Mesquite Maintenance

Last weekend, The Better Half noticed that some of the foliage on our little mesquite tree next to the RV driveway was turning brown. After I investigated it on Tuesday, I could see that a small branch had snapped away from the major branch, probably due to the wind. The sagging branch was dead or dying.

Without further hesitation, I got the pole saw out of the garage and went to work to remove the fallen branch. The saw got through the branch rather quickly, but when the cut was complete, the branch fell into other healthy foliage and quickly became entangled. TBH took this (clickable) image of me struggling to get the dead branch free. It finally did come free and we both took it to the dumpster and cut it up into disposal sized pieces.

After the tree job was done, it was now time to spray for weeds growing in the courtyard and elsewhere. I went through a 16 oz. ready to spray bottle of the Ace Hardware house brand in no time at all and managed to only get “most” of the weeds sprayed. As of today, Thursday, I can see little effect on our desert weeds which are still growing in the courtyard laughing at me. I bought some “ground clearance” concentrate and a 2 gallon sprayer for the next try. I have been afraid to use the more potent chemicals for fear of hurting the shrubs in the courtyard, I will just have to be very careful when I do the job on Monday.