Little Red Schoolhouse


This is one of the several historical sites in Wickenburg. It is the Garcia “Little Red Schoolhouse” relocated to the scenic downtown district from its original spot near Vulture Mine, the reason for Wickenburg to be here in the first place. These days, the building is used for concerts and other artful activities. Clickable image courtesy of The Better Half.

I read in our town news rag (the publisher is a lib) about the local school board having meetings on Common Core. I sure hope they see the agenda that this socialist scheme has in store for education indoctrination of our children before they decide to adopt or reject it.

To date, our public schools have turned out well-educated self-motivated students. Our Christian Academy does even better with their 15 student per teacher limit. There is a long waiting list for this exceptional K through 12 school.

With the determination of the left to “fundamentally change” America for the worse, it is up to red state Americans to reject this terrible educational malady. If we don’t, America and the Constitution will be lost in the next generation if not sooner.

Sad Classics

Sad Classics

How in the hell this classic Chevrolet station wagon could ever have driven up this driveway and for that matter, could drive out is beyond me. The Better Half snapped this (clickable) image of the bottomed-out vehicle and the one(s) in front of it along the street between our hotel and the old house.

I can’t imagine moving either of these two in the driveway without the aid of some heavy lifting equipment. Alas, it’s just another eyesore in the deteriorating neighborhoods in southwestern Los Angeles County, CA.

World’s Ugliest Building

World’s Ugliest Building

We’re back in the ‘Stan tonight. On the way in, through Banning Pass, we pass what The Better Half and I have deemed the world’s ugliest building. The monstrosity dominates the landscape between San Gorgonio and San Jacinto peaks along Interstate 10 near Cabazon. I won’t mention the name of the casino where this freak of mankind has been erected, but it is the place where gambling Morons Go. Get it?

At any rate, we’re back to manage some details regarding the damage at the domicile here. Plus, we’re having to deal with some family events, not the least of which is a terminal health condition of a family member. More later.

Clickable image courtesy of The Better Half.

Arizona CCW Permit Statistics - Updated

Statistics - Concealed Weapons & Permits

These numbers reflect all transactions and the current status of permits, since the inception of the CCW program in Arizona on September 8, 1994. Please note, these numbers do not reflect changes, such as a permit that was suspended and later reinstated.


Last February, I posted about the Arizona Department of Public Safety statistics for concealed carry permits. In the period of less than six months since then, the number of active CCW permits has grown by over 10,000. Remember that the CCW number does not capture the numerous citizens that are carrying Constitutionally.

Arizona continues to lead the nation in gun rights. It makes us feel safe and comfortable that a couple of hundred thousand of our fellow citizens are carrying wherever they go.

Hat tip to John Lott who tipped me off to the latest stats. Clickable image.

Jailtime For Ray Nagin

contemptible rayI wish all gun grabbers would suffer this fate. After good ol’ “Contemptible Ray” illegally confiscated most guns from post Katrina New Orleans, he obviously continued his ways of corruption and graft. His indictment and conviction for ten years is for corruption and money laundering. What do you bet that, somehow, he will get a much reduced sentence?

From Dave Workman writing for Examiner:

Ray Nagin, the former mayor of New Orleans on whose watch the post-Hurricane Katrina gun grab was launched and then stopped by a federal lawsuit filed by the Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association, was sentenced today to ten years in prison on charges of corruption during his administration.

A former member of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Nagin is one of several former mayors involved in that group who have been convicted of serious crimes. He was convicted in February in federal court.

Nagin, who was compelled to apologize for his remarks describing New Orleans as a “chocolate city” after the devastating hurricane, was convicted of bribery, fraud and money laundering, according to the Los Angeles Times. Nagin, a Democrat, received a lighter sentence than had been sought, and the New York Times story suggested that this could set up an appeal.

The gun confiscations began almost immediately after the storm subsided in 2005. Within hours after police officials told reporters that nobody would be allowed to have firearms, SAF and NRA were working on the landmark legal action that would ultimately stop the confiscations. By some estimates, more than 1,100 firearms were taken by police and National Guard units, without warrant, due processor probable cause.


The Exterminator

ScorpionAfter the first major rainstorm, the bugs come out. This is our fourth monsoon season and we know to call the exterminator to spray around the house, inside and out when the rain stops.

Clickable image: Bark Scorpion found just outside the front door today

Yesterday, I contacted the exterminator and the man showed up just before five PM. He got out his equipment and did a complete spray of the outer perimeter of the house and inside the courtyard. He also sprayed inside of the house in all rooms and the garage for a very reasonable forty dollars for the whole job.

Well, the spray must have been effective; The Better Half discovered a dead three-inch long bark scorpion just outside of the front door partially hidden by the welcome mat. I gingerly picked it up by the tail with a pair of pliers and tossed it down among the river rocks in front of the courtyard. I took thee photo with the zoom set to max, so pardon the blurriness - didn’t want to get too close to it. This is one of the largest scorpions of this type that we have seen. Nasty beasts.

Classic Roller Coaster - Cyclone Racer

Cyclone Racer

The Better Half read an on-line article about a derailment of the “Ninja” roller coaster at Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. It seems that the riders were suspended in their harnesses for upwards of three hours before rescue personnel were able to get them down from their 30 foot height above the ground. We saw on TV that the big roller coaster, “Colossus,” would be closing in August and I thought that might have been the coaster involved, but it was the “Ninja” instead.

The incident got me thinking about an old roller coaster at the Nu-Pike, in Long Beach, CA, where I lived as a child until 1950 or so. That coaster was “The Cyclone Racer,” built in 1930 which stayed in operation until 1968. Many times I have climbed aboard the Racer and rode the ¾ mile trip around the track.

Speaking of roller coasters, I accidentally discovered a world-wide catalog of them on the Roller Coaster Database, which lists many, many current and defunct roller coasters. I borrowed the (clickable) image of the Cyclone Racer from their website which is credited to the Historical Society of Long Beach. The image was taken in 1967 or earlier and includes the entire Nu-Pike amusement park.

Severe Thunderstorm Aftermath

Downed Palo Verde

After a shopping trip to the west side of town today, we noticed several things that were probably the aftermath of a severe thunderstorm that went through town last evening. The palo verde tree in front of the veterinarian office has been toppled and that’s a shame. It was a mature tree and it will take years for another to grow as big.

We noticed several other things that were also damaged. The huge wooden carved sculpture of a cowboy riding a bronco in front of the senior rodeo association office was on its side and badly damaged. It had been lifted completely off of the concrete pad and metallic blade upon which it was mounted.

The discount department store outdoor garden section had stacked bags of garden soil, peat moss and ground cover, many of which were open and contents spilled around. One of the bags touted (ironically) “locks moisture in and stays where put.” Well, neither of those happened.

Several road closures were made for repairs and cleanup after the downpour. Luckily, none of the main roads were blocked and there were alternate routes for the closures.

There must have been many other instances of damage around town. Luckily, we did not get much other than a little runoff from the hillside on the RV drive.

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