Limoncello Season

Lemon Tree

The Better Half and I stripped all of the fruit from our lemon tree a couple of days ago. The lemons are in a bin outside, ripening and awaiting their ultimate fate.

First, many of them will be distributed to neighbors and a local charity for cooking and other uses as they see fit. Second, the balance of them will be have their rinds stripped and steeped in spirits with the ultimate fate to become a key ingredient for this years limoncello production. The stripped and squeezed lemons will become lemon juice frozen into ice cube trays initially and when frozen to be bagged in the freezer and removed piecemeal when lemon juice is needed for The Better Half’s various recipes.

We will be bottling the limoncello to give to friends and family in the coming months. When we travel, we always carry a few bottles for distribution since the USPS forbids shipping alcoholic products in regular mail. The other carriers (UPS, etc.) have bizarre rules which are also prohibitive in shipping this golden nectar.

Needless to say, there are always several bottles we keep here for our own use and potentially as gifts to our visitors. C’mon down to warm, sunny Arizona and claim yours!

While Charging the Trailer Batteries . . .


I pulled the truck over to the trailer yesterday to put a fresh charge on the trailer batteries using the Honda 3KW generator in the truck bed. At the completion of the run, I noticed that the generator gas tank was getting pretty dry, so it will be time to fill up the tank and change the oil after the next charging run later this year.

An interesting happened while the charging was taking place; a gentleman friend of one of our neighbors stopped when he saw me doing some minor chores along the RV driveway. He got out of his car and asked if the trailer was for sale. I told him that it probably was for sale since we just have it parked on our lot across the road.

I opened up the trailer and showed the man the various features and utilities. He was impressed that I was doing maintenance and remarked that the trailer looked like it has been well-maintained.

I gave the gentleman a figure that seemed appropriate for a sale price considering the age and condition of the rig. He thanked me after taking down my phone number and said that he would be in touch.

Selling the trailer would be a nice windfall. Since we’re intending to trade up to a diesel pusher to replace the RV we currently have, some extra cash to help with the acquisition might be good. Also, if a deal cannot be made for the trailer this time, we will probably trade it in along with our current RV on the new one sometime early next year.

Minstrel Blog Nine Years Old

minstrel-9.jpgThe Wandering Minstrel opened for blog business on November 13, 2007. At that time, we wanted to move the Pro-Second Amendment posts to their own blogging platform and use the other blog for climate change debunking, other general political topics and for personal posting.

The Minstrel Blog has its own flavor of topics and is anti-political correctness and will occasionally use adult language. Minstrel is always pro-Second Amendment, believes in the right to keep and bear arms and encourages personal protection by always being armed. We support these views unabashedly and will continue to do so. As one of our other blogging acquaintances says, “Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.” That applies here as well - we pay the bills for hosting and domain names.

For many years, we tried to post something daily to both blogs as well as our family blog. We managed to do that before we retired and for a long while after retirement. It shouldn’t be an excuse, but the weird political environment that has existed for well over a year sort of had us demotivated to comment daily. Not only that, but some serious health issues that remain have taken their toll on blogging. We plan to keep posting here when suitably motivated to comment on current events.

Thanks for your support

Post Mortem for the Losing Candidate

Hillary for Prison

She really does deserve the fate prescribed by this sign on US 60 here in town, but she will likely be pardoned by the Obaminaton “for all crimes that may have been committed,” as in Ford pardoning Nixon in 1974. However, accepting a pardon is tantamount to admitting guilt. Her punishment should be to just get the flock out of politics and grow old, forgotten and beaten. The big guy in the hereafter will let the punishment suit her crimes when she crosses over. I guess that’s good enough for me.

As for the next phase, we can look forward to the Obamination to continue to do as much damage to the Republic that can be accomplished in his 71 remaining days in office. He will also suffer the punishment on the other side for his innumerable crimes against humanity and the Republic as will his facilitators and many in his political party.

Thank God that the time is ticking away on this episode of miscreant occupation of high office. May He guide our new President to direct our Nation toward the original vision of the Founding Fathers. Amen.

Classic AT&SF Railroad Engine and Caboose

Restored Engine and Caboose

The Chamber of Commerce and the Town collaborated to paint and restore our classic Old 761 Engine and Caboose in Downtown Wickenburg earlier this year. The Better Half and I were out taking donated goods to a couple of charities near there, so we stopped along the road so she could capture this panoramic image of the old train. This is a quarter mile north of where the current BNSF tracks cross US 60. Clickable image.

Palo Verde Tree Trim

Palo Verde Tree Trim

Now that the warmer days of 2016 are behind us, The Better Half and I can start to address some of our outdoor chores. Last Friday, we took the chain saw to some branches we removed from a mesquite tree that was potentially blocking the RV Drive access. We cut up the big wood and stacked it to dry for firewood while we cut the smaller branches and twigs to be stowed in the waste bin until the town refuse collection truck came on Monday.

Today, we removed a couple of lower branches from the palo verde by the road in front. Those two were encroaching on the roadway and we decided to remove them and encourage the tree to grow up and not out. I had a false start when I went after the first branch when the chain jumped out of the track in the guide blade. That took a little while to fetch the tools and correct the problem.

I took before and after photos of the tree and combined them into the (clickable) panorama above. The other low branch (behind the bird house in the photo) will be coming off after the year-end holidays. It is also too low if we want the tree to grow taller.

We also started winterizing the spa on the patio. The water is drained from the tub and we just have to blow the residual water out of the plastic pipes internal to the pump, etc. We’re not expecting a freeze anytime soon, but we figured it’s best to have it ready before the first cold night of fall/winter.

Election 2016

hashtag-vote.pngWhen The Better Half and I moved to Arizona, one of the first things we did after establishing residence, was to get our Arizona driver’s licenses. At that time, we were asked to register to vote. Well, we were both disillusioned by the insider antics and backroom shenanigans of both major parties, that we registered as independents, or as Arizona puts it, “no party affiliation.”

Our status remained as such until this year. In 2016, there was going to be a Republican primary challenger to the Senate seat held by John McCain by Kelli Ward, an Arizona State Senator with way better conservative credentials than DC insider McLame. We both changed our party affiliation to R, just for the primary. As it turned out, the dirty PAC money behind McCain smeared and cajoled Kelli during the campaign. She lost, but by a way narrower margin than the McCain machine had hoped. According to a recent Kelli Ward email:

  • We were able to earn 40% of the vote in a 4 way race.
  • More votes were cast for me on Election Day than for any other candidate, including Mr. McCain - including votes in Maricopa County.
  • We won 5 of 15 counties and had more votes outside of Maricopa and Pima Counties than McCain.
  • We raised more money last cycle than any other insurgent candidate.
  • Over 235,000 Arizona voters selected me to be their next US Senator.
  • We were outspent at a rate of about 10 to 1.

That same email from Dr. Ward declares her intention to run for the Senate seat now held by Jeff Flake (good name for him) whose politics say he is like a “John McCain, Jr.” TBH and I may again cross over from independent to R for that primary as well.

We still don’t know how the elections will turn out next week. We have already voted by absentee ballot and instead of skipping the item where McCain was running against liberal Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick, I wrote in “Kelli Ward.” My conscience wouldn’t let me either abstain or vote for the lesser of two evils. I see on a group on FecesBook™ that many others wrote in Dr. Ward as well.

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