dismissed.jpgSince January of this year, I have been actively applying for a new Ham Radio callsign. I explained in a previous post that I wanted to change my callsign (1) to reflect my actual geographic location, and (2) to get an old-timer 1×2 callsign since I am now officially an old-timer myself. When I was a kid, the old timers had the classic 1×2 callsigns like W6AM, Don Wallace (SK) who was a celebrity among hams. I would like to have a nice W7 callsign like that.

The table at the right is an excerpt from a larger table that shows my applications and the results thereof. This is from the on-line AE7Q amateur Radio Database which links to the FCC’s Universal Licensing System.

As you can see, I actually applied for other than W7 prefixes, mainly because I liked the combination of letters in some of them. The most recent application is at the top of the table. Applications were made and all have been dismissed without prejudice in accordance with the FCC practice of randomly drawing an application for a particular available callsign.

I have a complete list of all the 1×2 7th area callsigns available for the rest of 2018 and will keep trying to win the lottery for one of them. Since the FCC in cahoots with the ARRL have watered down the Amateur Extra license exams and eliminated the 20 words per minute Morse code requirement, the competition is fierce for these very desirable callsigns. Regardless, I may get lucky yet as we go down the list of callsigns.