What’s for Dinner?

Chinese Cashew Chicken

The Better Half found a recipe for Cashew Chicken online and prepared the meal today. The dinner consisted of the cashew chicken with fried confetti rice and bok choi. I have to say she knocked it out of the park (metaphorically speaking).

We both agreed that the home made cuisine tasted just as one might expect if it were to have been served in a Chinese restaurant. I posed the (clickable) photo above with chopsticks and a Tsingtao Beer*. We did not use the chopsticks, however we split the beer between us.

* We couldn’t find Tsingtao in our local markets, so our son brought us a couple of six packs when we were visiting them in the desert last week.

MRI Procedure Tomorrow

MRII reported some past dizziness and fainting to our general practitioner the last time we were in for a checkup. “Just to be sure,” he ordered an MRI test for me. The procedure will be tomorrow morning.

Clickable image: Siemens MRI 1.5 Tesla that I expect to see in the radiology unit tomorrow morning

I had an MRI way back in 1994 after a serious throat abscess and remember it was an unpleasant experience being sent up a narrow tunnel into a clattering, clanking, claustrophobic contraption which caused me to threaten the technician’s well being should he ever send me up there again.

I am still anxious about the matter, so I did some on-line research and am pleased to learn that the state of the art over the past 22 years has improved. The apparatus depicted above is a far cry from the monstrous “tunnel of doom” that I recall from that previous encounter.

I found some helpful information about MRI scanning from Caltech: How does an MRI work, and why is it so noisy?

An MRI is noisy because its magnetic field is created by running electrical current through a coiled wire—an electromagnet. When the current is switched on, there is an outward force all along the coil. And because the magnetic field is so strong, the force on the coil is very large.

When the current is switched on, the force on the coil goes from zero to huge in just milliseconds, causing the coil to expand slightly, which makes a loud “click.” When the MRI is making an image, the current is switched on and off rapidly. The result is a rapid-fire clicking noise, which is amplified by the enclosed space in which the patient lies.

Read [more] about how MRI works. This is the best simple description I found on MRI and how it works.

Classic Chevy Flatbed and Outdoor Ad

Classic Chevy Flatbed

This nice old 1950’s Chevrolet Flatbed Truck has a sandwich sign on the bed plugging a local country store and sandwich shop in beautiful Brenda, Arizona. Brenda is just about 2½ miles north of I-10 on US 60 which is along the route we used when returning from our recent trip to the California Desert.

Brenda, itself, is mostly an RV community with several large parks along route 60. It has a much larger population in the winter months and the RV count has noticeably diminished since we made our trip last month. By this summer, there will be only a few hard-core Brenda-ites remaining.

We will be making another California trip again in about six weeks. We have to stick around home a while for some medical tests and procedures, none of which are more serious than being a pain in the ass. That discussion will wait until the dust settles on all of it.

What’s For (On The Road) Dinner?

Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus and Tenderloin Steak

The Better Half and I are in Palm Desert this evening after having enjoyed a very enjoyable visit with the kids and our new grandson. Since we are in the Roadrunner (our big RV), we have all the comforts and utilities of home, including a grill to prepare this sumptuous collaboration of bacon-wrapped tenderloin steaks plus bacon-wrapped asparagus triplets.

TBH prepared the steaks and asparagus with bacon wraps and I grilled them on the outdoor portable grill. She also fixed a chopped salad with bleu cheese dressing. The meal was totally delicious and everyone enjoyed dinner.

Our dogs, Scratch ‘n’ Sniff and a guest dog, Bentley, also benefited from this dinner since none of us needed to eat all that bacon. It was a good afternoon.

We will be headed back to Arizona in the morning. We have a busy week ahead and May figures to be a very interesting month - more on that later . . .

Classic Armored Fighting Machine

Classic Armored Fighting Machine

The Better Half posted about some of our current vacation travels this morning on the other blog. She took this photo along the first leg of our trip last Wednesday in Bouse, AZ along SR 72 about halfway between Hope and Parker.

This tank and another are displayed near the center of the stretch of road through the small town. One of these days, we’re going to stop and read the placards displayed with each of the machines on display to find out about them.

We’re currently in Palm Desert in the RV blogging while a crew from the local RV detailer are washing and waxing the motorhome outside. They did a good job washing last time we were here, so TBH and I decided to have them do the detailing and wax this time. The big guy sits outdoors in the desert, so this should help protect the finish. We also are going to obtain an RV cover for use when we store it on the RV drive.

Classic Ford Mustang

Classic Ford Mustang

I reckon this is about a 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback with a very nice racing stripe paint job in green shades. The Better Half took this image through the windshield of the truck as we were heading out to do some last-minute shopping today before we embark on our next California excursion. I used my photo program to tidy up the window tint and reflections as best as I could. Clickable image.

Over the next couple of days, we will again be in the tarnished golden state which contains some very good friends and relatives, the feature example of which is our new grandson who will be nine months old just after the first of May. We will be near the Colorado River tomorrow visiting our long-time friends who have a house just yards from the riverbanks. Thereafter, we will be touring Joshua Tree NP and thence the Palm Desert area to visit the new little boy (and his parents, of course).

The Lower Wash Project

The Lower Wash Project

The Better Half and I have been intermittently working on shoring up the runoff wash on the west side of the property. When we built the retention wall across the back to deflect the water away from the RV Drive and house, the runoff last summer showed us where it wanted to go. We used the basic direction the water took then to line the banks of the “creek” with rocks to confine the water to the boundaries the last flow basically set for us.

We still have to work on the “delta” at the bottom of the creek. There is still some serious raking to further define the lower parts where we want the water to flow and more distribution of rocks to define the banks. Clickable image.

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