Sunday Supper


The Better Half and I have a long drive tomorrow to K’Stan, so we figured that we needed something substantial for supper today. I defrosted a couple of petite beef tenderloin (Filet Migon) steaks and TBH got some asparagus spears ready for the flattop on the grill. She also made a wonderful side dish that consisted of rice and chopped angel hair pasta with saffron, rosemary and other herbs and spices. It was a wonderful culinary experience. Clickable image.

We actually have to make trips to the coast twice in the next two weeks. It’s a complicated story, but we have a funeral to attend this week and a bunch of furniture and personal belongings to take out of the old house that will close escrow late this week. To further exacerbate matters, I have to undergo a couple of medical procedures in between trips.

October should bring relief from all the necessary travel, but, like gluttons for being on the road, we will likely head out to Northern Cal to see our brand new great grandson and granddaughters there. That trip will be because we WANT to go and not because we HAVE to go. BIG difference in attitude.

Chicago-Style Eatery in Wikieup, AZ


Yesterday, on our return home from an overnighter in Kingman, AZ, on our last leg of the 10 day road trip, we stopped briefly in Wikieup, AZ, along US 93. We walked the dogs and stretched our legs in this tiny town where the most interesting landmark is a Chicago-style eatery. Parked under the sign is this very nice 1955 or so Chevy step-side pickup.

The whole roadside area had the look and feel of a 1950’s era place to stop and eat, refill the canvas waterbag, add water to the in-window auto swamp cooler, relieve yourselves and move on to the next town while enjoying some of the finest Arizona Highway natural sightseeing along the way. Clickable image.

Nostalgic Kramer Junction

Nostalgic Kramer Junction

There is a plethora of nostalgic items at the intersection of CA State Route 58 and US 395 in the California Desert near Kramer. The Better Half captured this image with an old (52?) Buick Special (3 holer) and a classic WWII-ish military transport with a single star for perhaps a Brigadier General’s disposal.

The photo merely scratches the surface of the nostalgic memorabilia including very old signage, classic vehicles and antiques of every description. Search “Kramer Junction Antiques” on any on-line search site to be overwhelmed with details of the rather small, but resplendent with antiques, desert intersection. Clickable image.

It looks like we will have a few showers on our way home, but, hopefully, no flash flooding or major severe storms. We are ready to be home for a few days before getting on the road again back to K’stan to finish up with our property there. Escrow closes the 26th and we want to be mostly out of there by then. Prayers and wishes of luck are, as usual, appreciated.

Headed Back to AZ Tomorrow - Maybe


With the remnants of tropical storm Odile bringing lots of moisture into the southwest, we’re worrying a bit as to whether we will be able to continue our road trip scheduled to have us home on Thursday. Looking at the NWS radar, it seems that there is a lot of rain shower and thunderstorm activity all over the Copper State tonight (Tuesday).

Our intended route takes us to Kingman, AZ, where we plan to spend Wednesday night. The route thereafter takes us back home where the forecast is for heavy rain and flash flooding.

We’re going to watch the events closely and head out for the next waypoint tomorrow (Wednesday). Wish us luck as we head home to reload and then head out on another Odyssey for the rest of September. Our work is not yet done. More details later.

Classic 1955 Cadillac Convertible Cafe Booth?

Classic 1955 Cadillac

The Better Half snapped this (clickable) image of a classic Caddy convertible parked along Main Street in Bishop, CA, this afternoon as we pulled in to town to spend the night. She routinely takes pictures of the old classics because we both love them.

This one, on closer inspection, seems to have been modified to serve as an outdoor service booth for a little cafe. If you enlarge the photo you can see a table top situated between what appears to be cafe seating fore and aft.

I love the way some collectors have used ingenuity to re-purpose the old ones. We watch a couple of so-called reality shows on the History Channel where the characters in the show re-purpose dilapidated items. The items they select range from cars to vending machines and beyond.

Idaho City Hotshots

Idaho City Hotshots

The Better Half took this photo as we were pulling into the Lake Tahoe area. This is one of two forestry trucks we saw headed toward the King fire fire that was burning to the north of US 50 between Pollock Pines and South Lake Tahoe. We observed the smoke and saw an aerial tanker swooping along the fire line as we drove up the highway.

When needed, Hotshots from neighboring or nearby states head toward the hotspots as needed. We salute the first responders to these natural disasters and wish them the best and to avoid harm, God willing.

As we were settling into our temporary quarters in Reno, NV, we could see and smell the smoke from the King fire. May the Hotshots and others do the job quickly and be safe. Clickable image.

Getting Away from the Left Coast

Exit Map

Having spent nearly a week in Kalifornistan, We’re ready to head back to free America tomorrow. We are currently holed up in the liberal bastion of Santa Rosa, having seen a plethora of hippies, weirdos and numerous other dregs of society (who wears a black sweatshirt with the hood over their head on an 87 degree day?). Not that we have never seen this in Wickenburg, but the ratio of weird to normal seems to be much higher here. Just sayin’ . . .

Anyhow, on the morrow, we shall excuse ourselves to venture off to the other side of the Sierra Nevada Range and enjoy the trip back to the homestead via some very beautiful places on the eastern edge of the ‘Stan down the Owens Valley. Our route is depicted above. The Better Half has selected some special places to shop along the route.

Classic Radio Flyer Motorized Wagon

Radio Flyer

We saw this giant Radio Flyer Wagon parked along Western Avenue in Torrance CA yesterday. It appears that this one is actually a motorized, drivable replica of the ubiquitous little red wagons we all knew and loved as kids. This one had a tongue and handle to complete the effect. It looks like it’s a rolling advertisement for a nationally known body shop chain, complete with advertising logos and a QR code in the paint job. Click on the image to enlarge.

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