Full Hookups

Full Hookups

We got the trailer hauled up onto the RV drive this afternoon in order to flush the tanks and start getting it ready for a trip in the near future. We were not able to get it up on the drive because of a sudden drop off where flash flood waters had eroded the dirt road last July 18th and one more occasion in August.

Last week, we arranged for a local construction guy to do some road repair for us today that would bring the dirt level up to the driveway. We also asked him to reinforce a place on the south lot where a large mesquite tree was in danger of toppling due to erosion. We had some boulders on the south lot that would provide reinforcement when packed against the affected area and covered with dirt.

Once the road was repaired, we hitched up the trailer and brought it up to the hookups so we could get started with the tasks needed to get ready. We flushed out the black tank and will prepare it for the next use. Next, we will top off the fresh water tank, pour a little bleach into the gray water tank and take the propane tanks down the road to refill them.

We’ve developed a checklist of things that need to be done before our trip. Many of those things were checked off today. Clickable image.

What’s for Lunch? Cubano Sandwich!

Cubano Sandwich

I know it’s hard to appreciate just how good this sandwich tasted from the photo, but, believe me, it was awesome. The Better Half prepared a pair of these from last weekend’s leftovers and a few other items.

The rolls are fresh from the bakery and are the crusty kind that are especially good for sandwiches. TBH spread spicy mustard on the rolls, added a layer of thinly-sliced pork loin, a layer of stackers (thinly sliced dill pickles) a layer of black forest ham and a layer of Havarti cheese. The sandwich is then toasted in extra virgin olive oil while under compression until the cheese is melted.

Always looking for a new recipe to try, The Better Half and I were watching a flick called “Chef,” with Jon Favreau where a restaurant chef finds himself operating a food truck, where the main menu items are based on Cuban cooking, the sandwich being one of the most popular items. She came up with several recipes and settled on this one because of things we had on hand.

Calories? I dunno, maybe a few, but we walked it off after lunch. Sure was GOOD.

Media Logical Diagram in Cartoon Form

When it comes to news involving firearms, this is typical of the logic that will be used by most mainstream media outlets:


Hat Tip: The Patriot Post.

A Rather Sly Liar

It still is astounding to me that even with both of the Clinton’s well-known policy of perpetual prevarications, that anyone, ANYONE, would consider voting for Hillary, especially after the revelations regarding her unsecured electronic communications server. Regardless of the facts, she still polls better than other potential Democratic candidates. Maybe not long, however, when charges associated with the latest scandals emerge to finally undo her quest to be queen elected. That brings us to the title of this post in that she is a rather sly liar and gets away with it because of allied media liars.

“Rather sly liar” is also an anagram. Click on the phrase below to unscramble . . .

Not all media cover her lies. The Washington Post (usually biased left) said:

you ought to stop — now! — with the unconvincing claim that you did nothing different from your predecessors as secretary of state. . . .
And wiping the server — you did work on Watergate for the House Judiciary Committee, didn’t you? . . .


Why, when she took office as secretary of state, did she decide to route official e-mails through a server in her suburban New York mansion? There is just one plausible explanation: She wanted control.

Clinton was no stranger to the rules of the federal government. . . .

Even if your name is Clinton, you have no right to unilaterally decide what is included and what is not.

So I wish Hillary Clinton would be respectful enough to say, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” I wish she wouldn’t insult our intelligence by claiming she only did what other secretaries of state had done. None of her predecessors, after all, went to the trouble and expense of a private e-mail server. . . .

Generator Run and Trailer Maintenance Day

Trailer Maintenance DayAlthough we have had the trailer to the dealer a couple of times this summer, we still want to run the generator on a regular basis. This being the last Friday of the month, it was time for the generator event to show up on the calendar. Since the generator is still in the truck, it was just a matter of driving across the road and connect to it.

The batteries were pretty well charged since we had the trailer on the road last week for a couple of hours. The batteries get charged from the truck while underway, so I only ran the generator for an hour or so.

I did a couple of maintenance things in the trailer; the black water holding tank still is about ⅓ full due to a couple of uses since it was last drained in Palm Desert early this month. I added some deodorizer/tank conditioner to the black tank and flushed a couple gallons of water from the white tank into it. There was also some minor clean up and sweeping out needed.

The plan is to get the approach to the RV driveway built back up to the point where we can pull the trailer up to the hookups and flush the tanks then. There is also the matter of getting the overhanging branches from the mesquite tree removed along the RV drive.

After the planned excursion next month, the trailer will again be towed up to the hookups and will be prepared for some family guests to stay in it while they’re here (we have a pretty small house, and a couple of families may show up and the trailer sleeps six).

Chores and More Chores

The RV Drive as of 8/21/15 (clickable image)

Over the weekend and into today, The Better Half and I started on some necessary chores around the RV drive. We got the Cleveland sage in the courtyard and the Cimarron sage along the east driveway cleaned up last week and now it is time to turn to the other side of the yard.

The image above is sort of a “before” shot of the area of the RV drive that needs attention. I say sort of because there will be several iterations of maintenance in this area. Over the weekend and today, we trimmed off much of the low-hanging branches on the large mesquite tree on the left side of the drive. Today, I trimmed up a couple of the creosote shrubs on the other side of the tree and got the blower out to sweep away the mesquite seed pods that had fallen on the drive.

Of course, that is just the beginning of maintenance to the mesquite; the branches that overhang the drive are an obstruction to when we tow the trailer back up, so we are planning on taking three of the five main trunks, the ones obstructing the trailer, off at ground level. This will be done in stages, starting with the upper branches first and then cutting the rest of the trunk into logs as we progress downward. All the pieces will be cut such that they fit into our refuse dumpster.

Ultimately, we will get all this work done, including re-spreading the landscape rocks that were removed to piles on the west side of the lot when the drive was being prepared for paving. Then, we can relax proceed to the several chores awaiting us on the new property to the south.

A Lapse in Procedural Judgement

Bent Step

After a lifetime of rigorous adherence to procedures and following checklists, I suffered a lapse in my usual attention to details. I posted on Tuesday that we took the trailer to the valley for repairs; this is the story behind that.

We recently took a trip to the California Desert to meet our newest grandson. I planned the trip and made reservations for the campground beforehand and thought that I was prepared to hit the road. On the morning of departure, the temperature was a bit elevated, so I got the dogs loaded into the truck for the trip. The Better Half helped me install the mirror extensions on the truck for towing. We hopped into the truck and started to head out.

Our roadway washed out from the recent monsoon rains and was quite sandy, so I put the truck in 4WD and got underway. Not wanting to slow down or stop in the deep sand. I rounded the curve from where we temporarily park the trailer and entered the sandy part of the road. This is when I heard and felt a bump. Aw shit! I left the back step down on the trailer. We kept moving until we had solid ground and stopped to inspect only to find the step was badly bent. I later concluded that the step had hit a large boulder sitting on the edge of the curve.

At this time, we’re fully committed to make the trip, so I got out a bungee cord and secured the step to the side of the trailer since it would not retract properly in its present state. Fortunately, there are two doors on the trailer and we could use the forward one for normal access. We successfully completed our excursion with the minor problem.

So, in order to preclude any other mishaps due to poor judgement, I developed a trailer checklist (PDF) to be used on each occasion that we tow the trailer anywhere, even just across the road. It will be in the truck with a copy in the trailer just in case.

The dealer repaired the damage by installing a new step which is functionally equivalent to the old one. Click the link to view the repaired entryway.

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