What’s For Thanksgiving Dinner?

Thanksgiving Dinner

The Better Half and I decided to take a break from the traditional turkey dinner and throw in a twist; our dinner consisted of Pork Loin Roulade with Spinach Gratin, Andouille Stuffing and a Baked Sweet Potato. The Roulade started out as a 2½ pound pork loin roast; we then butterflied the roast and rolled it up with stuffing in the middle.

Next, we put the Roulade in the oven at 400° for an hour. When we took the roast out, it looked delicious, and it certainly was. Regardless of the break with tradition, we ate our fill and then took a walk to settle things. Clickable images.

We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday as much as we did.

Partial Obstruction

Before and After

When we take delivery of the new RV next week, we will be bringing it home to park it on the RV drive behind the house. Our house, however, is 500 feet off of the pavement along an unimproved dirt road running through the area along the little Casandro wash. One place on this road is partially obstructed by a large palo verde tree. This has us worried about clearance for the 12½ foot tall and 8½ wide motorhome.

The Better Half and I went down to the potential obstruction with the truck, the Honda generator and the electric hedge trimmer and chainsaw to attempt to deal with the overgrown tree. It took about an hour to carve out what we think will be enough of a pruning to allow clearance for the big rig. We’re pretty sure that we have lateral clearance, but there might still be some vertical issues. I was unable to get high up enough on the ladder or in the truck bed to get some of the higher branches.

If the tree still scrapes along the top of the RV, we may have no choice but to get a professional trim and hauling crew to remove the tree entirely. I had some similar work done for downed trees on our property after the great monsoons of 2014, so I expect it will cost us upwards of $800 to get it taken out. The tree is on a right-of-way (easement), so we can commission the work without consulting the property owners. In fact, they should be glad that we are doing it rather than suing them to do the work.


FR Georgetown Series 3 GTA30X3

Now that the papers are all signed and the insurance plus financing are in place, we are anxious to pack up and go somewhere, but we are also anxious to learn about and play with all the fancy goodies installed in the new rig. Below is just a subset of the many itemized features that are listed in the Georgetown 3 Series data sheet (PDF) for model 30X3.

  • Power Patio Awning w/ LED Light Strip
  • Slide Out Awnings
  • Pioneer Dash Entertainment System w/ AM/FM/DVD/Bluetooth/USB/Sirius
  • Custom Cockpit Dash w/ ABS Side Consoles, Drink Holders, 110V Outlet/USB
  • 40″ LED Main TV
  • 24″ LED Bedroom TV w/ Flip Up
  • Automatic Hydraulic Leveling Jacks
  • Power Side and Rear Cameras
  • 18,000 BTU Equivalent Atwood™ Quiet Air Command™ Ducted Roof A/C w/Chill Construction and Heat Pump
  • KING Jack™ Digital TV Antenna w/Mount & Built-in Signal Meter
  • 4.0 KW Onan Gas Generator
  • Triple Power Entry Step
  • Manual Front Overhead Bunk
  • Exterior Entertainment Center w/ 24″ LED TV
  • Exterior Camp Kitchen; Refrigerator w/ Freezer, Stainless Steel Sink, Countertop, Separate holding tank, Cabinet w/LED Light, LP Grill w/Quick Connect and Stand

Yes, there are three TVs in the rig: living room, bedroom and outside under the canopy. There is a kitchenette under the last panel on the rear of the passenger side. The rig comes with an LP gas grill and stand that is in a storage bin until you take it out and set it up to complete the whole outdoor living thing.

Our new motorhome is currently in the custody of the dealer’s delivery preparation shop in New River, AZ, about an hour away from Wickenburg. We asked for some options that have to be completed over there. We will be able to take delivery at the New River facility on the 30th of November, the delay being attributed to the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. We’re on pins and needles, although we do have a lot of chores to get to here in preparation for the arrival of our new toy.

The Sam Adams Guide to Seasonal Changes

Winter LagerIt is sometimes difficult to tell the seasons in our part of Arizona since we’re in a temperate zone where we can have a cold spell as we did in early November and, like today, we have spring-like mid 70’s temperatures and clear, blue skies.

But we can tell from what we see in the cooler at the supermarket that when Samuel Adams Winter Lager shows up, that it is well into the fall and winter is nigh. We’re transitioning from Samuel Adams Oktoberfest (the last three bottles today) to the Winter lager that is in the fridge and ready for tomorrow. We look forward to, regardless of the weather, having Samuel Adams Cold Snap and then Summer Ale to be followed with Oktoberfest next fall and Winter Lager thereafter.

Of course, another positive indication of winter is when the snowbirds fill the RV parks in our area. They are back now, and the roads and stores are busier than the lighter traffic months of spring and summer.

RV Decision Made

After doing a lot of research on the internet and consulting with other RV owners who are experienced with motorhomes, we found a little place down in the valley in Sun City that had a modest selection of RVs that we gravitated toward because they had a motorhome with a floor plan that I thought would satisfy us.

The Better Half and I drove down to the dealership to have a look. We went in the Motorhome and looked at the layout and the options. Neither of us were completely comfortable with the one we saw online that we were now touring.

The salesman that we were with offered another coach that was brand new on the lot which had not been on-line. We were impressed with this unit because of several factors; there was ample counter space in the kitchen, the floorplan had more room to move around inside, it had a king sized bed which was one of our requirements and the 30 amp electrical system was compatible with our RV connection at home (most of these big rigs have 50 amp connections).

TBH and I both took several pictures of this motorhome, both interior and exterior, from which I selected 9 images and made the slideshow above (click to advance). The images are not labeled, but include a shot of the slide outs on the left side, TBH seated at the hide-a-bed sofa, TBH lifting the removable glass stove cover, the rear of the coach, the right side of the coach, the spacious living and kitchen/dining area, the king sized bed, the external kitchen unit and the floorplan.

More about the delivery and ride home later . . .

Two New Xeriscape Acquisitions


Last Friday, our neighbor, Tim, offered, and we accepted, a couple of ocotillo shrubs that his excavation crew removed from a construction site here in the area. At that time, we dragged them from his place across the road to potential planting sites in The Better Half’s Rock and Cactus garden.

While we were waiting to dig the holes in the earth and plant the two very nice ocotillos, we periodically sprayed them with water to keep them fresh until we could get them into the ground. We were helped with the spraying on Sunday night when some very welcome showers from the heavens came our way.

Today (Monday), TBH and I dug the holes and dropped the ocotillos into them; one hole was on level ground as seen in the (clickable) image while the other was on a slope a few yards away from the first one. With considerable effort, we got them both planted within an hour and a half of moderate labor.

Both plants were subjected to minor root damage, but like most things in the desert, they are very hardy and should recover. We will keep a close watch on them, spraying as necessary, until they are back on their own.

What’s for Dinner?

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan with Angel Hair Pasta, Marinara Sauce and Cauliflower Florets. The Better Half hit this meal over the fence, allegorically speaking.

We started with boneless, skinless chicken breasts which I sliced butterfly style. TBH dipped the slices in eggwash and then in panko breadcrumbs. She then fried them in the pan with a little olive oil.

TBH poached the cauliflower florets along with the pasta. She plated the pasta topped with the cauliflower and marinara sauce along with the Parmesan-topped chicken. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing pictured in the (clickable) image. That included a shot of Limoncello and a slice of garlic toast. (BURP!)

Earlier in the day, we were tempted by, but did not give in to bacon wrapped hot dogs offered by a food vendor at the Wickenburg Bluegrass Festival. That part of the day was a lot of fun but this sumptuous chicken and pasta dinner made the day complete!

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