Cheapest Gas in YEARS! Under a Buck!

under-a-buck.jpgWhen was the last time you saw this? Gasoline pumping for under $1.00. If you do the math using the figures displayed on the image of the pump I took today during a fuel stop in Surprise, AZ, you will find a dollar-per-gallon figure close to $0.939.

While the station was not actually advertizing this low price, I got a one-dollar-per-gallon discount using some about-to-expire gas rewards from the supermarket chain where we shop in cooperation with participating gas stations. It’s too bad that the tank was still ¾ full when we topped off today. It would have been nice to get 25 gallons at this price, but the points will expire at the end of January and we were only able to get a little more than eight gallons.

The reason for traveling to the valley was for a follow-up for the water works problems that are now mostly gone. The urologist took a look inside the plumbing and was a little annoyed that there was still a little scar tissue near the right inlet to the bladder. He ordered another CT scan to make absolutely certain that the minor plumbing constriction is not having an adverse effect on the right kidney.

Going forward, however, is pretty good news. He did not see anything in my bladder to warrant my returning in another three months which was his original follow-up plan, which is now extended to six months. He did not take a biopsy nor did he observe anything other than the narrow orifice. Moreover, there are no symptoms that would indicate any problems with the kidneys, so we seem to be good there.

Thanks again for the thoughts, prayers, karma, etc.

A Mini Big Rig

Mini Big Rig

The Better Half took a photo of this purple truck parked at one of the auto repair places along US 60 today. I couldn’t tell you what it is, but it looks like a big rig tractor with stacks and everything, bit it is not much larger than a conventional duely pickup.

The auto shop where it is parked specializes in UTV, ATV and custom vehicles. Maybe one of these days, I will stop and ask about the truck. No, I wouldn’t buy a purple truck with chrome everything and “007″ stenciled on the side, but it does make me curious. Clickable image.

Cooking With Fire

Cooking With FireWell, grill season never ends here, with Wickenburg winters being as mild as they are. This was the second weekend in 2015 that we grilled our dinner. Two weeks ago, we had Grilled New York Steaks and this weekend, we grilled a Santa Maria Tri-Tip Roast.

This is the first time this year that I opened the awning on the trailer to provide shade for the grill. The Better Half helped me to lift the grill onto the RV drive. It was a nice spring-like day yesterday, with a high temperature around 75 degrees. We took the opportunity to grill dinner outdoors using FIRE! Santa Maria Tri-Tip Roast with mesquite wood chips providing the smoke.

Postal Scale

scale.jpgWe have had a small postage scale for several years; the scale comes in handy when shipping small packages using on-line click’n'print postage. Print the label, tape it to the package and put it out for the postal person to pick up (or drop it off at the USPO). There is no waiting in lines to ship something, plus it saves time and money to do it this way.

The problem with the old postage scale is that it has a maximum weight of three pounds. That is good for most of the stuff we ship, but, now that we are away from family and friends, many of the packages outweighed the little scale capacity. We had to ship big stuff using one of the local UPS or FedEx services or stand in line at the USPO.

Last week, I decided to get a scale with larger capacity. The one pictured above is a Weighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale, available through Amazon for about $20. It arrived today and I must say it is quite nice. For a capacity of 75 lbs., it is quite small, measuring at about 8×9x3 inches. It operates on 9V “SUPPER” battery or AC adapter.

If your shipping box is large enough to obscure the readout, don’t worry; the scale will beep when it reads the weight and hold the reading for several seconds while you lift and read. I tried it out with some big stuff and that feature is very nice. The display is back-lit so you won’t need a light to see it.

Punisher Icon T-Shirt

Punisher Icon T-Shirt

Last year was our third complete year of living in the Arizona desert. As such, we have become accustomed to the weather patterns here and when we traveled back to Kalifornistan (southwestern Los Angeles County area) in the spring and summer months, it seemed sorta coolish to us. High temps out there in the low 70’s were not the 90’s to 100’s back home.

It was during one of our visits to the old homestead that we found that we had not packed clothing appropriate to the high 50’s or low 60’s they get out there in the evenings with the coastal overcast and onshore breezes. Shorts and short-sleeved shirts were not cutting it.

The Better Half came to the rescue by going into a Wal-Mart near the hotel where we were staying and buying some long-sleeved apparel including this T-shirt with the Punisher logo. Since we are in the desert winter now, I donned that shirt today and TBH took this shot of the front of it as it was keeping me warm in our current cooler weather.

Now, there are a lot of “snow-birds” in town. We see auto license tags from places like Alberta, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming and other really cold places. In our current cooler weather, it is not uncommon to see people at the grocers or the post office wearing nothing but shorts and t-shirts. I guess they think this is the tropics compared to their native icebergs and igloos.

World’s Best Gun Salesman Does it Again!

Kalashnikov USAThe Obamination and Chief Criminal Eric Holder’s DOJ have done it again! They banned Kalashnikov imports to the USA, so what does the K-team do? Set up to manufacture, distribute and sell their products legally within the borders of the USofA.

I don’t have the latest press release, but from information I received in a Face Feces Book post, Kalashnikov USA will be setting up shop right here under the nose of this arrogant gun-grabbing administration. So much for banning the importation of legal firearms; let the manufacturing begin!

Acquisition Mostly a Done Deal


Yesterday, The Better Half and I went through the motions to complete the transfer of ownership of the parcel of land across the road from its current owners to our estate trust. I spent a bit of time reading through the title search documentation to see what we were getting into before “pulling the handle” on the deal. TBH and I understand all about the restrictions, easements and covenants and are OK with them.

We won’t be making any modifications to our new property in the near future, since we’re going to be doing a lot of improvements to our primary parcel, like retention walls, concrete RV drive and various other “wish list” beautification.

In the image above, most of the foreground property across the dirt road is the new parcel up to, and including, the first third of the hill behind. I took this photo from our driveway looking southwest. Clickable image.

Real Cowboy Artwork

Shoo Fly Lithograph

Last month, we acquired this lithograph of a piece called “The Trap” by cowboy artist Robert Shufelt, a.k.a. “Shoofly.” This is the second framed artwork from this artist that we possess, the first untitled print having been on the wall nearby to this one since the first year we were in Wickenburg.

The amazing thing about Shoofly’s works is that he does his work with pencils. The art, sometimes, is hard to tell that it is not monochrome photography as it is that realistic looking.

Shoofly uses real cowboys, horses and cattle (and whatever else) as models for his work. Go to his website and poke around for some very beautiful western art.

We’re probably in the market for another Shoofly work or two as we continue decorating our little piece of the west. Clickable image.

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