Tenderloin Steak and Salad

I have to admit that we’ve not exactly been watching our diet during this extended trip to K-stan and beyond. The Better Half’s sister’s hospitality and pantry had us eating three meals a day and not particularly paying attention to cholesterol, sodium and calories. At home, we only eat twice a day, brunch and late lunch, generally at ten and two o’clock.

Now that we’re on the return leg of our spring excursion, TBH and I have been returning to our normal feeding habits. Today’s Sunday dinner, the case in point, was a small grilled beef tenderloin steak and a helping of salad, both items qualifying for a lower calorie/sodium/cholesterol count and was perfectly delicious.

Tomorrow, we will be heading on the next leg. TBH already has the menu planned for the remainder of the vacation with an emphasis on healthy meals.

Clickable image.