Neighboring Project

The graders, bulldozers, backhoes and water trucks have all finished preparing the pads for new houses to be built on the property adjacent to ours. In the (clickable) image above, you can see the two nearest pads along with the original house on the six acre property. It is on the third lot over from us (out of ten lots total).

We still have not contacted the contractor regarding our concerns over monsoons having a possible devastating effect on what now is bare, unstabilized dirt. Since we are about fifty feet lower than the closest lot pad and the roadway fill in front of that, the runoff has nowhere to go but down to us.

I looked on the internet for solutions that will stabilize slopes like those created up there and found only a couple that might work:

  1. Plant the hillside with various native vegetation
  2. Apply shotcrete to the hillsides

The first alternative would take years to grow enough to stabilize the hillsides. The second would apply concrete through a pressure hose to coat the hillsides enough that the dirt would not run down. While both methods are expensive, the second would cost them a lot more. We will probably contact the contractor after the holiday weekend with our concerns.