Project Dirt

Late last year, the outfit who built our house bought the six acre parcel that lies to our west and northwest. We knew that they intended to subdivide into parcels and build houses, but we had no idea that they were going to do some major grading and landfill at the top of the wash that runs along the west side of our lot.

I looked on the County Assessors website and saw a map of the project where they had divided the parcel into ten lots surrounding a to-be-built cul de sac. The big problem with building an access road is that there is a deep gully at the top of the wash that would need to be filled in. If you click on the map link above, you will see our lot’s proximity (outlined in turquoise) to the project.

All week, the big machines have been clearing, filling, watering, compacting and repeat at the top of the wash. We’re OK with getting new neighbors, but the main concern that The Better Half and I have is what will happen when we get our first monsoon microburst, which is a regular summertime occurrence. We hope that the new fill doesn’t run down our west creek when the storms will, inevitably, hit our town.

We will probably contact our former contractor with the concerns and see what reassurance they have. More on this as time and the project move along.