holderAs the incoming Obama Administration comes into focus, we can expect more of the anti-gun nonsense that the Clinton era gave us and then some. This Holder dude appears to be more egregious than the previous record-holding Worst Attorney General Ever, Janet Reno.

Image: Obama’s AG Nominee, Eric Holder

From Wayne LaPierre:


Barack Obama has named former Clinton official Eric Holder as his Attorney General. This is not a good sign for gun owners.

Back in June of 1999, Holder told ABC’s Charles Gibson that amending a Senate bill that mandated background checks on private sales of firearms at gun shows would place children “at risk”. The amendment passed, the violent crime rate has fallen from 523 crimes per 100,000 people to 466.9 violent crimes per 100,000, and yet we still hear Barack Obama and Joe Biden declare a need to “end the gun show loophole”. There is no gun show loophole because there are no special laws regarding firearms transactions at gun shows. The law applies no matter where you’re buying or selling a firearm.

Eric Holder has also supported, on the record, denying 2nd Amendment Rights on a government’s “watch list”, even though federal officials have stated that not every individual on the list is suspected of criminal behavior. And he’s gone even further than pushing for a ban on private sales of firearms at gun shows to a blanket ban on the private sale of firearms.

Now that Mr. Holder is Obama’s choice for Attorney General, I hope he will demonstrate the wisdom to go after people committing violent crimes in this country, and not waste our resources and money by promoting another gun control bill that affects only the law-abiding, but his past record and rhetoric give gun owners one more reason to be skeptical of the incoming administration.