Last Friday, our neighbor, Tim, offered, and we accepted, a couple of ocotillo shrubs that his excavation crew removed from a construction site here in the area. At that time, we dragged them from his place across the road to potential planting sites in The Better Half’s Rock and Cactus garden.

While we were waiting to dig the holes in the earth and plant the two very nice ocotillos, we periodically sprayed them with water to keep them fresh until we could get them into the ground. We were helped with the spraying on Sunday night when some very welcome showers from the heavens came our way.

Today (Monday), TBH and I dug the holes and dropped the ocotillos into them; one hole was on level ground as seen in the (clickable) image while the other was on a slope a few yards away from the first one. With considerable effort, we got them both planted within an hour and a half of moderate labor.

Both plants were subjected to minor root damage, but like most things in the desert, they are very hardy and should recover. We will keep a close watch on them, spraying as necessary, until they are back on their own.