Having served as a juror on many, many occasions during the time of my employment, I truly thought that I would never again be called for that odious “service” given that we are remote from the big cities and not much happens here to warrant a jury trial locally. I guess all the stars aligned and my name popped out of the local selection lottery. (Why couldn’t I be a Powerball winner or something?) I am not one of those people who enjoy jury duty.

In the Los Angeles County area where we lived, one’s name would regularly come of the selection process every couple of years. I’ve served on so many trials, I could not begin to enumerate them. After a while, I got clued in that if you were to postpone jury service to a week where there was a holiday, the odds of selection to a particular jury would be much less. I used that tactic the last few times I was called and it worked pretty well.

Unfortunately, our little town doesn’t offer a postponement or reprieve unless

  • it causes serious financial impact
  • you are physically or mentally unable to serve
  • are above a certain age

I missed being able to use the latter excuse by almost exactly one year. So, unfortunately, I have to drag my ass out of bed at the crack of dawn to report at the ungodly early hour of 0700.

mickey.gifThere is still a chance to get out of this since the instructions say to call and verify the trial is still taking place on the last business day before reporting.

UPDATE: I followed the instructions to call the court to verify this afternoon and, lo and behold, the recording said THE TRIAL HAS BEEN CANCELED! YOU ARE EXCUSED! HAPPY DANCE!!