenburg every year. There is the February Classics when we have the Gold Rush Days Celebration, there is a Fly-in and classic cars event in October and there is a Classic show in December for the Cops Who Care Toys for Tots event.

In between the disciplined car showings, we also see classics being used and driven in and around town. Last week, we passed this clean 30’s classic on our way to do some shopping (above left) and today, we saw a clean 60’s classic on its way to the tax man (above right - both clickable images). We also see several classics around town in various stages of restoration and some others where, as far as we can tell, are just vintage but with no apparent restoration being done.

Red Classics

Red Classics

The Better Half and I went into old town today, where, on Frontier Street, the Classy Classics were again assembled. TBH took this (clickable) image of the “red end” of the display where the three classics were parked.

This weekend is “Gold Rush Days,” an annual event featuring the old cars on Friday and a parade and Senior Pro Rodeo on Saturday. Display booths and a carnival surround the Community Center all three days of the weekend.

We had an absolutely gorgeous day today with temperatures in the high sixties and low seventies. Unfortunately, however, there is a 50% chance of rain on the parade tomorrow.

TBH and I still plan to walk the quarter mile from our house down to the parade route in the morning but we will bring our umbrellas just in case.

A Classic Ford Stake Truck

Classic Ford Truck

I had my pickup into the local Ford dealer to have the oil changed and to get them to rotate and inflate the tires. The annunciator panel in the truck had been giving me a “low tire pressure” warning for a couple of days, so I thought it best to take it to the auto care center and resolve that.

While I waited for my truck to be finished, I went into the customer lounge where I found this beautiful, shiny old ford truck. Now, I can’t be sure due to the haziness of childhood recollections, but I think that I may have been loaded into the back of a similar truck to whisk a bunch of boys to summer camp. Yep - no seat belts, no air bags, just a bunch of boys in the back of the truck bed hanging on to the slats and enjoying every minute of the excursion.

Too bad that millennials and Gen Y kids have to be restrained like a bunch of fragile snowflakes, tied down like cargo. Buncha Bullshit, I say.

Classic Fire Engine

Classic Fire Engine

Toyz 4 Totz© and the local chapter of Cops Who Care® sponsored a classic car show at the Wickenburg Community Center today. We have probably posted many of the old classics here, but I can’t remember seeing this classic fire engine on display before.

The engine’s nickname, painted on the outside of the driver’s seat, is “Miss Kitty.” The hood on both sides is painted with the town’s name. I am intrigued with the engine-driven water pump in front of the radiator grille.

We saw many other classics, there was a little bazaar going on outside and a crafts sale and display inside the auditorium with pottery, jewelry, knick knacks and so forth. We enjoyed all this on a beautiful late fall day with blue skies and temperature near 70°

Clickable image.

Classic AT&SF Railroad Engine and Caboose

Restored Engine and Caboose

The Chamber of Commerce and the Town collaborated to paint and restore our classic Old 761 Engine and Caboose in Downtown Wickenburg earlier this year. The Better Half and I were out taking donated goods to a couple of charities near there, so we stopped along the road so she could capture this panoramic image of the old train. This is a quarter mile north of where the current BNSF tracks cross US 60. Clickable image.

We Saw a Couple of Classics Today

1955 Ford Fairlane 1946 Funk B85C

Since the weather is a bit more hospitable for the dogs (Scratch ‘n’ Sniff), we took them down to the dog park which is located on a small strip of land between Wickenburg International Airport and US Hwy 60. On the Highway, The Better Half got a shot of the 1955 Ford as it passed us. She also got a shot of the aircraft pictured above, a 1946 Funk B85C as it taxied out to the airport runup area in preparation for departure.

I believe the old Ford was on display earlier this month at the annual fly-in and car show at the airport. There are always a lot of our Classy Classics guys on hand for that event.

When I saw the plane from the dog park area, I thought it might be a PA28 Piper Super Cub, but as we exited the dog park I could see it was not a Cub. I initially thought it might be a Taylor Craft of some sort.

TBH took several shots of the aircraft through the fence. I was able to read the tail number (N77708) in the photos and looked it up on line to find out that it was a Funk. This one is reported to belong to Desert Wings LLC according to the Texas Antique Aircraft Association.

Both are clickable images.

22nd Annual Wickenburg Fly-in and Car Show

Wickenburg Fly-in and Car Show

The Better Half was a bit under the weather and did not attend the show today, so I made a quick appearance to take a look around, photograph some interesting things and get the souvenir T-shirt. The big hit of the show was the modified B-24 Privateer (Navy version of the WW2 bomber) that showed up unexpectedly.

The usual Classy Classics guys were there with their excellent collection of cool old and medium-old cars. I browsed those rather quickly and only took a few photos that may show up here eventually. Meanwhile, the semi-panoramic images of the Privateer and some of the cars appear above. Clickable image.

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