Classics in Wickenburg

Classic Ford

The Better Half and I usually don’t venture out of the house on the weekends, but since we missed our regular shopping day on Thursday due to a medical appointment in Sun City West, we went to do some grocery shopping today. On our way back home, we passed a bunch of old classic and custom cars parked next to old 761, an AT&SF classic coal-burning railroad engine.

TBH took several photos including the one above of a 49 to 50-ish Ford and a T-bucket with the engine and tender in the background. She also took a photo of an early 50’s Classic Custom Buick parked by the caboose. The engine, tender and caboose were recently re-painted. Clickable image and link.

Technology Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy Oontz Speakerphone

We have been procrastinating upgrading from our outdated “flip phones” to the current technology for a while now, since everything was “working” and didn’t need to be “fixed.” Well, earlier this week, I went to the local wireless outlet and switched my flip phone for a new Samsung Galaxy smart phone. I have had it several days now, and I am pleased with it, although I am still on the steep part of the learning curve.

The Better Half kept her flip phone until she sees some value in jumping onto the steep learning curve herself. We even considered a tablet device for her instead of a phone which she seldom uses. We shall see how she likes my smartphone before proceeding. She currently uses a Kindle but only for downloading and reading e-books.

The other gadget pictured in the (clickable) image on the right above, is the diminutive Oontz Curve Bluetooth Speakerphone. It offers a hands-free option for the smartphone and sounds as good as any speakerphone I ever used in the office before retirement. It is quite small: 2 ½” height and 3″ diameter. I am impressed with the dynamic range of the audio and reports from those called say the little Oontz microphone has as good a range as they have heard.

I have “paired” the Bluetooth function in the phone with my Garmin GPS, The Oontz Speakerphone and the phone function in my F-150 Ford pickup for hands-free calling in the Motorhome, the office and in the truck. I almost regret not having done this a couple of years back.

RV Barn Update

Similar RV Barn

We’re one step closer to getting our RV barn in the works. We got a message from the Surveyor telling us that our “legal property description” is likely to be completed this week. The next step will be to take the current deeds and the new description to the town planner for approval. After that, the work can be started while we’re getting the local title company to draw up the new deed for the combined parcels.

I found the barn above doing an image search on “RV Garage.” The structure in the picture is close to what we have in mind, being a ‘territorial’ or ‘Santa Fe’ style building. Picture no windows and a larger building width (30×40 feet) with dual porch lights on the front. We have already contacted the contractor who built our house and the ball is in his court for providing us with an estimate.

R.I.P. Mike


The Country lost a great patriot today with the passing of Mike Vanderboegh. The write-up for Mike is here. I have nothing to add save to say Godspeed to Mike and thanks.

Good Trip Save For A Minor Annoyance


This evening, The Better Half and I are safely back in our lovely little home. The trip to K-Stan was uneventful and traffic was lighter than the last several times we have gone. We did have one minor annoyance when our usual off ramp was closed and we had to detour to the next ramp which is about twelve more miles along I-10 in a one-lane restriction construction area. The net result of the detour cost us an additional five miles and delayed progress due to the construction.

The really annoying thing is that there was nothing wrong with Exit 31 to US 60. ADOT had a contraption set up just before the off ramp closure, but the ramp itself was completely functional. Plus there would have been zero construction delays on our original intended route. The G-maps above show the detour and intended route with construction delays highlighted.

Ah, well, we’re both happy to be home and happy that the rest of the excursion was uneventful and traffic was light. Next month, we’re using a different route that includes Northern K-Stan, Utah, Nevada and Southern K-Stan. It should be fun.

This Day in History

Fat Man Atomic BombSeventy-one years ago on this date, The United States of America took a risky, but important, step in ending World War Two. The Enola Gay, a B-29 Superfortress dropped Little Boy, the first atomic bomb used in warfare on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Three days later, Fat Man, a plutonium nuclear weapon was deployed on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. The latter device is pictured in the image above.

These nuclear weapons remain the only use of such devices in warfare to date. The effects of these two weapons was to end hostilities between the US and Allies and Imperial Japan. Millions of lives were saved as a result because of the termination of what might have been another several years of losses on both sides of both military and civilian lives.

Now, all seriousness aside, I must share a humorous anecdote about this date in history from the proprietor of Lagniappe’s Lair who resides in New Orleans . . .

71 years ago today, we took a decisive step to ending World War Two.

Most of the media no longer brings this day up. Mustn’t offend all the “victims”, ya know.

But the other day, I had occasion to mention this day’s historical significance and…well let us say that it did not go all that well.

The bar that I was in was contemplating a theme party for tonight. They do them weekly but didn’t know what to do for tonight. I remembered what day it was and I suggested that they do a “Hiroshima Day” theme. Everyone looked at me all puzzled so I explained what the date meant and said “Just tell everyone to wear something Japanese, come on in and get bombed!”

And once again, I was reminded that I live on a very blue island in the middle of an otherwise wonderfully red state. The wails of anguish could probably be heard on the next block, and…well let’s just say that I wasn’t the most popular person there after that.

Oh well…it’s not like there’s a shortage of bars around here.

Anyone got any more hipster repellent? I seem to be out for the moment.

That made both The Better Half and I chuckle when we read it.

On Our Way

Here we go again - Back to the K’Stan desert for a visit with the one-year old baby boy. I was playing with embedding a Google map and the above is the result. It basically shows the same old route we have been taking for the past year since the baby was born.

The time estimate from Google is a bit optimistic, probably because they don’t know that I drive the Roadrunner RV slower than the posted limits throughout the trip. The estimate my GPS gives me is better since it “learns” my driving habits dynamically. With the rest stop included, we get there in a little under four hours.

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