A Good Outcome

caduceusThis afternoon, The Better Half and I went to the urologist to follow-up on the procedure from two weeks ago. The doctor said that he had removed the complete lesion from the bladder and that the pathology came back such as to be non-specific of cancer. In other words: benign. Thank God!

We’re not altogether off of the hook, though. The doctor recommends additional screening procedures at three-month intervals for a year and every six months thereafter.

The very good news is since there was no sign of cancer, I will not be required to undergo the six chemotherapy treatments at one-week intervals. This frees us up to do whatever seems righteous for us to do over the holiday season coming up, even if that means being out of town for extended periods.

Thank you again for the prayers, karma, good vibes and well wishes.

Reviewing A Personal History

A Personal History

This is the closet shelf in the California house where I kept my Franklin Planner and other books no longer in use. I donated the old books to the Salvation Army, but I brought the planner notes back to Arizona to review and dispose of them. I wrote the following on the other blog earlier this month:

For over fifteen years, I faithfully recorded notes, personal and vocational goals in my planner. I retained the records in binders, one for each year I used the system. I was organized, believe me.

As we cleaned out the old stuff from the house in California after completing the sale, I elected to bring my volumes of planner with us to Arizona, so I could review, and dispose of the old notes as appropriate.

There were a lot of important events I recorded. I looked in the initial 1991 volume today and found the page where my first grandchild was born. That was the granddaughter who just recently gave birth to my first great grandson last month.

Well, I finally did read notes for the entire collection of volumes. As I made my way through the pages, I noted that I had forgotten the faces that went with a lot of the names I wrote. Many acronyms I recorded no longer had any meaning to me. Events I recorded may or may not have jogged my memory of when I wrote them.

I logged most everything, including who I may have talked to on the ham radio on the way to and from work. I kept a radio log for when I worked distant stations and satellite contacts. At the bottom of the daily schedule on this page, I recorded a ham radio satellite pass suitable for access using my non-elevation rotating antennas.

I made notes of some political events including the bumbling Clinton Administration’s on-going gun grabbing activities and where it eventually got them. I also made notes of when the US invaded Kuwait to remove Saddam Insane Hussein and his troops. I noted the World Trade Center Bombings (both of them) and the subsequent retaliation against Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Lastly, I made notes about family, friends and my relationship with The Better Half, including our wedding on Catalina Island and the subsequent honeymoon to New Orleans and Nashville. Lots of good times then and our good life continues here in Arizona with the Blogs serving the recording purpose that my planner notes once did.

Chores Day

Creosote Bush

The Better Half and I tended to a couple of chores today, the first of which was to rescue some of the lemons in the orchard that had begun falling from the tree. We picked a few of the low-hanging fruit, some of which were still changing colors. We took one of the mature lemons and juiced it into a post-chores margarita that TBH concocted. That was a very good use of the first of the crop.

The second chore was to trim back a creosote bush that had badly encroached on the little creek (seen in the foreground above). When we finished, this is the view from the courtyard - much improved since we looked at it yesterday and decided to do something about the encroachment. Clickable image.

Medical note: I had yet another procedure a week ago, to remove another suspicious lesion from the bladder. That went well and I have been without symptoms since the day after the procedure. We get another pathology reading next week and a probable course of treatment prescribed then.

Braying Jackass Characteristics

jackass.jpgYou know you’re a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT if:

  1. You’re outraged at the truth
  2. You believe your own lie
  3. Conservatives are out to get you with their mind rays
  4. You’re driven to work in a limousine and complain about the way poor people are treated
  5. You want to build a homeless shelter but you don’t want it near your $2 million estate
  6. The war was a lie but you’re still a “patriot”
  7. Losing a war is a good thing
  8. Illegal aliens are great for votes but you wouldn’t want one in office
  9. You disagree with profiling terrorists insurgents
  10. You think a good day in school teaches evolution is fact, God doesn’t exist and 2+2=3 is acceptable
  11. You believe that the US Constitution is wrong-headed and should be subject to “the new world order”

The previous found in some old notes I am currently reviewing; some items have been updated to contemporary terms.

The “Dirtied Chronicle” Continues

As more documentation continues to lint the corrupt Obamination and, principally, Eric Holder and the DOJ to more Fast and Furious victims, it seems too late to FIRE HOLDER as called for in the following RIFLE HORDE anagram animation (click to alternate between messages).

However, according to a recent discovery, the FAT FRAUD IS (still) UPON US at this late date. Click on this animated anagram message to alternate:

With Holder resigning and no resolution at this time of the most racially corrupt Attorney general stepping down, we must at least deal with the DIRTIED CHRONICLE by invoking the next step in the process of bringing justice to this disturbing FAST AND FURIOUS debacle. Click on the animated anagram for the next step:

Ed Note: I know posting has been a bit scrimpy lately, but it comes honestly enough. We are in the middle of post season Major League Baseball playoffs (which we love) among other fall sporting events, we have been closing out the last details of our evacuation from Kalifornistan and, finally, I just finished with yet another procedure to deal with my troubled waterworks yesterday. We should know in two weeks if there is any follow-up to that.

Proper Disposition of Worn American Flags

American Flags

Today, Columbus Day and the 239th Anniversary of the US Navy, The Better Half and I took our usual contribution of smashed aluminum cans (3 35 gallon bags full) to the American Legion Post here in town. While we were there, we took a couple of care-worn American Flags from the flagpole at the old house to be respectfully destroyed by the legionnaires.

It is (still) our intention to have a proper flagpole erected at our Arizona home, but it is one of those elusive round tuits that have as yet failed to materialize. Not to worry, though, we have a few extra bucks set aside to get that done soon.

TBH took the photo of the old flags as we were in the truck on our way to make the cans donation and to have the flags transferred to the legion for disposition. Clickable image.

What’s For Dinner?

Chili Size

On a notion during the week, The Better Half suggested having Chili Size for one of the weekend meals. Being a junk food junkie, I, naturally, said “Good idea!”

We bought a 1½ lb. London broil top round cut at the supermarket. Today, I cut in in half, chopped half of it into half inch cubes for the chili and ground the other half to be used for the hamburger patties.

The Better Half, having never made this kind of robust chili, found a recipe that we both liked, mainly because it included BACON in the mix. TBH cooked up a world-class batch of beef chili and beans, fried the hamburger patties and served them open face on buns topped with chili and shredded cheese. DAMN was it good!

We took a long walk afterwards. Clickable image (drool alert!).

Rummaging Through Old Photo Archives

jumbLâ„¢ scanner - clickable

I bought a digital slide and negative scanner through Amazon Marketplace and started using it today to scan in selected old photos from both slides and negative film strips. The new doodad is a jumbL™ Film Scanner and does a reasonable job with 35mm slides and negatives.

There are some drawbacks in that the transparent plastic filmstrip guide is easily scratched by drawing the film through. Also, any dirt or other particles shows up as white specks on scanned negatives and black specks on scanned slides. Regardless, I got several ancient treasures scanned through today.

I posted one of my daughter when she was twelve or so on the book of face and my granddaughter came on and said that was the first photo of her Mommy as a kid that she had ever seen. I guess I will be posting more for them as I wade through the hundreds of photos and slides in the collection.

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