qr-minstrel.jpgOur sites have always used pictures, graphics and animations; we feel that pictures can say a thousand words and always come in handy when we have writer’s block.

The animation tool I use is a FLASH™ compatible package called SWiSH and is produced by a group in Australia; it is less expensive than the flash tool marketed by Adobe (formerly Shockwave); it has fewer features, most of which we can live without (I could use Morph once in a while, but manage to do without it).

This week the SWiSH blog announced a QR code utility for their product. Since I already own the product, it was a simple matter of downloading the utility and storing it in the SWiSH utilities folder where the program can find all utilities. This afternoon, I produced the QR code seen above; it contains the URL for this site (I think - I don’t have a fancy smartphone gizmo to verify it). BLEG - if any of our readers can verify that the URL link works, I would appreciate a comment.