I took ‘Jerry Lee,’ (my S&W 686 revolver) to the range today and loaded him up with 7 rounds of .38 special. This was the first shot on target of the day. It got progressively worse from here.


Actually, I was satisfied with all the shooting today. In addition to ‘Jerry Lee,’ I took ‘Fat Man,’ my Glock 30 .45 ACP pistol, ‘Little Boy,’ my Glock 26 9mm and my Rem 870 12 gauge shotgun. I needed the practice since missing last week’s session.

The ammo shop at the range was out of 45 caliber reloads today. Fortunately, I bought 250 rounds the last time I was there, so it was not a problem - yet.

UPDATE: Once again, we’re happy to be linked in Liberty Sphere’s Second Amendment Roundup. The Welshman does an excellent job of providing a concise daily reference to political and technical matters of interest to defenders of the Second Amendment. If you haven’t visited there, give it a try.