What’s for Dinner?

Chili Colorado Burrito

This is a first for us - a Tex Mex Chili Colorado Burrito with all the trimmin’s. The burrito was filled with shredded beef and beans and topped with red sauce and sliced black olives. Salsa and sour cream on the side with traditional Tex Mex Rice and Refried Beans.

My guess is about half of this would have been adequate for one helping, but I ate the whole thing. We’ll be walking it off in a while when the outside temperatures drop a bit. Clickable image.

Traffic Jams - Then and Now

Six Years Ago Today on US 60

Throwback Thursday: our traffic jams then and now. Seven years ago tomorrow, The Better Half took the (clickable) image top left as we were attempting to leave on a summer vacation going up to see the California Coastline and some of the attractions it had to offer. As you might notice, there were other folks on the road with us doing considerably less than the speed limit.

In contrast, TBH took the (clickable) image on the right of our biggest traffic obstacle today as we were heading homeward bound (it still feels like every day is vacation here), where there is a backhoe tractor in the right lane going 30 MPH or so, about 15 MPH under the speed limit on this section of road. Of course, it was no problem getting around the guy since the road is nearly devoid of other traffic.

It is very nice in retirement that we have the choice (generally) to avoid metro areas, even when we’re on an extended excursion to visit the great American stuff. We do not miss anything about the metro areas except for some family members that are still trapped there. They can come visit us anytime.

What Will You Do When They Come For You?

This came in an email from Dave Kopp, president of the Arizona Citizen’s Defense League. I do not know if it is available on line, so I’m reposting it here. There is some very instructive information in this article that Dave sent this weekend.

acdllogo.jpgRecently, our good friend Jeff Knox of the Firearms Coalition penned an opinion piece on the Nice “assault truck” terror attack. His piece drew several satirical parallels to the tendency of the anti-rights zealots to immediately politicize every horrendous attack with calls to advance their citizen disarmament agenda, no matter how tenuous the connection to the reality of the event. We sent his article to our Alerts list of about fifteen thousand subscribers, to largely positive feedback. However, there were a few negative responses. “How could you be so insensitive?” some asked. “In times like these, we should remain silent, and respect the grief of the victims’ families,” others added. Still others mentioned that we should not attempt to politicize a tragedy, no matter what our opponents do. After all, we’re the good guys, right?

Is it to these folks that I address this missive. Allow me to digress for a moment …

As a NRA certified firearms instructor of some years, one of the things we try to convey to our students is “situational awareness”. If you’ve ever taken firearms training, odds are fair you may have come across something known as the “Tueller Drill”. In a nutshell, anyone interested in being able to defend themselves must learn how to determine how close is “too close”. During the development of the “Tueller drill”, it was determined that a bad guy armed with a knife or other contact weapon could cover a distance of 7 yards (21 feet) from a standing start in about 1.5 seconds, or about the same time that a trained individual could draw his holstered firearm and put two rounds on target. In short, a bad guy with a knife standing 21 feet or less away is “too close”.

What does that have to do with Nice and the politics of tragedy, you may ask? A fair question. The answer is that, much like in the “Tueller drill” scenario above, our opponents are already “too close”. The time to be “sensitive”, to be “silent and respectful”, to not “politicize tragedy”, has passed. The opposition will give us no such consideration. The fight is on, ladies and gentlemen. The battle has well and truly begun. In case you hadn’t noticed, these people have already made proposals ranging from removing your right to bear arms because you’re on a secret government list to front page editorials in the NY Times calling for banning entire classes of guns altogether. Much like the bad guy with the knife in hand, these people mean to do you harm. If you think they’re not serious, they you are NOT paying attention. Lack of situational awareness can and will get you in deep trouble.

Now that the bad guy is “too close”, you have to make a decision, and you have to make it quickly. You can fight, or you can let him win. Those are your only options. If he was going to negotiate with you, he wouldn’t be holding a knife. Same thing with the anti-rights zealots. If they wanted to “compromise”, they wouldn’t be talking about “gun bans” and “Australian style” gun control. People who want to talk do not hold a knife to your throat in order to get you to to do so. That isn’t “negotiation”, it’s “extortion”.

So the real question is, why do those of us on the pro-rights side keep responding to these terror attacks with the same old “quiet, respectful silence”, the same old “we won’t politicize this tragedy”, the same old “we won’t point out the idiocy of the other’s side’s arguments, because we’re the good guys” answers. It’s been said that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time. I submit that we need to start doing things differently if we want to see different results.

No more silence. When another one of these attacks happens, and it will, because the bad guys aren’t going away, we need to make the point loudly, clearly, and immediately, that gun control kills people. We need to boldly state, right away, that make believe “gun free zones” are just hunting grounds for terrorists and other criminals. And maybe most importantly, we need to show the opposition’s proposals for what they really are. At best, stupid, useless, feel-good but do-nothing idiocy. At worst, anti-constitutional, freedom stealing, rights restricting garbage that should get them impeached and removed from office.

Remember folks, the bad guy is in front of you, knife in hand. You must decide. Stand and fight, or hesitate and lose everything. There is no third option.

Dave Kopp, AzCDL President

Best Regards


The Morse Code seen above is the dots and dashes (properly known as dits and dahs to radio operators) represents the numerals seven and three. This week (Friday at 2:46 PM PDT to be exact) I will have attained the age equivalent of the Morse representation above in years.

To radio amateurs, the radio telegraphic symbolism “73″ represents a sign-off expression with the meaning of Best Regards, “dah dah di di dit - di di di dah dah.” When used in voice modes, hams say either “seven three” or “seventy three” depending on the style desired by the individual ham operator.

I am fortunate to be in good health as of this symbolic “best regards” birthday. I am hoping to continue to be in good health when I get to the age where the radio telegraphic symbolism represents “Hugs and Kisses” and beyond that age, of course.

Tactical Robot Use by Police

andros-mark-5.jpgThe racist sniper that took out those five white cops and wounded several others met his Waterloo at the robotic hands of a Northrop Grumman Remotec Androx Mark V A-1 unit. The Dallas P.D. deployed the unit loaded with a pound of C-4 explosive and detonated it near the sniper after negotiations failed to get him to surrender. The last resort method was used because of a police perception that they could not rush and subdue him without taking more casualties. The sniper remained very antagonistic to police negotiation efforts throughout the standoff.

In the situation in Dallas, I believe that the tactical use of robotics and explosives was warranted, much as the tactic of using a police sniper to end the standoff would have been warranted as well. The objective, in both cases, is to neutralize the threat. There are arguments on both sides of the issue, but I believe that we will begin to see more of these tactics in the future.

David Codrea penned a pretty good article addressing the issue at Oathkeepers.

Nevadans for State Gun Rights Sweepstakes


I got an email this morning from Nevadans for State Gun Rights in which I saw they’re offering an AR15 to some lucky contributor to the NO ON QUESTION 1 cause.

Here’s some excerpts from the email and their website:

no-on-one.jpgWe need your help fighting against the harshest attack on Nevadans’ Second Amendment Rights in all of our history.

That’s why we started this sweepstakes for Nevadans to defend their gun rights AND win a custom AR-15. Learn more about what’s at stake, contribute, and enter to win here.

Ballot Question 1 would require law abiding individuals and buyers to surrender their guns and pave the way for a National Firearms Registry.

By contributing and entering our sweepstakes, you are helping fundraise and spread the word to encourage Nevadans to Vote No on Ballot Question 1 in Nevada.

Don’t live in Nevada? We need your help too. Second Amendment Rights, are Second Amendment Rights. Let’s put a stop to this here and now.

How often do you get the chance to win a custom AR-15 AND defend your gun rights at the same time?

P.S. Forward this to a friend before their chance to win is gone. Tell them to –> Click here to enter the sweepstakes and protect our Second Amendment Rights.

I believe I’m going to sign up to help the cause and maybe win an AR15.

Gun Grabber Bloomberg Misses Initiative Deadline

I’m not sure if Michael Bloomberg’s Gun Grabbing Brigade has too many balls in the air or what, but today the deadline for Arizona initiative petitions passed without the anticipated and feared gun registration scheme that was perpetrated in Washington and currently on the ballot in Nevada. At least it won’t be on our ballot this year, but will likely rear its ugly head again in 2018.

This arrived in the email today from the ARIZONA CITIZENS DEFENSE LEAGUE:

acdllogo.jpgWe’ve sent Bloomberg packing

The day has finally arrived. Today marks the deadline to file an initiative petition for the 2016 November General Election.

Bloomberg has proven to be unsuccessful in his efforts to place a “universal background check” initiative on the ballot this year, and for now we rejoice; but let’s not be fooled into a false sense of security. It won’t be long until he builds another plan of attack.

The fact that there isn’t a fight in order this year is a relief, but we are going to continue our membership in AzCDL and make additional contributions to the war chest so badly needed when facing a bottomless money bin adversary. While we’re at it, we intend to send a few bucks to the Nevada NO ON 1 campaign since that’s our fight too.

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