75 Earth orbits or approximately 928 lunar orbits. That’s my accrued tenure here on Earth, excluding the nearly 10 lunar orbits in Mother’s womb before birth, which is also life, but without much personal perception of external events.

I was born during the big war and have some recollection of events associated with it. Mother had us two boys, my older brother and I, huddle in the hallway of our home in Long Beach, CA. and read stories to us with blankets stuffed under the doors so light wouldn’t escape during a “blackout” when Japanese naval vessels had been observed near the southern California coastline.

I remember lots of events growing up and during life; the launch of Sputnik and watching it streak across the sky in October of 1957, listening to signals (Morse code “HI”) from OSCAR I, the first amateur radio satellite in 1962. I closely followed the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space exploration programs. I recall watching Aldrin and Armstrong walking on the Moon on this day in 1969.

I have been fortunate and blessed to be where we are today in retirement. However, I’m not going to list all of the prominent events I recall in my brief history on Earth, but I will look forward to witnessing more good things in the orbits remaining to me.

Image courtesy of NASA.