To nobody’s surprise, the results of the presidential election triggered (pun intended) massive increases in guns and ammunition sales across the board. It was like 2008 all over again with the current Whitehouse occupant being the best guns and ammo salesman the world has ever seen.

I received an email from Lucky Gunner that related the effect of the election on their ammunition sales:

Hey Gunners! Last week we were hit with a huge onslaught of demand… around 10pm Tuesday night when Ohio was called we saw our volume increase by 400%!

Our team was at the office until 2am and back up around 5am hunting for deals. Our warehouse team has been working 7 days a week to ensure that we stay on top of this market frenzy. Over the past week, you may have seen a message on our site regarding possible shipping delays outside of our standard same day shipping policy (if placed before 3pm EST). We wanted to alert you that we are now back up to speed and able to deliver on our super fast shipping policy with every order!

Good for them. We will be ordering more ammo soon.