Valediction of a Three Percenter

I don’t know if any readers of this blog are familiar with Mike Vanderboegh who, as a citizen journalist along with David Codrea, managed to get the Fast and Furious” government gun running scandal elevated to being noticed by news outlets and Congress. Mike has, unfortunately, been diagnosed with a terminal health condition and we’re told that he won’t be with us much longer. Mike is still clear-headed and recently offered what he calls his “Valediction of a Three Percenter.

David Codrea urged that we share this important writing far and wide, so I, therefore, urge you to read Mike’s Valediction. It is an important message from Mike to those of us who are willing to defend liberty and to those among us who may be on the edge about what is happening to America.

The DC “Good Reason” CCW Requirement - Gone!


Yesterday, The United States District Court for the District of Columbia handed down the memorandum opinion in the case of Matthew Grace and Pink Pistols vs. The District of Columbia and Cathy Lanier in her capacity as chief of the DC metro police department. The plaintiffs sought to challenge the “good reason” requirement for obtaining a concealed weapons permit.

Judge Richard J. Leon, in the memorandum opinion and in an order consistent with the judgement, issued a preliminary injunction eliminating the “good reason” requirement stating that it is likely an infringement on the Second Amendment. The (clickable) image above is from the 46 page document issued by the court.

I read parts of the memorandum in which the judge belittled arguments from the defendants and called out false statements made by Bradys and Everytown in their amicus curiae. The judge even resorted to use the term “poppycock” in response to a defense allegation that the “good reason” requirement did no harm to Second Amendment rights. I uploaded the whole Memorandum Opinion (.pdf) for your reading pleasure if you are so inclined.

I am hoping that the Second Amendment Foundation will take this opportunity to go after those holdout states which restrict CCW to “may issue” which, in my opinion, equally infringes the Second Amendment as does the DC “good reason” requirement. There are still a few states that have some pretty stupid restrictions.

Take the hint, Calguns, and get something going for Californians in those areas where no permits are issued because of some local sheriff or PD chief gets to decide who gets permits. While you’re at it, how about giving out-of-staters permit reciprocity or allowing us to apply for a California permit.

Some Miscellaneous Gun Issues and News

You may know that AZ Governor Ducey vetoed a bill that would have poisoned Michael Bloomberg and his minions’ efforts to get a referendum on the ballot such that, when approved, makes private transfers of firearms illegal in our state. With that veto, we are now subject to having to defend against the carpetbagging asshole in our state.

If you are an Arizonan (or even if you’re not), you should consider helping out. We did that today with a small contribution to AzCDL.

From Arizona Citizen’s Defense League:

You know you’re from Arizona when…

  • Nothing is worse than coming in contact with a seatbelt buckle during the summer.
  • You’re aware of what a bolo tie is and you’ve probably even worn one.
  • “It’s a dry heat” is basically the unofficial slogan.
  • You hear the weather forecast is 115 degrees and you don’t even flinch.
  • You see someone open carrying a pistol and your first thought is, “I have one just like that!”
  • You place high value on your fundamental rights, and will do anything in your power to protect your liberties.

Are you proud to call Arizona your home? Pledge $25 today to keep our state’s values and principles intact.

Our rights are at stake. Join us in the fight against Bloomberg. His sights are set on Arizona to pass a law that would criminalize the private transfer of firearms. When we stand together, I have faith we will succeed.

Thank you for your support, please pass this message along to any like-minded friends.

Thank you,
Dave Kopp
AzCDL President

In other news, this from

Obama Greatest Gun Salesman in U.S. History? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Click here to see the entire graphic - the above is just an excerpt.

Dry Heat

dry-heat.jpgThis is the first time this spring that we have seen triple-digits on the patio thermometer. We had a cool spell last week with a few spring showers, but prior to that we have had some days in the 90’s. The weekend forecast calls for slightly cooler and breezy with a slight chance of showers on Monday.

Image: Patio Temperature at 1600 hours

I celebrated the triple digit heat by getting in the Spa this afternoon for a short session of bubbles and jets soothing my arthritic joints and watching the backyard wildlife at the bird feeders just across the RV drive. Ahhhhh - Retiirement!

Updates on Healthcare Issues

nullThere are always several things we do in the pursuit of maintaining our good health. Today, I visited the dentist for routine cleaning and exam. The hygienist found one troublesome spot in my gums that she referred to the dentist. His recommendation is that I should consider having a minor dental procedure to attempt to eliminate the “pocket” in question. I’m OK with that and having prior periodontal procedures will probably sign up for the repair. The Better Half also has some similar areas that need attention, so we will schedule those to take place in the near future.

On another front, I am scheduled for some minor out-patient surgery late this month to remove a blockage from a salivary gland in my left cheek. This problem has been with me for a while and the ENT thinks that it should be fixed to eliminate any possibility of it becoming malignant later. More on the status of this later.

The third report is about the MRI that I had last month. The radiologist reported the exam to be normal, but my general practitioner wants a neurologist to weigh in on the issue. As a result, I have an appointment scheduled, but the neurologist is so booked up that I won’t be able to get in until AUGUST. The clinic says they could book me with another neuro, but it would have to be over a hundred and twenty miles round trip. My GP says the second opinion isn’t critical, so I just will have to wait for the guy who is only a 64 mile round trip.

I think Medicare and Obamacare have a lot to do with the difficulty in getting proper and prompt treatment. Government trying to “help” ALWAYS fucks things up.

Garmin Gadget

Garmin Mechanic

Remember the OBD engine monitor that I purchased in March? Well this new unit called the Garmin Mechanic replaces that old unit and expands its capabilities by Bluetooth interface with the new Garmin GPS I recently acquired.

I spent a few minutes installing the unit in the Roadrunner RV today, turned it on and tuned in to the GPS application which displays the engine monitoring functions. The (clickable) image above is a photo I took of the actual Garmin display with the RV engine idling.


The unit in combination with the GPS does much more; it allows control of the notorious engine warning light as well as providing feedback for improving gas mileage and monitors fuel economy functions.

The following excerpts are from the Garmin web site:

How many times has your check engine light come on but you have no idea what is wrong? With ecoRoute HD, you’ll receive clear explanations of what’s wrong with your vehicle, and you even have the ability to reset your check engine light, saving you time and money spent at the repair shop. After completing a simple installation, you can run diagnostic testing on vehicle systems, such as the battery and drive train, to receive engine performance data and more than 4,000 error codes.

You can use the data from ecoRoute HD to actually help you improve your driving habits and get more miles to the tank using timely fuel and mileage reports featuring accurate fuel consumption/conservation data. Calculate your fuel efficiency, carbon footprint and more all through your compatible nüvi or Android smartphone.

Mechanics and dealers can charge you a hefty sum to run the same diagnostic tests ecoRoute HD performs just to find out why your check engine light is on. And with the money it saves you on fuel, ecoRoute HD can more than pay for itself.

We will be reporting back on actual road usage of the new unit on our next road trip, probably in early to mid June.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Für Elise

I have been interested in music as long as I can remember. As a kid, my folks signed me up for accordion lessons at an early age followed by piano lessons a bit later. In middle school, I learned and played the cello in the school orchestra. I would have continued with that, but I became interested in the nerd-worthy school elective of stage arts (a.k.a. lighting technician) which diverted me from further participation in the musical arts.

My mother, rest her soul, was an absolutely wonderful pianist and organist and played all her life, most recently in the retirement home church services here in town before she passed in 2013. She played for services literally just days before the accident which ultimately took her away at the age of 93.

I still play the keyboard instruments and have a medium-sophistication level instrument in the master bedroom which I play almost daily. I never learned some of the classics, being weak on music sight-reading, but I now have resolved to learn, at my advanced age, some of the classics, mostly because Mom would approve.

The sheet music excerpt above is the first nine measures of Ludwig von Beethoven’s famous piano solo, Für Elise, which is a favorite of millions. That is the part of the piece that I am now rehearsing before proceeding to the next part. The entire piano solo is over a hundred measures in length and is actually longer than that considering there are repeat sequences. The excerpt of nine measures above is actually seventeen measures given the single repeat back to the second measure from the ninth.

Thus far, for the excerpt shown, I can reasonably play the right notes with the correct tempo and almost the “Molto grazioso” (very gracefully) as prescribed by the Maestro Beethoven, himself. It will be a steep learning process for the rest of the piece, for sure, but I will get there.

Sheet music and other information supplied by

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