Build the @#$%?! Fence

Build the Fence

Found on the book of face via Day By Day. Clickable image.

I’m not worried about Congressman Gosar, but it’s the two RINO senators (McCain & Flake) that need a clue bat across their political noodles. McCain is worse than Flake, but I’ve seen RINO tendencies in the latter.

What’s Grillin’?

Grillin’ in the Shade

The inaugural use of the new grill was a huge success! I set up the canopy on the trailer parked on the RV drive and wheeled the grill under it. The grill sat on some interlocking rubber pads because the rocky surface of the drive is not particularly friendly to the plastic wheels. Regardless, the setup worked quite well.

The Better Half prepared a couple of chicken breasts with turmeric, cilantro and citrus juices in a shallow aluminum throw-away pan. I put that on the center of the grill and lit the outside burners, closed the lid and adjusted the temperature to about 400°. After an hour, I removed the chicken and placed the breasts over the lit burners. I discarded the pan and marinade. Meanwhile, TBH prepared some knockout Tex Mex rice and Serrano pinto beans as side dishes. The results may be seen in the inset in the (clickable) image above or at the following link: close up of the dinner.

Thus far, we are very happy with the new grill. It is quite a bit nicer than the one that was recently destroyed. This time, we’re taking precautions to keep it nice and will protect it from the environs of the desert as well as we can.

New Gas Grill

New Gas Grill

After having shopped for it on Wednesday, The Better Half and I assembled the new Master Forge LP Gas Grill in the garage today. There were no tears nor blood, but plenty of sweat during the assembly. The garage temperature was ONLY 102° while the outside temp was more like 107°. We could have bought an assembled grill for the same price, but it wouldn’t fit in the SUV, so we opted to do it ourselves. Besides, the last one we bought pre-assembled from the same store was put together improperly.

TBH took this (clickable) image of the grill while we were “seasoning” it; that is, running it on high for about 20 minutes with the lid closed. The temperature indicator on the lid indicated the inside of the grill was at 650°.

We have two weekend menus planned, both of which will utilize the new grill. We now need to get some pro-second amendment and conservative bumper stickers like we had on the old grill.

Vehicle Fire on US 93

Vehicle Fire on US 93

When The Better Half and I left the grocery store today, we looked north on Vulture Mine Road and saw a long procession of bumper to bumper vehicles waiting to turn left on Wickenburg Way (US 60). The line of waiting vehicles stretched as far as we could see up the road.

Our conclusion was that there must have been an accident or something on US 93 north of town. When we got home, we looked at the bookface page of the WPD and saw the image above. A vehicle fire caused closure of the highway in both directions. Southbound traffic was diverted to Vulture Mine Road while northbound traffic was diverted onto US 60 at the traffic circle. We noticed the increased traffic on 60 on our way home.

About an hour after the initial event, the mess had been cleared and the road was again opened to traffic in both directions. Having been caught in traffic like that a few times, I felt sorry for those folks along the detour routes.

BNSF Desert Express

BNSF Desert Express

We passed this freight train on our way down to do some shopping in the Northwest Phoenix Metro Area. It had the three locomotives (shown) and a trail of flatcars with piggy-back truck trailers from various carriers. There were also some shipboard containers on a few cars.

The Better Half took this (clickable) image of the train as it passed along the west bank of the Hassayampa River a few hundred feet before crossing the bridge to the east bank. The track continues another mile or so before crossing under the Morristown Overpass on US 60.

We stopped for gas in Surprise (cheaper than in Wickenburg). While we were pumping gas, this train passed across the road from the station as it continued southbound toward Phoenix.



Today opens chapter LXXI of the Life of Me. It has been a very eventful year since chapter LXX began a year ago. I won’t enumerate all the bad things that happened; I will only say that most of those have been resolved, are in work to fix or no longer have great impact as we move to the new chapter.

Good things happen every day in our retirement home. We haven’t been able to travel much, other than the trips to the old domicile, but we enjoy our little corner of the desert, preparing special meals, and the good life of retirement. We will begin to travel a bit more, now that the health issues are mostly behind us. I expect we will be meandering through some of the scenic west as we make our way to see our first great-grandchild due to make his debut in early September near Santa Rosa, CA.

Here’s to chapter LXXI . . .

Little Red Schoolhouse


This is one of the several historical sites in Wickenburg. It is the Garcia “Little Red Schoolhouse” relocated to the scenic downtown district from its original spot near Vulture Mine, the reason for Wickenburg to be here in the first place. These days, the building is used for concerts and other artful activities. Clickable image courtesy of The Better Half.

I read in our town news rag (the publisher is a lib) about the local school board having meetings on Common Core. I sure hope they see the agenda that this socialist scheme has in store for education indoctrination of our children before they decide to adopt or reject it.

To date, our public schools have turned out well-educated self-motivated students. Our Christian Academy does even better with their 15 student per teacher limit. There is a long waiting list for this exceptional K through 12 school.

With the determination of the left to “fundamentally change” America for the worse, it is up to red state Americans to reject this terrible educational malady. If we don’t, America and the Constitution will be lost in the next generation if not sooner.

Sad Classics

Sad Classics

How in the hell this classic Chevrolet station wagon could ever have driven up this driveway and for that matter, could drive out is beyond me. The Better Half snapped this (clickable) image of the bottomed-out vehicle and the one(s) in front of it along the street between our hotel and the old house.

I can’t imagine moving either of these two in the driveway without the aid of some heavy lifting equipment. Alas, it’s just another eyesore in the deteriorating neighborhoods in southwestern Los Angeles County, CA.

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