incisionWhen I was admitted to the ER last November with a throat abscess, the radiologist discovered a mass on the right lobe of my thyroid gland. After consulting with our Family Doctor we were referred to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist who said the mass and the right thyroid lobe has to come out.

Last Friday, we went to the hospital and had the procedure. The operation was a “Thyroid Lobectomy” which involved removal of the right half of my thyroid which was the section with the mass.

This operation involves removing the half of the thyroid gland that has the nodule. It is sometimes called a “diagnostic lobectomy” because the preoperative diagnosis may be uncertain and part of the reason for the operation is to make a diagnosis of cancer or no cancer. [more]

After the procedure while I was still under anesthesia, the pathologist froze the nodule and did a quick slice analysis biopsy under a microscope and determined there was no cancer. Had the biopsy been positive, then the other half of the thyroid would have to come out. Thank the Lord the mass was benign.

Today (and all weekend, actually) I am doing fine. There is a little discomfort, more pressure than pain, a little swelling and bruising. I am using an ice pack a few times a day to try and reduce swelling.

In the (clickable) image above is the base of my neck where the incision was made. When they closed it up, they used neither sutures nor staples - they “glued” me back together! I had been expecting to have a railroad-track scar across my neck, but they tell me this won’t be very noticeable.

I have a follow-up with the ENT on Wednesday where we discuss what happens next with possible supplemental thyroid medication and whatever else. I’m just glad the main event is over and things went well.