ephemeris.jpgThe sun touched its northernmost excursion along the analemma just a few minutes ago, according to Archaeoastronomy.com. What that means to us is the first day of summer, although the thermometer has peaked above 100° for over a month here in Casandro Hollow, at least according the the temperature readout on our back patio.

Image: screenshot of today’s local ephemeris readout found in the left sidebar near the bottom

It also means that today is the longest day of the year, sunrise to sunset being over fourteen hours and twenty-five minutes in duration. While it is the longest day, it does not necessarily mean the hottest day. That will happen over the course of the next seven weeks due to seasonal precession, where the effect of the solar influx lags by about 45 degrees.

I have been out of it for the past couple of days, suffering from a low-level virus or something. It was much better this morning, but I still don’t feel out of the woods yet. Maybe light to no weekend posts.