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This afternoon at approximately 1:15 PM Arizona time, we passed from the Crepole’s Republic of Kalifonistan back into Free America: Arizona, land of Constitutional Carry, Shall Issue CCW and a variety of freedoms that we (as travelers) have been deprived of for over a week while visiting relatives and friends in K-Stan. We were fortunate that we were spared any of the notorious gangstas and BLM misdeeds.

Glad to be back home now, getting ready to crash hard in our home beds. We have numerous chores and other things that need attending to as we settle back in our regular routine. There are some legal matters and health issues that we need to focus our attentions on, now that we’re back home.

Spotted in Traffic Yesterday


The Better Half took this (clickable) image of a custom license plate during our extended RV commute yesterday. I wonder if the driver of this car is named Ishmael? Or maybe Ahab? Although very unlikely, the name might even be Queequeg . . .

Gun Shop Sighting - Bakersfield, CA

Second Amendment Sports

The Better Half took this image of the signage for a gun store/range we passed this afternoon on our way through the Bakersfield area. This part of K-stan is fairly conservative as compared to the bastions of liberalism in the big coastal cities, but I bet this sign would irk the shit out of those hoplophobes and gun-grabbers that would disarm citizens.

The shooting range building was large and appeared (judging from the parking lot) to be well attended even on a Thursday afternoon. I hope that irks the grabbers as well.

Gun Shop Sighting

Gun Shop

We are visiting family in the Central Kalifornistan area. The ladies (The Better Half and her sister) decided to go shopping today in the town of Manteca which is a few miles from the sister’s semi-rural house.

Unfortunately, our shopping parameters did not include this nice-looking gun shop (clickable image courtesy TBH) that we passed in town. I would have loved to browse around in Elite Arms and Supply, as would have TBH, but we were on a time-limited mission.

We will be here a couple more days and ultimately heading home next weekend. The family plans and agenda will keep us busy and out of gun shops for the duration of this trip. There will be another time when the priorities will be in favor of stopping at a couple of gun shops/ranges.

Classic Delivery Truck

Classic Delivery Truck

Our excursion took us through Placerville, CA, today. The Better Half took this image of a classic delivery truck outside of the Buttercup Pantry Bakery and Restaurant.

Even on a Thursday afternoon, the traffic in P-ville was congested; we got through the clump of cars OK and headed on down the road toward our ultimate destination for the day.

Clickable image.

AzCDL Under Attack by Hoplophobe Dopers

The following is verbatim from an AzCDL email; feel free to send your support to the Phoenix Sheraton:


An anti-rights Facebook site calling itself “A Safer Arizona” recently posted an article (they even included a page from AzCDL’s August newsletter) calling attention to AzCDL’s upcoming annual meeting and AR-15 raffle. We were confused when we saw their name since SAFER Arizona is also the name of a pro-marijuana legalization organization.

It seems “A Safer Arizona” is hyperventilating because AzCDL encourages our members to exercise their right to bear arms at our annual meeting and we are raffling off AR-15 rifles, which they breathtakingly describe as a gun that takes 100 round drum magazines. Sounds like someone has been watching way too many action movies.

“A Safer Arizona” is encouraging their Facebook followers to contact the Sheraton, who has been hosting AzCDL’s Arizona meetings for several years, and share their opinions about AzCDL. We thought that was a great idea! We encourage everyone reading this to contact the Sheraton Hotel and thank them for hosting AzCDL’s annual meeting. The following are the contact points that “A Safer Arizona” is recommending:

Call the Sheraton Crescent Hotel, where the annual meeting is being held, at (602) 943-8200.
If you use social media, you can tweet @AZSheraton or @StarwoodBuzz and thank them, or you can visit their Facebook page and leave a comment thanking them.
What is “A Safer Arizona?” For all we know it’s just another unemployed “keyboard warrior” living with their parents.

Expect Massive Fraud in November


Now, I cannot attest to the accuracy of the statements in the image above, but if just one or two are correct, we can expect to be railroaded again come November. I would do some research to back this up, but

  1. I’m too tired
  2. The WiFi is sort of slow tonight
  3. I’m on vacation from retirement.

Besides, the events listed in the image seems like they could be accurate considering the way most politicians and their operatives game the system and then lie about it. Just sayin’.

Image modified from one that The Better Half found on the FecesBook® thing.

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