no962.gifAssembly Bill 962, the bill to restrict ammunition sales and to require fingerprinting purchasers, was approved by Schwarzenegger after being passed by the State Legislature in 2009. Assemblyman Curt Hagman, whose response to my email I published in a comment, has introduced AB 373, which repeals AB 962.

CRPA and the NRA have set up an on-line petition that Californians can sign, in support of AB 373. As a Californian, you can also copy the text of the petition and send it to your local assembly member. We’re going to do both. You can click here and enter your zip code to find your Assembly Member’s contact information.

Anti-AB 962 image egregiously lifted from the petition website.

As a citizen of the State of California, I hereby voice my strongest opposition to the passage of Assembly Bill 962 (Deleon) [Restrictions on ammunition sales] by the California Legislature and Governor in 2009.

This action was an attack on common sense and an insult to law-abiding firearms owners throughout the State. Furthermore, AB962, taking effect on February 1, 2011, mandates individuals purchasing ammunition to be fingerprinted and registered at the time of sale and outlaws mail order ammunition purchases. AB 962 also requires dealers to maintain these records for at least five years and make them available for inspection by the California Department of Justice. As an additional burden, ammunition retailers are also required to store ammunition away from purchasers.

This scheme to register firearms owners as if they were common criminals must not be allowed to be implemented! Therefore, I respectfully urge the passage of Assembly Bill 373 (Hagman) [Repeal of AB962].

If passed, AB373 would return a level of sanity to the issue of obtaining firearms ammunition by law-abiding citizens. Since it is well-known that most criminals don’t purchase their firearms and ammunition from lawful sources, AB373 would allow our already over-burdened law enforcement agencies to focus on catching criminals instead of turning them into paper-chasing clerks attempting to implement the ill-advised scheme that is AB962.

It is for these, and many more reasons, that I must respectfully but strongly urge legislative support for Assembly Bill 373.