Utah CCW PermitOnly six days after The Better Half and I applied on-line to renew our Utah Concealed Firearms Permits, they arrived in our PO Box. As I recall, it took about 60 days for the initial permit application before we got ours in the mail.

The on-line application process was simple, quick (about 15 minutes per application) and easy to use. All we had to do was provide the questionnaire answers, our personal information, copies of our Arizona Firearms Permits and passport-quality photographs. The renewal was only fifteen dollars plus a seventy-five cent “convenience fee” for doing it on-line. A bargain, to be sure.

While our Arizona permits cover most of the same states as do the Utah permit for reciprocal CCW, Utah adds Washington State to the mix, should our travels take us there. We will likely be in Washington State during our Solar Eclipse Tour of August 2017.