Confederate Don't Tread On MeOver the past several days, you may have noticed that we’ve been flying the Confederate Gadsden Flag in the left sidebar. That is in direct response to the mindless media and mass market merchandisers having a hysterical frenzy over the insane shooter in Charleston posing with the flag.

It is total insanity to think that a fucking flag caused the murders. The alliterative mindless media and mass market merchandisers (5M) cranked up the hysteria and the historical battle flag was toast.

Well, all of the above is a done deal. We’re not particularly in support of the Confederate position in the Civil War, but there are a couple of things we ponder.

First, Arizona, our adopted state (and The Better Half’s birth state), for historical purposes, fought on the side of the south. Secondly, my Great Grandfather George Washington (*surname redacted*) fought for the South in 1863, was captured, imprisoned and eventually expatriated to the Colorado prairie after the war was over. But enough historical dribble.

This post is to inaugurate the rotating Gadsden widget at the top of the sidebar. Randomly, the flag will select between the original Gadsden Flag and Gadsden modified versions of the Arizona State Banner and the Confederate Battle Flag. I wrote the code for the sidebar this afternoon and evening.

All the flags have historical significance and until such time as the First Amendment is completely gutted (fuck political correctness) the flags will fly here.