Survey Crew

We passed another milestone in the RV Barn Project today. The land surveyor showed up with an assistant and proceeded to locate each corner of the existing parcels that we wish to combine into one.

I have witnessed surveyors in my youth, where they bring a transit and one guy holds a pole with markings while the other guy peers through the transit to determine angles, elevations and distance between points. Today, however, they brought a couple of modern land surveying instruments on tripods (seen in the clickable image above) and only carried another instrument on a pole to the various points they located where they recorded some data.

I presume (I didn’t ask questions since they were very business like and worked quickly) that they get data from their gadgetry and run it through a computer to plot the actual property lines and produce the “legal description” of the property. Times are always changing for better technology. They showed up at 9:00 AM and were gone by 11:30 AM.

The next step will be to present the revised legal description for the combined parcels to the Town Planner for approval. When we get the approval, we can then go to the Title Company to draw up the deed transferring the two parcels to ourselves as a single parcel.