holster-pair.jpgThe Gould and Goodrich replacement IWB holster arrived in the mail just over a week ago. I started breaking it in by alternating between it and my older Don Hume holster. I’m happy to report that the new holster is now ready to be carried full-time (actually, it was ready Thursday the Fourth of July).

Clickable image - G&G holster waistband side (left) and butt-cheek side (right)

I have a few remarks about the quality and workmanship of the G&G holster vs. the Don Hume. First, the G&G is constructed from the same thickness of double-stitched leather as the Hume. The quality of the leather appears to be similar. The Don Hume leather was more closely “molded” to fit the G-30 than the G&G, but not to the detriment of the holster’s functionality for inserting and drawing the pistol. The belt clip on the G&G is a little lighter gauge than the clip on the Hume, but, again, that doesn’t seem to present any problem when attaching to my inch-and-a-half belt.

The bottom line is that I am satisfied with the holster and its functionality. I retired the old Hume holster to the door of the safe where it awaits a time when it can be pressed back into duty in case of a problem with the new holster.