beyond-hope.jpgOn our route to the new homestead, we pass through Hope, AZ. It is 19 miles from I-10 exit 31 at the intersection of US 60 and SR 72. The township offers this humorous slogan as you depart the area. The misspelling of the word YOUR vs. YOU’RE is probably unintentional, but it adds a down-home flavor to the sign.

Clickable image courtesy The Better Half.

Hope is such a small place that this is the entire Wikipedia entry for Hope:

Hope is a small unincorporated community in the deserts of La Paz County, Arizona. Its name was inspired by the community’s hope for increased business after merchants visited the town. Today, it consists of one RV park, one gas station, one church, and one antique store.

The church is called “Little Church of Hope.”

There are lots of interesting things to see along US 60, including the town of SalomeWhere She Danced.”