Well, the international political bullshit has come home to roost, thanks to the United Kingdom (Great Britain) having voted to secede form the EU. The impact to us was substantial, but not devastating. Our investments are weighted away from high risk and we still appear to be in pretty good shape, considering. As we continue to invest, we will be getting bargains at the now discounted rates.

Some pundits in the UK think that the Obamination may have tweaked the British electorate the wrong way by having gone to London last month (at taxpayer expense, of course) and insisted that they vote to stay in the EU - or else. I guess they don’t like some moron from the new world telling them what to do, so a backlash happened.

Our government isn’t the solution to anything - it’s the problem! And I mean a problem in the bipartisan sense. :evil:

UPDATE: 26 JUN 16 - I found this interesting graphic relating to the effectiveness of the Obamination’s power of persuasion over the British electorate:


New Aerial Shot of the Property

Aerial Shot

A little over a year ago, I posted an aerial photo of the property. Today, I was browsing the County Assessor’s website and found that they had updated their database to include 2016 images. I can tell by the long mid-day shadows that it was still winter when this was taken.

This is the first time we have seen the spring of 2015 property improvements from a bird’s eye view. The retention wall across the back wash is visible to the north of the curvature of the RV driveway. The other retention wall is just in front of the rosemary bushes growing on the face of the hill north of the house.

You can also see our new RV parked in its spot with the pop-outs popped and the awning deployed. Clickable image.

Liar Liar

pants on fire

The Better Half and I went shopping (like tourists) in Old Downtown. We saw a sign in a gift shop that inspired me to create this timely graphic for one of the most prolific liars in U.S. history. Clickable image.

How About A Little Perspective?


I’m not sure about the source of the information in the (clickable) graphic above, but it sure seems like it makes sense in these bizarre times. Found on FecesBook©.

Fathers Day

Fathers Day Dinner

The Better Half and I had a nice, quiet Fathers Day holiday at home today. The (clickable) image above is of our afternoon dinner plate consisting of beef tenderloin steaks, bacon-wrapped asparagus and crushed petite potatoes with cheese and sour cream topping.

I grilled the steaks and the asparagus bundles outdoors today in spite of the triple digit temperature here in the desert. I was OK with the heat and had plenty of ice cold water at my disposal as I worked over the grill for the twenty minutes or so that it took to get the food properly cooked.

Of course, dinner was OUTSTANDING! Happy Fathers Day!

Throwback Thursday - Field Day 2011

First Eyeball QSO

The Better Half took this photo of me and DrJim (Every Blade of Grass) on June 24, 2011 - just about five years ago. This was our second meeting at the same site, having met the same weekend in June about a year before.

DrJim and I met one other time when we were doing an inventory of some of the ham radio gear at the old Kalifornistan house. He was helping me to liquidate the still usable gear to place them somewhere that would do good for someone to become interested in the ham radio hobby.

Now that the old house is sold, we go only half the distance we used to travel to Palm Desert on our visits to the grandson and kids when they meet us there. Because of that, we haven’t had the opportunity to check in to see the Iowa and Jim’s activities there. Maybe we can have another eyeball contact, but we just don’t know where or when.

Upgrading the Trailer’s Solar Charging System

Solar Panels

A couple of months ago, I posted about installing a 2.4 watt solar panel to maintain a charge on the trailer’s batteries. While the little panel did a pretty good job of maintaining a two-bar (out of four) charge on the batteries, I thought that it would be more desirable to come closer to having a full charge, so I ordered another, larger, 4.8 watt solar panel. I also ordered a Y-adapter to put the two solar panels in parallel with each other to charge the batteries.

The second panel and the Y adapter showed up today so I went over to the trailer and installed the new one. Now, with 7.2 watts of charging capacity, we shall see if we can get more bars illuminated on the graphic battery readout in the trailer. In the (clickable) image above, the new panel is on the right.

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