correct-flags.gifI recently mentioned in a previous post that I have been casually tracing our ancestry. In so doing, I discovered a couple of days ago that I have two ancestors on my Father’s side, each of which fought on opposite sides in the Civil War.

One of my Great2 Grandfathers* on my Dad’s Mother’s side fought for the Union in the 6th Regiment, West Virginia Infantry whose primary mission was to protect the B&O Railway across the Appalachians. He was a private in Company I and was wounded in the leg during a skirmish in 1865. After he recovered, he was discharged and received a $12 pension per month. Big money in those days.

*The superscript “2” above denotes this is a Great-great Grandfather

My Great Grandfather on My Dad’s Father’s side fought for the Confederacy in the 5th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry that engaged Union forces under Sherman in Georgia and the Carolinas. This ancestor was also listed as a private and was attached to Company H, the “Mounted Rifles,” who eventually surrendered to the Union in 1865. This ancestor was paroled and relocated to Colorado where he eventually married my Great Grandmother who bore my Grandfather, my Dad’s Dad.

Since the number of ancestors doubles with each generation, there is a fairly good probability that some of the ancestors were participating in major historical events as was the case above. I went back a couple more generations and found one of the ancestors buried in a grave denoting his participation in the Revolutionary War. I’m sure I will find more tidbits like that as I progress through my ancestry.