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One Decade of Minstrel


Ten years ago, while engaged in blogging at Cap’n Bob and the Damsel, I decided that the range of topics important to conservatives was diverse enough to warrant a separate web log (mostly) devoted to the right to keep and bear arms. The topics important to CB&D were addressing the climate change hoax and various and sundry other categories plus personal life anecdotes. The Wandering Minstrel would post on the Obamination, the right to keep and bear arms and some fun things like classics and nostalgia.

Our first post on the Minstrel was a simple photo of some 9×9mm ammo (parabellum) and the Latin phrase “Si vis pacem, para bellum,” if you want peace, prepare for war. We still believe that concept to be true and important as our republic goes forward into the rest of the 21st Century.

We haven’t kept a steady almost daily input on either blog as we advance deeper into our senior years. It’s not strenuous work and our minds are still clear, but we seem to spend more time reading and observing the world around us. We will post here and on CB&D from time to time when we feel we have something to offer or when a life event warrants us to record it for posterity.

It’s interesting to note that a decade ago, we were still in the People’s Republik of Kalifornistan and working for a living (and paying high taxes). At that time, we knew we would eventually relocate out of K-Stan, but did not have a clear concept of where or how or when. Now, we’re out here in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of central Arizona with all those unanswered questions resolved. We claim WINNER status!

Rainbow One Overflight

Rainbow One

I took this (clickable) image of an ultralight aircraft as it passed over our area today. I took another shot when it was abeam our house as it flew west to east seemingly tracking US 60 a quarter mile south of here.

When I was looking at the pictures I had taken, I noticed that the pilot was not wearing a helmet, which, in my opinion, might be unwise when flying one of those. The thing doesn’t move very fast, maybe 25-30 KPH or thereabouts, so a crash might not be that serious. The structure around the pilot appears that, were he to be strapped in pretty good, a rollover wouldn’t appear to be that bad.

At any rate, the weather here was absolutely gorgeous today with light winds and a high temperature of 88°. I’m sure the flyer of that ultralight was enjoying the weather and the view.



Earlier this year, The Better Half and I opted to send a 501(c)(3) contribution to the Second Amendment Foundation as we have done in years past to support gun rights and for the tax write-off. This time, however, 2AF sent the membership card seen above and a Life Membership Certificate signed by Alan Gottlieb himself (2AF founder and vice-president).

I assume that the membership paraphernalia will not affect our tax deduction. Our intent was, and will always be, to support gun rights whenever we can afford it. Having a tax deduction while doing so adds to our satisfaction when supporting organizations that defend our Constitutional rights.

Minstrel Blog Nine Years Old

minstrel-9.jpgThe Wandering Minstrel opened for blog business on November 13, 2007. At that time, we wanted to move the Pro-Second Amendment posts to their own blogging platform and use the other blog for climate change debunking, other general political topics and for personal posting.

The Minstrel Blog has its own flavor of topics and is anti-political correctness and will occasionally use adult language. Minstrel is always pro-Second Amendment, believes in the right to keep and bear arms and encourages personal protection by always being armed. We support these views unabashedly and will continue to do so. As one of our other blogging acquaintances says, “Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.” That applies here as well - we pay the bills for hosting and domain names.

For many years, we tried to post something daily to both blogs as well as our family blog. We managed to do that before we retired and for a long while after retirement. It shouldn’t be an excuse, but the weird political environment that has existed for well over a year sort of had us demotivated to comment daily. Not only that, but some serious health issues that remain have taken their toll on blogging. We plan to keep posting here when suitably motivated to comment on current events.

Thanks for your support

Throwback Thursday - Field Day 2011

First Eyeball QSO

The Better Half took this photo of me and DrJim (Every Blade of Grass) on June 24, 2011 - just about five years ago. This was our second meeting at the same site, having met the same weekend in June about a year before.

DrJim and I met one other time when we were doing an inventory of some of the ham radio gear at the old Kalifornistan house. He was helping me to liquidate the still usable gear to place them somewhere that would do good for someone to become interested in the ham radio hobby.

Now that the old house is sold, we go only half the distance we used to travel to Palm Desert on our visits to the grandson and kids when they meet us there. Because of that, we haven’t had the opportunity to check in to see the Iowa and Jim’s activities there. Maybe we can have another eyeball contact, but we just don’t know where or when.


It sure is hard to believe that another year has passed since our seventh anniversary of blogging here. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long.

I threw together this little slideshow with a few of the images that have been posted here. Nothing extraordinary, just a few of the notions that we saw fit to write about.

The images (to us) document the transition from working to retirement and the relocation to Arizona. One image of gun cleaning in the old patio in California, an image of many gun love pix posted, working in the old garden with a S&W 686 in my back pocket, a shot of me at a park in Wickenburg before moving here, our completed Arizona home, the acquisition and initial use of our travel trailer, a trip to the Wickenburg Sportsmen’s Club Rifle Range, some more gun art and a recent shot of working here in the new abode.

When we think about it, a lot of stuff has transpired in the eight years, some bad and some good. We’re hoping for the next eight to be less on the difficult side and more of the good retirement things.

Gadsden Flag Widget

Confederate Don't Tread On MeOver the past several days, you may have noticed that we’ve been flying the Confederate Gadsden Flag in the left sidebar. That is in direct response to the mindless media and mass market merchandisers having a hysterical frenzy over the insane shooter in Charleston posing with the flag.

It is total insanity to think that a fucking flag caused the murders. The alliterative mindless media and mass market merchandisers (5M) cranked up the hysteria and the historical battle flag was toast.

Well, all of the above is a done deal. We’re not particularly in support of the Confederate position in the Civil War, but there are a couple of things we ponder.

First, Arizona, our adopted state (and The Better Half’s birth state), for historical purposes, fought on the side of the south. Secondly, my Great Grandfather George Washington (*surname redacted*) fought for the South in 1863, was captured, imprisoned and eventually expatriated to the Colorado prairie after the war was over. But enough historical dribble.

This post is to inaugurate the rotating Gadsden widget at the top of the sidebar. Randomly, the flag will select between the original Gadsden Flag and Gadsden modified versions of the Arizona State Banner and the Confederate Battle Flag. I wrote the code for the sidebar this afternoon and evening.

All the flags have historical significance and until such time as the First Amendment is completely gutted (fuck political correctness) the flags will fly here.

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