Classic Model A Ford


I have been meaning to post this (clickable) image that The Better Half took of a classic Ford four-door that was parked on the showroom floor of the dealer where we bought our new truck. The salesman told me it belonged to the owner of the dealership and that it was a circa 1932 model. I don’t think it was for sale, but the other two cars in the showroom were.

Everything about this nice car was perfect. We opened the doors and the interior was spotless. The exterior was shiny and looked great. The wind wing glass had been etched with artistic decorations and the engine compartment was a joy to behold.

I don’t remember seeing this beauty in any of the antique car events here in town, but I will be looking for it. I think the red/blue PD light bar on the top gives it a nice touch as does the siren mounted on the left side of the radiator.

Kalifornistan Waiting Period Unconstitutional

model442.gifCongratulations to CalGuns and the Second Amendment Foundation for their victory in a Federal court that struck down the 10 day waiting period for gun owners. It’s good to see that their efforts are nibbling away at the draconian measures taken by the hoplophobes in the state government there.

While living in the ‘Stan, we bought several guns with the waiting period in effect. It never made ANY sense to us why we would have to wait for something we had purchased that was, otherwise, available for immediate delivery. Of course, most of the gun regulations in the state made no sense at all.

I was especially irked by having a waiting period on a shotgun I bought in 2006 since I already had a shotgun I purchased forty years earlier which was “grandfathered” into being a legally owned firearm. As I said the regulations out there make no sense, whatsoever.

I love the schadenfreude feeling I get knowing that the collectivist gun-grabbing sonofabitches are heartbroken by this ruling. May they rot in their own pants filled with their own excrement.

Not Exactly Camping Out

RV Grilling

The Better Half and I collaborated on the weekend cooking today. We enjoyed a delicious cheeseburger served with Arizona pasta salad with all the fixin’s. Oh yes, it was delicious.

I deployed the RV awning for some shade and moved the grill from the garage to the RV drive where we not only prepared today’s burger patties, but roasted some corn and chicken for tomorrow’s Tex Mex tostada dinner. TBH plans these things out and always surprises me with her ability to orchestrate the various details of meal preparation.

I was on the hill behind the RV drive and took the above image of the trailer all set up for “almost camping out.” Clickable image.

Grooming the Courtyard

Today, the weather was sunny, but cooler than normal for this time of year. We have had rain on and off over the past few days and the temperatures had not gone back to the over 100 mark. In fact, I think the high today was only 88°.

Since it was cool enough for some manual labor, The Better Half and I decided to trim up some of the sage bushes in the courtyard and along the driveway. The image above shows the before condition of one of the six bushes we trimmed today. Even though it was cool, we both worked up quite a sweat in the humid air.

Click on the image to alternate between the before and after. Both images courtesy TBH.

A Wet Dry River

A Wet Dry River

There has been a significant amount of rainfall over the past month in the Hassayampa Valley and the mountains up near the headwaters. For the past several days, we have seen a good deal of above-the-ground water flowing in the Hassayampa River.

This shot (courtesy of The Better Half) shows the water flowing just north of the bridge crossing the river along US 60 in Wickenburg. We have seen the water flow above ground during the past week as far south as the US 60 highway parallels the riverbed, roughly down to the railroad bridge across the river ten miles south of town. It’s still raining in the area, so we expect that the river will continue flowing above ground for a while. Clickable image.

Broken Palo Verde Limb

Broken Limb

Yesterday, I climbed up on the hill to inspect a broken palo verde limb we saw the last time we were up there. Unfortunately, the limb had come to rest on a patch of hedgehog cacti, which we admire for their beautiful spring cactus flowers. I got close enough to test whether I would be able to move the limb off of the cacti. I grasped one of the thicker parts of the limb and gave it a tug and with a little elbow grease, it came out of the spot where it had wedged itself. I pulled it away from the area where it had come to rest and put it into a clear spot nearby. Clickable image.

I can’t leave it there because the next big wind or intense thunderstorm may wash it down the hill where it could do some damage. In a few days, I plan to drag it down the clearing on the east side of the lot to road level where there is an existing pile of deadwood. Some time after that, I will have our landscape guys come and cut it up and haul the entire pile away. It’s just a matter of time and money.

King Snake

King Snake

Last evening, The Better Half noticed something moving by the tandem wheel cover on the trailer. I walked over and saw a king snake crawling along. I took my camera out of my pocket and took this (clickable) image. In June, we found a dead king snake near this same area. It’s good to see a live one. Our friend Crotalus tells us these are good to have around.

According to

This is a powerful constrictor that preys on snakes (including rattlesnakes), mice, rats, lizards, amphibians, reptile eggs, small turtles, and birds.

Bill of Health Update

caduceusI posted on this topic in June and thought an update would be in order since I visited the urologist yesterday. He took a look inside my bladder to recheck that there is no recurrence of tumor growth. He saw both ureters to be functioning normally including the one that had been occluded from which a stent was removed in May. Although everything looked normal, he wanted to take a biopsy of some tissue near the site of the tumor.

I am set to review the biopsy results in a couple of weeks. I expect there to be no problem with the biopsy as I spoke with one of the doctor’s assistants on the procedure I had. She said that the doctor “routinely” does a biopsy and that she didn’t see anything on the monitor to indicate any abnormality.

All indications are good that The Better Half and I will be able to take off for a short September vacation without worrying about clinics and appointments. We’re looking forward to that.

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