California/Nevada State Line

After nearly a month in the PRK*, we’re finally back in the Free American state of Nevada. We won’t miss the crazy traffic, rude people and air pollution a bit. We purposely planned the route to get us out of there on the first day of travel.

Once we’re out of that bastion of liberalism, we open up the safe in the RV’s closet and re-arm ourselves. The unconstitutionality doesn’t end at the border, however, because we believe that Nevada and most other states with a permitting process to “allow” carrying a weapon are infringing the RKBA. Nevada, unlike Arizona and ten other states, does not have Constitutional Carry. We are “fortunate” inasmuch as Nevada “recognizes” our Arizona Permit.

With the exception of PRK, we avoid going to places that do not offer reciprocity with Arizona or Utah, the two states where we have valid permits. The ONLY reason we ever go to PRK is to be with family and friends that we cannot persuade to leave that damned/doomed place.

*People’s Republik of Kalifornistan