IV TubesI have been nursing a sore throat for the last week or so. I finally went to the clinic a couple of days ago and saw the Physician Assistant Lady who prescribed amoxicillin to try and get it under control.

Clickable Image - the intravenous tube hookup on my right arm

I took the meds for a couple of days and the infection kept getting worse. I slept for [fecal term redacted] last night and decided enough was enough. I reported to the local ER this morning where they put me in a little cubicle in preparation for some tests.

They took blood (several vials), did a swab test for strep throat and also did a CT scan of my head and neck area. We waited for the test results which found the following:

  • The swab for strep was negative
  • The blood work showed an elevated white cell count indicating an infection, among other things (they were quite thorough)
  • The CT revealed an abscess - Peritonsillar infection left side of pharynx.
  • The CT also revealed what appears to be an abnormal mass associated with my thyroid

After analyzing the results, the staff started infusing me with a couple of different antibiotics along with a liter of H2O. It took over an hour to administer that. They then discharged me with instructions and a couple of prescriptions: an antibiotic and a pain reliever.

With regard to the thyroid mass discovery, they referred me back to my family physician for a follow-up and possible biopsy on Friday. Whatever the mass might be, it seems to have no symptoms and was discovered when the radiologist examined the scan results. Jury is out on that one for now.

I am at home this evening, a little after eight PM Arizona time and resting fairly comfortably. There is still quite a bit of pain swallowing and the pain pills are taking the edge off of that. I am on an opioid called hydrocodone the use of which prohibits any activities that should not be performed under its influence such as driving.

Going forward, I have a list of things that could happen and, if they do happen, go back to the ER which is a 24/7 facility ten minutes away from home. I will report on the thyroid thingy when I know anything.