We Saw a Couple of Classics Today

1955 Ford Fairlane 1946 Funk B85C

Since the weather is a bit more hospitable for the dogs (Scratch ‘n’ Sniff), we took them down to the dog park which is located on a small strip of land between Wickenburg International Airport and US Hwy 60. On the Highway, The Better Half got a shot of the 1955 Ford as it passed us. She also got a shot of the aircraft pictured above, a 1946 Funk B85C as it taxied out to the airport runup area in preparation for departure.

I believe the old Ford was on display earlier this month at the annual fly-in and car show at the airport. There are always a lot of our Classy Classics guys on hand for that event.

When I saw the plane from the dog park area, I thought it might be a PA28 Piper Super Cub, but as we exited the dog park I could see it was not a Cub. I initially thought it might be a Taylor Craft of some sort.

TBH took several shots of the aircraft through the fence. I was able to read the tail number (N77708) in the photos and looked it up on line to find out that it was a Funk. This one is reported to belong to Desert Wings LLC according to the Texas Antique Aircraft Association.

Both are clickable images.

Halloween Humor


Copied from the Book of Feces™ . . . :lol:

Healthcare Status Update

nullWe postponed a few healthcare issues until after our September excursion, so October has had a few routine and some special healthcare appointments. Among the routine, we had our dental and medical periodic check-ups and among the special, we have undergone a couple of procedures. The routine exams went OK, with some minor mods to The Better Half’s medications and both of our dental checkups have shown improvement in some troubled areas that seem to be getting under control.

As for the not-so-routine issues, the urologist excised another very small tumor from my bladder for which the lab report is still impending. There is a possibility that the doctor will have me back in the outpatient procedure to resection a portion of the bladder wall. I will find out next week both the results of the biopsy and the verdict on more bladder surgery.

I would call the above a pain in the ass, but after another in-the-office procedure last Friday, an external thrombosis in my lowest G.I. component wins the pain in the ass award. It’s healing nicely, but still a P.I.A. Prognosis for a complete recovery is good.

We’re hanging in there for the time being and will update with more when we find out the details.

22nd Annual Wickenburg Fly-in and Car Show

Wickenburg Fly-in and Car Show

The Better Half was a bit under the weather and did not attend the show today, so I made a quick appearance to take a look around, photograph some interesting things and get the souvenir T-shirt. The big hit of the show was the modified B-24 Privateer (Navy version of the WW2 bomber) that showed up unexpectedly.

The usual Classy Classics guys were there with their excellent collection of cool old and medium-old cars. I browsed those rather quickly and only took a few photos that may show up here eventually. Meanwhile, the semi-panoramic images of the Privateer and some of the cars appear above. Clickable image.

What’s For Dinner?


The weather hasn’t quite turned to autumn-like conditions just yet with the daytime highs still in the upper 80’s to lower 90’s. Soup weather isn’t here but, in spite of that, The Better Half brewed up some really good Saimin (Asian/Hawaiian noodle soup) this afternoon with noodles, veggies and leftover chicken and pork. This was really tasty when served with a Chinese Tsingtao Beer.

We’re taking the month of October to get some things done since we were on the road for a couple of weeks in September. I had some back spasms yesterday, so I didn’t get to some of the heavier chores that need to be done, but that will come next week. For the weekend, we’re relaxing and TBH has some good meals planned including a tri-tip roast that I will put on the grill on Sunday.

RV Barn Project - Application Phase

Survey Results

The RV Barn is one step closer to the intermediate goal of combining the two parcels into one. We submitted the application, the fee and the required documents to the town planner today. I spoke with the planner on the phone today and he said he would be looking the package over this week. That effectively completes the first three bullets in the list below:

  • provide proof of ownership Check
  • provide a legal survey with proposed property description Check
  • provide the town’s fee for the service Check
  • await town approval before proceeding
  • arrange for the title company to issue a new property deed

Now, we wait for the town to process the application. I have not contacted the title company yet, but will be doing so later this week. I wanted to give them advance notice of our project to get them to provide information on what we need to provide, what their fee will be and whatever else.

The image above is illegible, I know and that is intentional. I only used a very small copy of the survey results to illustrate that the surveyor gave us a complete package for our investment without compromising personal information.

Get Smart

Smart Cars

The Better Half took this (clickable) image of a passing car carrier eighteen wheeler on Interstate 5 near Coalinga, CA, last week while we were on our excursion through selected parts of the west. I thought it was weird enough to see this many “Smart” cars in one place. Like little death traps or something on the way to market to catch vermin of some sort.

We have been home for a week and things are getting back to normal. We will have more to discuss as the coming week unfolds.

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