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Renewing the Utah Carry Permits

utah-ccw-photo.pngThe letters came in the mail this week from the Utah Department of Public Safety announcing the pending expiration of our Utah CCW permits. It’s hard to believe that another five years has passed since we last renewed. It’s equally hard to believe that ten years ago (while still in K-Stan) we applied for our original Utah permits.

So, after taking a couple of mug shots of ourselves and making photos of our current Arizona permits, we went on-line and applied for renewals. Before that, we ran the mug shots through the Photo Tool on the State Department’s Passport Photo site in order to comply with the Utah photo ID requirement.

The entire on-line session took less than a half hour for both of us. We paid a $15 renewal fee plus a $0.75 “convenience” fee for each renewed permit. We did this now, rather than in August when the permits expire to avoid the $10 increase in renewal fees as of July 1, 2018. Non-Residents will pay $25 after that while Utah residents will increase from $10 to $20.

Of course, it’s patently ridiculous to pay for a permit to exercise a God-given and Constitutionally protected right, but it is what it is. By the way, our Arizona permits give us “permission” to carry in 38 states and we only apply for Utah to be covered if, and when, we visit Washington State which is not reciprocal with Arizona. Is it worth an extra $50 for us to have Washington? Probably not next time. Hopefully, National Reciprocity will preclude that.

Back in Free America

California/Nevada State Line

After nearly a month in the PRK*, we’re finally back in the Free American state of Nevada. We won’t miss the crazy traffic, rude people and air pollution a bit. We purposely planned the route to get us out of there on the first day of travel.

Once we’re out of that bastion of liberalism, we open up the safe in the RV’s closet and re-arm ourselves. The unconstitutionality doesn’t end at the border, however, because we believe that Nevada and most other states with a permitting process to “allow” carrying a weapon are infringing the RKBA. Nevada, unlike Arizona and ten other states, does not have Constitutional Carry. We are “fortunate” inasmuch as Nevada “recognizes” our Arizona Permit.

With the exception of PRK, we avoid going to places that do not offer reciprocity with Arizona or Utah, the two states where we have valid permits. The ONLY reason we ever go to PRK is to be with family and friends that we cannot persuade to leave that damned/doomed place.

*People’s Republik of Kalifornistan

The Proliferation of CCW Reduces Crime


The National Shooting Sports Foundation published an article which shows the positive effect on crime rates when and where law-abiding people carry sidearms. The NSSF liberally quoted from a paper written by John Lott on the subject of permit holders.

Here are a couple of key paragraphs from the NSSF article:

Today, there are more than 16.3 million concealed carry permit holders nationwide. A record 1.83 million permits have been issued in the last year alone. John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center reports that 6.5 percent of adults have a concealed carry permit. But because 14 states do not require a permit, having recognized a constitutional right to carry in all or part of their states that figure under-counts the number of Americans choosing to carry a firearm for self-defense.

. . .

The data show that individuals who hold concealed carry permits are more law-abiding than the general population. In fact, Lott cites data from Texas and Florida that show permit holders commit crimes at even lower percentages than police officers. This makes sense because citizens must go through an often demanding process to qualify for a permit to carry concealed. Criminals who misuse guns are not going to put themselves through that process.

In the second paragraph above, it is interesting to note that, as a group, CCW holders are MORE law-abiding than law enforcement as a group. One of my daily stops is to read posts at The War on Guns where David regularly takes the “only ones” to task for their misdeeds.

Just a note about issuing ‘permits’ to carry guns - when the Founders wrote the Second Amendment to the Constitution, the language is quite clear that they were not allowing citizens to be armed, but rather that the God-given and natural right to defense was to be hands-off guns on the part of government. It is sad to see so many who view 2A as a permit to carry when it is actually a statement relative to the security of a free country by virtue of its citizens to be armed. Requiring a permit to carry (or to disallow it altogether) is an infringement.

AZCDL and H.R. 38 (National Reciprocity)

acdllogo.jpgOver the weekend, The Arizona Citizen’s Defense League issued the following regarding H.R. 38, the House’s Bill, The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017:

A major pro-rights federal firearms bill filed this session is H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. It was introduced on January 3 by Republican Representative Richard Hudson of North Carolina. H.R. 38 has 205 co-sponsors, including Arizona Representatives Trent Franks (R-AZ-8), Paul Gosar (R-AZ-4), Martha McSally (R-AZ-2), Andy Biggs (R-AZ-5) and David Schweikert (R-AZ-6). It has been assigned to the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations.

As written, if H.R. 38 becomes law it would require any state that allows people to carry concealed firearms to recognize permits issued by other states or allow a person to carry without a permit if they are “entitled to carry a concealed firearm in the State in which the person resides…” (i.e., Constitutional Carry). Where you would be able to carry when visiting other states is still subject to their laws.

If H.R. 38 becomes law it appears that, as a resident of Arizona, you would be able to carry in any state that allows concealed carry, with or without a CCW permit, since Arizona issues permits and is also a Constitutional Carry state.

H.R. 38 contains provisions that place the burden of proof on each state to show that a person discreetly carrying a firearm did not comply with their laws. It also provides for the award of attorney’s fees and damages to victorious plaintiffs. However, the proposed federal law does not prevent you from being arrested in states that refuse to recognize your right to carry. It only means that, if you can get your case to federal court, the law is more apt to be on your side.

A final caveat about H.R. 38, or any similar bill, is that once national reciprocity is covered by federal law, future congresses could potentially amend it with virtually insurmountable permit issuance requirements in order for a state to qualify for reciprocity under federal law.

As written, and without modifications, AzCDL supports H.R. 38.

In case you haven’t signed the White House Petition urging President Trump to follow through with his promise to push this legislation, you may do so at the following link:


Welcome to America


This afternoon at approximately 1:15 PM Arizona time, we passed from the Crepole’s Republic of Kalifonistan back into Free America: Arizona, land of Constitutional Carry, Shall Issue CCW and a variety of freedoms that we (as travelers) have been deprived of for over a week while visiting relatives and friends in K-Stan. We were fortunate that we were spared any of the notorious gangstas and BLM misdeeds.

Glad to be back home now, getting ready to crash hard in our home beds. We have numerous chores and other things that need attending to as we settle back in our regular routine. There are some legal matters and health issues that we need to focus our attentions on, now that we’re back home.

Throwback Thursday

Trimming Creosote Bush May 2011

From May, 2011. Working in the extended garden west of the house. OOPS! I seem to have exposed my normally-concealed Glock 26 while bending over to gather up some trimmed branches of a creosote bush. Clickable image taken by The Better Half.

The DC “Good Reason” CCW Requirement - Gone!


Yesterday, The United States District Court for the District of Columbia handed down the memorandum opinion in the case of Matthew Grace and Pink Pistols vs. The District of Columbia and Cathy Lanier in her capacity as chief of the DC metro police department. The plaintiffs sought to challenge the “good reason” requirement for obtaining a concealed weapons permit.

Judge Richard J. Leon, in the memorandum opinion and in an order consistent with the judgement, issued a preliminary injunction eliminating the “good reason” requirement stating that it is likely an infringement on the Second Amendment. The (clickable) image above is from the 46 page document issued by the court.

I read parts of the memorandum in which the judge belittled arguments from the defendants and called out false statements made by Bradys and Everytown in their amicus curiae. The judge even resorted to use the term “poppycock” in response to a defense allegation that the “good reason” requirement did no harm to Second Amendment rights. I uploaded the whole Memorandum Opinion (.pdf) for your reading pleasure if you are so inclined.

I am hoping that the Second Amendment Foundation will take this opportunity to go after those holdout states which restrict CCW to “may issue” which, in my opinion, equally infringes the Second Amendment as does the DC “good reason” requirement. There are still a few states that have some pretty stupid restrictions.

Take the hint, Calguns, and get something going for Californians in those areas where no permits are issued because of some local sheriff or PD chief gets to decide who gets permits. While you’re at it, how about giving out-of-staters permit reciprocity or allowing us to apply for a California permit.

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