Subtitle: Post-Illinois shall-issue reciprocity fallout

Now that Illinois Governor Quinn (D) has had his gun-grabbing veto of concealed carry overridden overwhelmingly, the folks at USA CARRY have updated their main issue map to now show Illinois to be a “shall issue” state. The map above shows the color code for IL to be a “shall issue to residents and non-residents” state. Brown means “may issue to residents,” tan means “may issue to residents and non-residents,” dark blue means “shall issue to residents only” and lighter blue “shall issue to residents and non-residents.”

I wanted to review our personal coverage as Arizona residents with Arizona and Utah permits. Click the map above to advance to the “current coverage” map. Of course, Illinois and many other states are not likely to soon recognize our permits.

But, what if we were to apply for and obtain permits from the remaining “may” and “shall” states? According to USA Carry, we would be covered in forty-eight out of fifty states, with Kalifornistan, Hawaii and the District of Columbia all being no-go. Click to map to advance to the “What If?” panel. I did notice one little quirk about if we were to get a Rhode Island permit, that would recognized by Nevada (weird, but apparently true).

To be honest, we will simply consult the current coverage map as we hook up our travel trailer and head out for free America. We are toying with the idea of getting a Nevada permit because that is an adjacent state with lots of travel appeal. Maybe we will push some buttons and see if some Nevada shooting entrepreneurs might be interested in bringing a Nevada CCW roadshow to AZ residents.