What’s For Dinner?

Filet & Stuff

In spite of a little rain in the area, we managed to pull out the gas grill behind the patio and grill up a couple of Beef Tenderloin (Filet Mignon) steaks. We also cooked up a bunch of asparagus spears on the flat top placed on the grill. Inside, The Better Half prepared her awesome Bacon Zucchini Gratin in ramekins. A slice of tomato for garnish and we had a restaurant-quality dinner!

The Zucchini and Tomatoes were provided by The Better Half’s sister when we visited her in Stockton, CA, a couple of weeks ago. She shopped her garden and brought in a bunch of produce including the zucchinis, tomatoes, okra and several other veggies she had cultivated there. TBH and I have been enjoying the produce here since we returned from our trip to K’stan.

Clickable image.

One Year Ago Today

Old House

I blogged about an important anniversary on the other website that falls on this date, but I realized it has been exactly one year since we left our Kalifornistan house for the last time. We posted The Better Half’s photo (seen above - clickable) last year and never looked back except to see what the new owners had done with the property (out of curiosity). I conclude we got a good deal and they got a good deal.

Anyhow, these two anniversaries just happened to fall on Throwback Thursday.

Supporting Charity While Shopping


We shop at Amazon a lot, since there are no major chain stores in town. When we need entertainment (DVDs) or any other small purchase which we’re not likely to find in town, we turn to on-line vending like Amazon. For about a year now, we have been taking advantage of the Smile.Amazon.com utility to support a charity of our choice while shopping. The service adds nothing to the purchase price, but some funds are diverted to the charity we selected. In our case, we support The Second Amendment Foundation.

Yes the SAF is a gun-rights organization which is also a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible charity. Using Smile.Amazon isn’t tax deductible, per se, but as you see from the banner the Amazon website puts up once in a while, there are significant funds going to SAF.

Of course, we donate directly to SAF and our other favorite conservative charities, so we can claim the deductions at tax time. We enjoy knowing that SAF is benefiting from our purchases through Amazon.

I-10 Bridge Repair Progress

I-10 Bridge Repair

The Better Half snapped this (clickable) image of the rebuilt I-10 bridge where the collapse happened last summer. Judging from the truck parked on the bridge and the progress the project crew has made with shoring up the underside of the bridge and lining the wash underneath with boulders, I would say the thing is almost ready to open again, but, that’s not my call. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it were to be open on our next trip west, possibly in five or six weeks.

There wasn’t much traffic, so the change to one-lane each direction did not amount to much other than slowing to the posted reduced speed limits in the construction zone. Traffic in both directions seemed to flow at almost normal rates.

As mentioned before, we will likely be going to the K-Stan desert again in a few weeks. We will post another I-10 report, if appropriate.

Guns, Ammo and Saguaro Cactus

Guns, Ammo and Saguaro Cactus

The Better Half took this (clickable) image of a couple of displaced saguaro cacti in Yucca Valley, CA. We were passing through on our way from Bakersfield, through the high desert and down to Palm Desert.

Saguaros, other than a few isolated individuals, are not normally indigenous to the California desert. These were two of three very large saguaros in front of a roadside business that featured a barber shop and a Guns and Ammo shop.

I’m pretty sure that these cacti made their way here from Arizona or Sonora (MX) from a cactus farm that raises and transports them for commercial and residential landscaping. We had three saguaros transplanted in our yard, one big ten footer and two five foot smaller ones when we were landscaping. The first big guy got root rot and fell over, but the vendor replaced it with another that is still doing good after several years.

Classic Dodge Fire Truck

Classic Dodge Fire Truck

While on I-80 in the Donner Pass today, we were passed by a couple of Cal Fire vehicles, one of which was carrying a classic 1950’s Dodge pickup truck. Now, we can only guess what they were up to, but we did pass a large CDF facility on the descent from the summit where there seemed to be a lot of activity. Perhaps they were delivering the old classic to be on display or something.

This particular truck was equipped with dual rear tires. I don’t remember whether I’ve ever seen a vintage Dodge with dualies. It sure was nice and shiny and all bright red with the Cal Fire symbology on the side. The Better Half took the image and couldn’t get a clean shot of the pickup without one of the ramps obscuring some of the front of the truck. Clickable image.

Classic Red Sedan

Classic Red Sedan

The Better Half took this photo as we were driving through Fallon, NV, today. I don’t recognize the make of this car and I couldn’t zoom in because of the resolution. Regardless, It was nicely restored with shiny chrome and the nice red paint job.

Who knows? Maybe this is the result of another Area 51 trans-temporal warp event!

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